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Patchs SMW

Important note: Since October 7th, 2018 the patches section has been ongoing a full fledged remoderation to convert patches to Asar and SA-1, as well as to do UberASM conversions of certain patches and some other quality control - further details here. If a patch you were searching for was removed, please check this thread to get a(n unconverted) backup.

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Nom - Date ↑ Esp. Lib.Corr.En vedetteDescription Auteurs Taille Télécharger
Layer 2 Ledge Drop Fix
OuiOuiNonWhen on layer 2, Mario has a higher Y speed than normal which helps him move smoothly on layer 2 […] mario90 830 octets Télécharger
135 téléchargements
Safe Fall v1.01
OuiNonNonWhen Mario falls, this patch will hurt him and bounce him back up instead of killing him. Maxx 477 octets Télécharger
244 téléchargements
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2 soumissions trouvées. 12 affichées.