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Nom - Date Comp.GFXDescription Auteurs Note Taille Télécharger ↓
No-Yoshi Intro Block
25NonThis block enables the no-Yoshi/ghost house/castle intro upon touching it. Important conditions are […] Anas Aucune 1,57 Kio Télécharger
124 téléchargements
Yoshi Shell Combiner
130OuiThis block can consume a Yoshi and a shell of any colour, and combine them to produce a Yoshi with […] JamesD28 4,5 4,75 Kio Télécharger
131 téléchargements
Yoshi Drums On/Off
AnyNonThese blocks enable or disable the "Yoshi Drums" channel when touched. wye Aucune 1,05 Kio Télécharger
140 téléchargements
Yoshi's Stomp Blocks
130NonA small set of blocks that can be activated by yoshi's stomp (ground pound): -A simple breakable […] RussianMan 5,0 6,28 Kio Télécharger
146 téléchargements
Yoshi Purchase Block v1.2
130OuiThis block allows you to purchase a Yoshi. It can be set up to purchase with either coins, lives, […] JamesD28 Aucune 2,20 Kio Télécharger
162 téléchargements
Yoshi Boost Block
AnyNonThis block will do nothing if the player is alone, but will shoot the player into the air (as in, […] tmercswims 5,0 728 octets Télécharger
186 téléchargements
Winged Yoshi Area
25NonMy first custom block.
Yoshi gets wings, but only while touching this block.
NovaSquirrel 5,0 529 octets Télécharger
188 téléchargements
Hurt Yoshi
130NonA hurt block that makes Yoshi run away when touched instead of just hurting Mario like the vanilla […] Koopster 5,0 1,35 Kio Télécharger
194 téléchargements
Teleport on Yoshi Riding
AnyNonThis block will teleport the player only if he is riding Yoshi. Iceguy 5,0 395 octets Télécharger
195 téléchargements
Force Yoshi Dismount
025NonThis block is a gate that prevents Mario from riding Yoshi through, without outright killing Yoshi. […] JamesD28 Aucune 1,45 Kio Télécharger
203 téléchargements
Teleberry block
AnyNonThis block teleports Mario only when Yoshi has eaten a defined amount of red berries. It can set to […] Iceguy 5,0 431 octets Télécharger
218 téléchargements
No Carry/Yoshi Pipe Caps
130NonEver worried that players can glitch sprites through pipes? Worry no more! These pipe caps, unlike […] HammerBrother 5,0 9,60 Kio Télécharger
229 téléchargements
Glider Tile
25NonJump into this block while in the air, holding Y/X and with the Cape powerup, then you'll be sent […] LMPuny 5,0 784 octets Télécharger
233 téléchargements
Yoshi State Block
AnyNonThis block acts differently for Mario when he is on Yoshi and when he is not. I thought it might be […] Reinddeer 5,0 1,37 Kio Télécharger
240 téléchargements
Hurt / Death Block for Kaizo / Pit Hacks
130NonA hurt / death block with proper hitbox, meant to be used for kaizo / pit hacks. Typical […] dacin Aucune 1,29 Kio Télécharger
380 téléchargements
No Yoshi V2
25NonNew: This is a small update that should fix the glitch where Yoshi doesn't always disappear in a […] PermaBan 5,0 651 octets Télécharger
407 téléchargements
Carryable Sprite Spawner Blocks Pack
25OuiThis is a pack containing 10 custom blocks that can spawn every carryable vanilla sprite in Mario's […] Nowieso 5,0 6,96 Kio Télécharger
478 téléchargements
Kill Muncher
130NonKills the player instantly regardless of power-up unless he has a star or is riding on Yoshi. So, […] JackTheSpades Aucune 535 octets Télécharger
495 téléchargements
Yoshi color switch
see readmeNonThis switch will change yoshi's color when stepped on.

Requested by The Koopa Resistance
TheBiob 5,0 23,02 Kio Télécharger
524 téléchargements
Passable On Yoshi Coins
25NonA block that lets you pass when you have 4 Yoshi Coins. (Exact amount easy to specify in the .asm […] TriplePat 5,0 527 octets Télécharger
580 téléchargements
Destroy Yoshi
25NonA rather harsh filter block because it ki- removes Yoshi from the processing sprites. As opposide […] MarioFanGamer 3,4 702 octets Télécharger
649 téléchargements
Walljump Blocks V3
130NonThis custom block package contains 14 different kinds of walljump blocks! Read the readme to see […] Ersanio 4,9 14,73 Kio Télécharger
1 786 téléchargements
Mario Solid and Sprite Solid Blocks
Any (130)NonThe classic blocks that are only solid for Mario or sprites which makes a lot of new setups […] ASMagician Maks 5,0 1,56 Kio Télécharger
1 910 téléchargements
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23 soumissions trouvées. 123 affichées.