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Super Mario World Hacks

Welcome to the hack archive of SMW Central. We do not provide ROM files, nor do we link to them. Hacks are provided as patch files which contain only new data that is applied to the original game to make something new. To play a hack, apply a BPS patch file that comes in the ZIP archives provided here to a clean, Super Mario World (US-region) ROM using Floating IPS. For more information about BPS Patches, see our FAQ or the forums.

Hack compatibility with the firmware of clone consoles, such as the Analogue Super Nt or MiSTer FPGA, or with flash cartridges, such as the SD2Snes or FXPak Pro, is unknown so your experience may vary on those systems.

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NoNo16 exit(s)Kaizo: Intermediate drkrdnk 4.8 748.31 KiB Download
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1 submissions found. Showing 11.