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New Super Mario Illusion

Super Mario World Hacks → New Super Mario Illusion

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 Wakana Link
This ended up earlier than I expected.

The design isn't very good. It's very confusing, random exits out of blue, small rooms containing enemies counted as "levels", emptyness, no real gimmicks... this is what this hack is made of. Maybe the author gave too much attentions to OW sprites and events (which are basically the only good thing of this hack), though I'd say this hack wasn't very fun to play overall.

The aesthetics are nothing spectacular. Everything is vanilla, including the palettes. I would've decorated each level more, since they felt empty.

- Music breaks on accurate emulators.
- The author pauses at the titlescreen... lol?
- Major slowdown occuring in quite a few levels.

Overall, a bad hack. I liked the OW's concept, but the rest is really bad.