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Drive the Desert Bus

Super Mario World Hacks → Drive the Desert Bus

Submission Details

Name: Drive the Desert Bus
Author: HuFlungDu
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Hey kids. Today I have something really special to show you. Ever get tired of smkdan being the only one who can drive the desert bus? Ever wanted to try it out yourself? Have no idea what I am talking about? Well this is the hack for you my friend.

The aim of this is to pack all the fun and excitement of the original game into one convenient mini game, utilizing only SMW's limited capabilities. After days years of development, I think I have finally emulated the game well enough for it to be respectable. Think about it, no stops, no speed limits*, no potty breaks, just you and the open road. Of note: This hack is a tad on the long side, so make sure you have time before you sit down to play it. So yeah. Get your comfy chair, Download the hack, patch it to your ROM, then hang on for the time of your life!

Ladida's note: There is an end, so stop being lazy and drive the 8 hours >:(
Tags: exgfx huge level no audio no boss non-mario non-platformer
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4.0 (10 ratings)
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Comments (7)

Larry10 Link
A probarlo
Mapping_bl Link
i saw whit LM that there is no END
Azula16 Link
Nice. :)
Roy_Maluco Link
8 horas
hacksafe Link
mmn yes, 8 hours
Green Jerry Link
Originally posted by Ladida
Ladida's note: There is an end, so stop being lazy and drive the 8 hours >:(

Are you angry, Ladida?
 Counterfeit Link
Excellent remake of an incredibly tedious game. The perspective is different but the bus will constantly drift right just like in the original, and yes, you will get towed all the way back if you drive onto the sand. Savestates, drugs, and friends are what's needed to endure this, but I will not officially condone the use of drugs to enjoy our hacks. I-I'm a representative, I CAN'T say that! <_<

From a technical standpoint: 5 stars
From a personal enjoyment standpoint: 1 star
Weighing the importance of the two: I am gonna have to give it 2.