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Details for Archipelago of Truth Collection
Super Mario World Hacks - Archipelago of Truth Collection Show random
File Name: Archipelago of Truth Collection
Authors: Onyx
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: One fateful evening, The Mario Bros were peacefully chillaxing in their 2 story House they had just purchased on a recently discovered set of islands.. An Archipelago to be exact. As a house-warming present Princess Peach invited herself over for a visit. Peach gave the Bros. a special package, and after peeling back the blue wrapping paper, and cute pink bow, they saw an ancient wooden box. Luigi opened it up and saw the most beautiful Gem he had ever seen. It glowed all 7 colors of the rainbow, and seemed to give off its own light. Peach said she had found it washed up on the beach as she came to the Bros House. The Bros, being very Humble and modest, declined Peach's gift, and told her to keep the precious gem for herself. Peach agreed to do so. After several hours of joyous conversation, the Mario Bros. and Peach decided to go to sleep, the gem tucked carefully in Peach's pocket.

In the middle of the night, a great tropical storm began brewing near the Bros.' island house. Lightning crashed, thunder rolled, and giant waves crashed along the beaches. Suddenly the window of the Bros' house smashed open, and suddenly Peach vanished before the Bros.' could react at all. The storm raged harder outside, making it impossible to see, or even hear anything. The Bros were stuck in their house for the remainder of the night.

Once the storm subsided, the Bros. went out to investigate. The sun was shining as brightly as ever, and nothing seemed out of place, except for the broken window in their beloved house. Mario decided to go look for Peach, while Luigi stayed back to fix up the window.

While searching Mario found nothing. No Koopa Kids, no ransom notes from Bowser, no Toads crying for help. Nothing. Mario sat down beneath a nearby oak tree to rest. He took his ever-stylish custom (M) hat off, and rested. Upon sitting down, he noticed some storm clouds were still in the sky above a far off island. Without any leads this seemed to be the most logical place for Peach to be... but how could a storm simply make a person vanish into thin air without a trace? Mario went back to the house and told Luigi what he had seen. Luigi finished up fixing the window (trying to stall the adventure), and finally Mario and Luigi set out on a quest to find Peach, the Mysterious Gem, and the Truth...

This is a Collection of 3 Versions of my hack I have made over the past 3 years.

There is Patch for Each year (2007,2008,2009), Each Patch a definitive Upgrade from the previous year.

The reason I include all 3 is because there is so many levels, and ideas I had that been remade, and redone. It allows you to see how these levels evolved into what they are now. It's pretty cool :)

I recommend playing the 2009 patch first, since its the best :)

Anyways, I stopped working on my hack, right before Custom Music came out, so don't expect anything TOO flashy. Although with what I had I have managed to produce some pretty serious results, and the Level Design hopefully won't leave you unsatisfied either.

There's been reports that you get stuck at a certain castle entrance without a powerup... Try running around the bushes. Maybe you can find some fungi.

Also, yes, there is a load of slowdown at certain hectic points. Apologies in advance. When I was testing it, it seemed fine, but creating the patch seems to have introduced some heavy slowdown in spots.

Well, enough from me. The best way to see something is to see it for yourself right?

Download, Play, and Comment.
(And Remember, that when you rate this hack, that it is an OLD hack, that never got to see any of these newer tools, or patches!)

Tags: asm, bosses, exgfx, traditional
Rating: 4.4 (Votes: 12)
Download: Download - 657.23 KiB
this hack is a perfect example of how things used to be and how far we've come as a community. you can feel the passion and time the creator has put in to this project. it's by far not perfect (performance and sprite errors) but it's for sure one of the most authentic hacks on this website. 4/5 <3
Posted by: Fabsel - | Link
I remember this one fondly back in the day, and I will say, despite all the advancements with the field of SMW hacking, this one holds up in its own way. There's surprisingly a decent amount of variety that makes the collection fun to play to this very day, and all the resources that were available at the time were implemented quite nicely. There are some notable issues at times, such as sprite limitations and slowdown (this is 2009 we're talking about here), plus some puzzles requiring you to be a certain size only unless you just want to completely halt your level progress, and some of the later levels are kinda empty, to say the least.

Overall, I think these hold up quite nicely. Granted, they're not perfect, but they hold some sort of charm and can be seen as a relic of what was once a small hacking community.
Posted by: Lotica - | Link
Posted by: Gaabrielzaun - | Link
colored fingerprint
dieses Spiel ist fantastisch, Ich hoffe, Sie haben mehr Spiele.
Posted by: colored fingerprint - | Link
Ah well, I have mixed feelings about this one. Obviously I played the last version; it wouldn't make sense to review old versions.

This hack starts great, the first few levels are very well made. It's sad that you can access most of the levels from the OW, I'd have liked if it worked like a standard-ish OW. The level quality keeps high enough until you get to the late levels, which feel pretty empty, bland and boring overall. Not to mention the huge slowdowns, which made said levels even worse. It was disappointing at the end, a pity, since, again, this one started pretty good at the beginning.

Aesthetics are more or less good overall; there are no palette messings, everything is clean and appealing. What I said about the design can be applied for this factor too: the first levels were very well cured; the latter levels much less.

- I got annoyed by the fact that you must enter as Big Mario in a few levels. You're required, infact, to break a brick block in order to enter. If you're small, you're stuck forever.
- Mentioned already the huge slowdown, occuring a lot in the late levels.
- Some levels suffer from sprite tile limits errors.
- The sumo guy's fire gets buggy when this is together with other sprites. It can potentially fuck up messily.

Overall, it's an okay hack. 3/5
Posted by:  Wakana - | Link

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