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    Musique SMW

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    Nom - Date ↑ TypeÉch.SourceDuréeEn vedetteDescription Auteurs Note Taille Télécharger
    Undertale - Spooktune
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation0:23NonObjectively the best song from Undertale. Great for intense levels, or maybe a final […] sincx 4,3 44,41 Kio Télécharger
    824 téléchargements
    Undertale - Ghost Fight
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation0:51OuiNapstablook's theme from Undertale. Given its whimsical nature, this track primarily fits lively […] RednGreen 4,9 73,64 Kio Télécharger
    2 154 téléchargements
    Romancing SaGa 3 - Leonid's Castle
    ChansonAucunAdapation1:17NonThe creepy tune played inside Leonid's Castle in Romancing SaGa 3. It can be used in a ghost house […] Masterlink 4,8 63,20 Kio Télécharger
    760 téléchargements
    Eversion - World X-5 (Apprehension)
    ChansonAucunAdapation1:47NonThe creepy track from the fifth eversion level in, you guessed it, Eversion. Probably better for […] MercuryPenny 3,0 31,54 Kio Télécharger
    547 téléchargements
    Super Mario Maker - SMW Ghost House (Yoshi)
    ChansonAucunAdapation1:25NonThe ghost theme we've all known for years, now with Yoshi drums, as seen in Super Mario Maker! Lui 4,8 59,96 Kio Télécharger
    1 020 téléchargements
    ChansonAucunOriginale0:49NonThat one Idol 7 Round 0 entry that was received lukewarmly. MercuryPenny 4,3 29,96 Kio Télécharger
    659 téléchargements
    One Must Fall 2097 - Prelude
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation1:28NonA very simple, calm song from a relatively obscure game. Great for titles/intros/cutscenes. […] sincx 3,7 76,00 Kio Télécharger
    516 téléchargements
    EarthBound - Moonside Swing
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation0:13NonThis song is about Ness and Jeff were in the backward city to find the Evil Mani Mani statue. SMW_Hacker17 3,3 45,90 Kio Télécharger
    659 téléchargements
    ChansonAucunOriginale1:41NonA moody cave theme. It has an underground depth ambiance to it. Could fit in more remote settings […] Mandew 2,7 30,58 Kio Télécharger
    682 téléchargements
    EarthBound Beginnings - Underground Theme
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation0:44NonThe Underground Theme from MOTHER, this is mostly played in the Magicant mazes. Could fit ghost […] Pinci 4,3 22,89 Kio Télécharger
    661 téléchargements
    Halloween (1978) - Halloween Theme
    ChansonAucunAdapation2:32NonThe opening credits theme from John Carpenter's classic horror film. HertzDevil 4,3 31,25 Kio Télécharger
    937 téléchargements
    Banjo-Tooie - Witchyworld (Unsampled)
    ChansonPeuAdapation2:05NonThe song that plays in the demented theme park world in Banjo-Tooie. This version is unsampled, […] Sayuri 3,0 42,97 Kio Télécharger
    461 téléchargements
    EarthBound - Giygas is Wounded!
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation0:21NonAnother ridiculous song comes from Earthbound. Nanako 4,6 48,05 Kio Télécharger
    687 téléchargements
    Super Metroid - Arrival on Crateria
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation1:22NonA creepy, atmoshperic song. sincx 3,8 53,69 Kio Télécharger
    785 téléchargements
    Clock Tower - Laura in the Bathtub
    DiversBeaucoupAdapation0:05NonShort, creepy song that could be used as a death or game over theme. sincx 2,4 33,24 Kio Télécharger
    639 téléchargements
    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Castle Oblivion
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation1:16NonThe eerie song that plays towards the end of Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. This could fit […] Sayuri 3,1 56,95 Kio Télécharger
    614 téléchargements
    Death Egg Dancer
    ChansonBeaucoupRemix1:45NonA remix of Dancing Calcobrena, Death Egg Zone (Sonic 2) and Special Stage (Sonic 1). An SMWCI3 […] Slash Man 4,0 48,50 Kio Télécharger
    605 téléchargements
    Final Fantasy IV - Cry in Sorrow (part 2)
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation0:56NonA song come from FF4 plays in any sad cutscene. Good for calm ruin theme. It's so simple that […] Nanako 3,0 21,51 Kio Télécharger
    460 téléchargements
    Tsukikomori - Character Select
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation0:11NonA very calm but creepy song come from Tsukikomori, which is a Japanese-only game. Good for haunted […] Nanako 3,8 50,13 Kio Télécharger
    538 téléchargements
    Banjo-Tooie - Witchyworld
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation2:05NonThe song that plays in the demented theme park world in Banjo-Tooie. Could fit strange amusement […] Sayuri 3,7 70,74 Kio Télécharger
    606 téléchargements
    EarthBound - Giygas is Fatally Wounded!
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation0:09NonNot sure what this song would be useful for; maybe for joke hacks. This song is very loud and […] Sayuri 3,6 54,43 Kio Télécharger
    724 téléchargements
    Final Fantasy V - As I Feel, You Feel
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation1:08NonA tender ominous theme come from FFV.
    May fit with a non-castle preboss theme.
    Nanako 3,7 40,67 Kio Télécharger
    473 téléchargements
    Silent Hill - Alternate Hospital Basement
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation1:48NonOne of the atmospheric themes from the original Silent Hill. Could probably fit a ghost house or […] Moose 4,2 70,19 Kio Télécharger
    961 téléchargements
    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Haunted Chase
    ChansonBeaucoupAdapation1:03NonA creepy song that only plays in the level 'Haunted Hall'. Masashi27 4,8 68,36 Kio Télécharger
    727 téléchargements
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    274 soumissions trouvées. 251274 affichées.