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Hunter & SCORPION's Bet Saga - SCORPION's Ravage

Super Mario World Hacks → Hunter & SCORPION's Bet Saga - SCORPION's Ravage

Submission Details

Name: Hunter & SCORPION's Bet Saga - SCORPION's Ravage
Author: Skewer
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 62 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is the full version of H&SB: SCORPION's Ravage. The people that need to be thanked on this project are in both the Readme and end credits of the game. Please note that both contain different people... so if you had a part in this, and were not thanked in the readme. Then most possibly you're thanked at the end credits instead. Below is the description of the hack.

Legend has it that a precious relic known only as the Golden Dollar is in existance. Legend has it that whom so-ever is owner of the Dollar, they shall be richer than the richest man alive! There are pricess that need to paid in order to have this exchange of money. Both Hunter and SCORPION hear of the news and make a bet. "I bet that I can get to it faster than you can!" SCORPION tells Hunter. "Ha," Hunter starts, "really? You are ON."

By those very words, 2 epic and exciting adventures are launched for the priceless relic. Join SCORPION as you storm through lands ravaging and destroying the people of villages, causing solar eclipses, and storming through castles. Help SCORPION pass the ruthless terrian of an indigo crystallyne, a barren sky, a tall mountain, and an active volcano... all to end with a battle of epic proportions! This is the hack of a life time!

"So," SCORPION says to you, "what are you waiting for... get to playing, so that WE can win that BET!"
fixme: music breaks on accurate emulators. There also lots of errors that don't make the hack go till the end. Refer to Wakana's review for the other major errors.
Tags: asm bosses custom character exgfx fixme health huge level music non-mario story traditional variety
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Comments (3)

Skewer Author Link
I've petitioned for this to be removed a long time ago; however, the site owner is adament on keeping all legacy hacks, including the broken ones. This hack is currently being remade/remastered into a much better product that is not rampant with bad/outdated level design and the mess of bugs that make this hack what it is.
aterraformer Link
why is this still here? literally unbeatable
 Wakana Link
I've never seen such errors quantity into an hack.

Design-wise, this hack is extremly challengy. Most of the levels push the player to the limits; sometimes it was really frustrating to keep going due to the way energy has been handled. The author probably needed to put WAY MORE mushrooms in each level. Atleast you have more chances to pass a certain section instead of having just one try when your energy is at 19HP. I'm sure hardcore players would love this, but I didn't too much, since, again, some sections are too unfairly set, and you need to exactly move in a certain way to pass the section without being hit. On the other side, I liked the variety and the gimmicks used.

Aesthetic is the strong point of this hack. I personally love Skewer's GFX style, although in this hack isn't perfect: some sets have wrong palettes, other sets are confusing (Wilson's castle is REALLY confusing), but the custom stuff is very well made overall. Nothing much more to say, I guess.

Some of the issues found:
- On accurate emulators, titlescreen randomly freezed once. Also it freezes at "MARIO START!". Both are surely due to custom music.
- Sprite tile limits issues and extreme slowdown are pretty freqent in the hack.
- "Pipeline Panic!" has a debug door. You enter in a totally different sublevel (probably one of Wilson's castle). Also, it's impossible to clear in time limits if you start from the beginning (aka not from midway point).
- "WaterWhaned Castle" has a blank message box.
- "Molten Dephts" has some glitched tiles.
- "Molten Stone Fort"'s secret exit disalign the player on OW. This can potentially make the player stuck.
- "Bulleted Passed Way"'s last Yoshi coin is wrongly placed.
- "Spiked up Castle" eventually leads to the endless bonus game room. It's impossible to clear it without cheat codes.
- "Swim with Munchers"'s pipe where you start at midway point leads you to another endless bonus game room. This level also is supposed to have a secret exit, but looking through LM, apparently there is none.
- "Lava Xperience", since it has too many Dynamic Sprites, some global tiles can get overwritten by garbage tiles.
- "Cranium Magic"'s secret exit doesn't work. It only triggers the GFX events on OW, but you can't access the level.
- In "Under-Dug-In Castle", the main level's BG gets fucked up due to wrongly set BG positions.
- After playing "Winston? Who? What!" for the second time, it does nothing once cleared. You're supposed to go right on the OW, but there isn't a walk tile for the player to go right.
- Although, you can go left and play "RapidPurstel Castle", but once you beat it, you're officially stuck on Overworld.

Overall, could've been a great hack, but the errors took over it.