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Kamek and the Shroobs

Super Mario World Hacks → Kamek and the Shroobs

Submission Details

Name: Kamek and the Shroobs
Author: 1339
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 25 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Hack Name: Kamek and the Shroobs
Length: 26 levels
Author: -kamek magikoopa- - Submitted by: -kamek magikoopa-
Description: HISTORY:
long time ago that th shroobs are banned of mushroom kingdonwn...a ¨TRAITOR¨ helped the new leader shroob ¨Bowroob¨ to occupy the koopa castles and kamk must to save them....

all the levels are remakes of diferents games of super mario bros like smb3 ,sml 2,smb,smw


icegoom for some gfx and lost world sprites and site mario fan games galaxy...

fixme: music problems on accurate emulators.
Tags: asm bosses enemy exgfx fixme magikoopa music portuguese remake traditional
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Comments (1)

 Wakana Link
It looked promising from the screens. I'm not too much impressed after playing it though. Since its levels are from other famous games, I'll just analyze the remake factor and the aesthetics.

For a remake, this is decent I'd say. I appreciated the author somehow tried to balance the difficulty curve by choosing certain levels from the mass, said mass being SMB1/SML/etc what the description says. Sometimes the gimmicks of a level got slightly edited from how the original was supposed to be (the simplest example, all the levels from SMB1 are scrollable from both left and right, while in the original you can only go right). Yet, it's nice enough to me. Not sure if I'd replay it though...

Aesthetics looked very appealing from the screens up there. Although, in game there happen to be some weird palettes here and there, as well as some silly minor gliches. Nothing major fortunately; the hack still has its own vibe and style. I'm disappointed by the player GFX, which for many frames was the same image, I laughed at the climbing frames in particular.

Some issues:
- There are music problems on accurate emulators.
- The hack contains secret exits, even if there aren't marked on the OW as red dots. If you can't figure out, refer to the .srm file submitted.
- Sprite tile limits errors in a few levels.
- Massive slowdown in some levels.

Overall, an average hack, a decent remake. Again, not sure if I'd play it again, but it has its charm.