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SM64 Music

As of August 2022, our SM64 sections are now archived and are read only. No new submissions will be accepted or moderated, but the existing submissions remain here on SMW Central until we can find an appropriate place for them on the internet in the future.

2 submissions found. Showing 12.


Name - Date ↑ NlistDescription Authors Size Download
Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Sand Canyon 1
NLST 37 (Credits)This music plays in both Stage 1 and 5 in Sand Canyon. It's also a well known theme used for YTPMVs. mosky2000 1.96 KiB Download
Super Mario All Stars - SMB3 World 1 map remix
NLST 17 (Title Screen)A remix of the SMAS version of SMB3 world 1 map, will fit in sky or grassland overworlds. MrGreenThunder 726 bytes Download

2 submissions found. Showing 12.