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Karoshi Mario

Super Mario World Hacks → Karoshi Mario

Submission Details

Name: Karoshi Mario
Author: HuFlungDu
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 35 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is Karoshi Mario, based off of the original game by Jesse Venbrux. In case you never played Karoshi before, the objective is to kill yourself. That's it. It's harder than it may sound sometimes, though. The objective of this game is not to emulate the original, but to put Mario in a similar type of situation.

The only custom stuff this includes is a small amount of custom GFX and a lot of custom ASM. I didn't want to add too much custom music or graphics for fear of making the game not feel like you are in the SMW universe.

Feel free to distribute this game however you want and use anything in it however you want. Heck, you could take this somewhere and claim it as your own if you like, I could really care less. The only thing I ask is that if you profit from it, tell me how. I would be really interested in learning how you did that :P.

And that's all. Have fun. Thanks for play!
Tags: asm gimmick vanilla
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4.8 (11 ratings)
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Comments (8)

RandomToad Link
cool rom hack I hope you have a good day a#smw{:TUP:}#lm{sprites}
Zephelt Link
It may be short, but this hack was an absolute joy to play through with all the clever puzzles and mechanics involved
AnkisethTheMonk Link
This is a really fun hack. I've played through this one five or six times. It's 35 pretty short 'puzzle' rooms where the goal is to kill Mario. There's a ton of fun ASM and it doesn't take itself seriously at all. 20ish minute hack, absolutely recommend.

Video of most recent playthrough:
Roy_Maluco Link
Este é uma hacker muito boa, diferente de tudo o que eu já vi.
Merece 5 estrelas
sixtysixfps Link
It's possible to get stuck on the last level (final boss). I killed the muncher with a purple block and he never returned. It's not possible to restart the puzzle so this required a hard-reset.

Despite that issue, the rest of the hack was solid for me, and great fun.
Paperdomo101 Link
Still holds up as a huge amount of fun! Other hacks nowadays try so hard to make amazing aesthetics and everything, but sometimes you just want something simply fun.
h.carrell Link
Submitted SRM
 Counterfeit Link
This is the coolest hack I've played in a very long time. As the description implies, the concept is to figure out how to die in the level, but you also need to avoid gaining lives at all costs, or you will have to start all over since going back in a level you already died in to die again will not let you lose another life. Some coins are unavoidable, such as in the Maze level, so keep in mind that you are not to get coins in this hack. 1ups will pop up out of nowhere and you have to react quickly and against your instincts as a Mario player, and the final boss will spite you and doom you to a lonely eternal life if you don't succeed.

Lives are stored to SRAM too so I really mean it when I say you have to play the game over from the beginning. Despite "35 exits", the game is short and not annoying to replay to that point.

There's some ASM you expect since similar implementations of things like air meters exist, and then there is some wacky gravity stuff in some levels, and even a button that changes the parts of the level you don't see into something entirely different.

I have to admit though, the air meter could've had a better place on the status bar than the player name, and the custom-drawn button doesn't look like it fits with SMW's graphics. That's about all the negative stuff I can say about this hack.

If you want something that's radically different from all these other SMW hacks that'll challenge your intuition while still looking and feeling like it's a Mario game, this is it. What an experience.