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Texturas para SM64

As of August 2022, our SM64 sections are now archived and are read only. No new submissions will be accepted or moderated, but the existing submissions remain here on SMW Central until we can find an appropriate place for them on the internet in the future.

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Nome - Data TipoNúmero de TexturasDescrição Autores Tamanho ↑ Download
Bomberman 64 Textures
Submetido: por JacobSimonsen
Ripada439Some of the more useful textures from Bomberman 64. They are sorted by level + some misc. textures from cutscenes and the overworld. JacobSimonsen 485,20 KiB Download
Resident Evil - Doors
Submetido: por Brutapode89
Ripada16Ripped from the first Resident Evil on PS1. Meant to be used only for doors. Brutapode89 64,19 KiB Download
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2 submissões encontradas. Mostrando 12.