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Nom - Date Comp.GFXDescription Auteurs Note ↑ Taille Télécharger
Key Teleport
AnyNonThis teleports the player when they carry a key into it. It can be customized to change what sprite […] smkdan Aucune 587 octets Télécharger
205 téléchargements
Keyhole Block v1.3
25NonThis is a block which acts just like the keyhole sprite (Sprite Command E). It ends the level if […] Final Theory Aucune 1,20 Kio Télécharger
160 téléchargements
Keyhole Sequence Block v1.3
AnyNonThis block triggers the keyhole effect and ends the level with the secret exit. See the ASM file […] Buu Aucune 716 octets Télécharger
107 téléchargements
Kill Muncher
130NonKills the player instantly regardless of power-up unless he has a star or is riding on Yoshi. So, […] JackTheSpades Aucune 535 octets Télécharger
493 téléchargements
Koopa Transformer
025 or 130OuiThis block will transform various Koopas into Koopas of other colours. It affects regular Koopas, […] JamesD28 Aucune 1,89 Kio Télécharger
164 téléchargements
Lakitu's Cloud Remover
AnyNonThis block removes lakitu's cloud if player is riding one and touches it. Credit is unecessary. […] RussianMan Aucune 656 octets Télécharger
122 téléchargements
Ledge hurt blocks v1.01
VariousNonThis hurt block does not hurt Mario when jumping or swimming upwards, allowing them to be used as […] Darolac Aucune 463 octets Télécharger
228 téléchargements
Life Stealer
AnyNonThis block will steal a life from the player if he has more than one and then shatter. If he only […] tmercswims Aucune 307 octets Télécharger
136 téléchargements
Memory-Based Conditional Map16 Blocks (Key Locks)
variousOuiThese blocks pack contains blocks that when triggered, will not respawn when the player leaves and […] HammerBrother, MarioFanGamer Aucune 210,63 Kio Télécharger
429 téléchargements
Multiple Coins Block
25NonThis coin will give to the player a customizable amount of coins (SA-1 compatible) (Major Flare: […] Mapping_bl Aucune 507 octets Télécharger
109 téléchargements
Music Volume Changer
AnyNonA block that, when interacted with, will allow the player to increase the background music's volume […] AuraDee Aucune 3,95 Kio Télécharger
289 téléchargements
Music Volume Fader
AnyNonA block that, when touched by the player, will fade the background music's volume to a new value […] AuraDee Aucune 3,12 Kio Télécharger
343 téléchargements
Net Tile Disappear
BNonThis tile acts just like the regular climbing net tile, however it will turn into a puff of smoke […] Final Theory Aucune 512 octets Télécharger
19 téléchargements
Next Map16 Key Block v1.3
AnyNonThis block will change into the next Map16 block after you touch it with the key. The key […] Ersanio Aucune 941 octets Télécharger
293 téléchargements
No-Yoshi Intro Block
25NonThis block enables the no-Yoshi/ghost house/castle intro upon touching it. Important conditions are […] Anas Aucune 1,57 Kio Télécharger
117 téléchargements
Object Powerup Blocks
25OuiThese blocks mimic the super mushroom, flower and feather sprites in SMW. Useful if your hack […] HammerBrother Aucune 9,72 Kio Télécharger
372 téléchargements
One Tile Vertical Pipes
130NonThese blocks act similar to traditional vertical pipe blocks except it no longer checks for your […] westslasher2 Aucune 1,42 Kio Télécharger
157 téléchargements
One-Shot Fire Flower Block
025 or 130OuiThis is a block that when collected, will award Fire Power that can be used for a single shot. […] JamesD28 Aucune 1,90 Kio Télécharger
94 téléchargements
One-use Note Blocks
130NonThis note block can only be used one time before breaking. Darolac Aucune 326 octets Télécharger
390 téléchargements
One-way blocks 1.2
25NonUnlike the ropes, these blocks has major improvements: -one-way down blocks don't make mario […] HammerBrother Aucune 9,72 Kio Télécharger
1 472 téléchargements
130OuiA set of ungrabbable P-Switches which can be either blue or silver, rightside up or upside down, […] MarioFanGamer Aucune 7,75 Kio Télécharger
382 téléchargements
Passable On All (5) Dragon (Yoshi) Coins
025 or 130NonThis adapts the block "Passable On Yoshi Coins" to make it function properly when all coins have […] Morsel Aucune 697 octets Télécharger
277 téléchargements
Per-Level Flags Detection Block
130NonThis simple block will change its act as (and optionally shatter) when touched, if a specific […] Kevin Aucune 865 octets Télécharger
114 téléchargements
Purple Coins
25NonA replica of the purple coins from Super Mario Galaxy. Collect a certain amount of them […] MarioFanGamer Aucune 22,58 Kio Télécharger
151 téléchargements
Rabbit Labyrinth's button switch v1.1
25,130OuiThis pack includes On/Off and two Custom Trigger switches, as well as On/Off, one-way and conveyor […] EternityLarva Aucune 14,79 Kio Télécharger
219 téléchargements
Random ? Block
130Non? Block will a random item in it. You can configure the items in the table in the .ASM. Note that […] Iceguy Aucune 795 octets Télécharger
230 téléchargements
Red Coin
025NonA red coin, if the player collects X amount of them, they get a power-up as a reward. It also plays […] Donut Aucune 19,14 Kio Télécharger
362 téléchargements
Remove Carryable Items
25NonThis block removes any carryable item, including those stored in yoshi's mouth. A couple […] RussianMan Aucune 971 octets Télécharger
254 téléchargements
Repressable button switch 2.1
VariousOuiThis button switch, when triggered, will change map16 and flips the on/off switch (by default, you […] HammerBrother Aucune 10,72 Kio Télécharger
277 téléchargements
Rex Manipulation Block
25OuiThis block smushes a Rex and makes an already smushed rex normal again. Afterwards, the block […] Nowieso Aucune 4,47 Kio Télécharger
249 téléchargements
Slope Edge Fix Block
25OuiThis block allows you to have an instant dropoff from a slope, rather than having to place a […] edit1754 Aucune 1,51 Kio Télécharger
476 téléchargements
SMB2 Health filling blocks
AnyNonIf you applied the SMB2 styled health patch then you can use this block to fully refill the health […] majora211 Aucune 2,56 Kio Télécharger
170 téléchargements
SMB3 Screen Scrolling Pipes 4.0.2
130OuiSee tutorial here. The blocks section has a small 1MIB limit preventing me from submitting this as […] HammerBrother Aucune 199,96 Kio Télécharger
657 téléchargements
Specific Screen + Conditional Vertical Exit-Enabled Pipe
130NonSimilar to the specific screen teleport blocks, this vertical pipe will teleport you to a specific […] Koopster Aucune 2,73 Kio Télécharger
168 téléchargements
Spike Donut
130OuiDownward spike + donut lift. EternityLarva Aucune 4,66 Kio Télécharger
112 téléchargements
Sprite Kill Muncher
AnyNonA muncher that kills sprites as well. You can add in a 'whitelist' of sprites to let them not die […] MarioE Aucune 981 octets Télécharger
464 téléchargements
Star + Speed Block
25NonA very solid block. Can be broken only if Mario has a star and is at max speed. Converted [BT] […] S.L Aucune 404 octets Télécharger
116 téléchargements
Super Mario 3D Land - Plus Clock
25OuiA very simple set of blocks which replicate the Plus Clocks from, among others, Super Mario 3D […] MarioFanGamer Aucune 3,73 Kio Télécharger
107 téléchargements
Tar Blocks
100 or 130NonTar blocks that cause the player to only jump as if they tapped the jump button once, effectively […] Chdata Aucune 1,00 Kio Télécharger
303 téléchargements
Teleport Based on Time Remaining v1.1
025NonA simple door block which teleports you to the screen exit if the timer is under a specified […] BlueToad Aucune 842 octets Télécharger
90 téléchargements
Wario Dash Breakable Block
25NonA block which only shatters when the player is performing the Wario Dash into them. To be used in […] janklorde Aucune 717 octets Télécharger
124 téléchargements
Yoshi Coin Block
130OuiThis block is a question mark block that contains a Yoshi coin.

v1.0 2019/08/02
EternityLarva Aucune 3,99 Kio Télécharger
291 téléchargements
Yoshi Drums On/Off
AnyNonThese blocks enable or disable the "Yoshi Drums" channel when touched. WhiteYoshiEgg Aucune 1,05 Kio Télécharger
140 téléchargements
Yoshi Purchase Block v1.2
130OuiThis block allows you to purchase a Yoshi. It can be set up to purchase with either coins, lives, […] JamesD28 Aucune 2,20 Kio Télécharger
162 téléchargements
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394 soumissions trouvées. 351394 affichées.