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Patchs SMW

Important note: Since October 7th, 2018 the patches section has been ongoing a full fledged remoderation to convert patches to Asar and SA-1, as well as to do UberASM conversions of certain patches and some other quality control - further details here. If a patch you were searching for was removed, please check this thread to get a(n unconverted) backup.

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Nom - Date ↑ Esp. Lib.Corr.En vedetteDescription Auteurs Taille Télécharger
Item Release Bulk Patch
OuiOuiNonThis patch contains 3 different sub-patches related to releasing held items: "Release while […] betalogic 8,59 Kio Télécharger
359 téléchargements
Item Box Sprite Fix
OuiOuiNonThis patch makes the P-Switch, Throw Block Sprite, Key, Info Box and Light Switch drop normally and […] Davros, Romi 5,37 Kio Télécharger
203 téléchargements
100 Coin Prize
OuiNonNonInstead of a 1-up, Mario gets a star or a powerup when he gets 100 coins (configurable). Made by […] wiiqwertyuiop 750 octets Télécharger
222 téléchargements
Flying Yellow 1-Up Value Change
OuiNonNonThis patch changes the flying yellow 1-Up (sprite 7F) to be worth a different value. (It becomes a […] Karisa 540 octets Télécharger
137 téléchargements
Item Box Mushroom Priority Fix
OuiOuiNonIf you have e.g. a cape, plus a flower in reserve, and get a mushroom, the flower is replaced with […] Alcaro 328 octets Télécharger
467 téléchargements
Item Box Time Cost
OuiNonNonThis patch deducts a configurable amount of time from the timer when dropping the item box item […] Maarfy 2,07 Kio Télécharger
119 téléchargements
Item Box Special, v. 1.3
OuiOuiNonThis patch enables you to customize the item box quite a bit. Among other things, it allows you to […] Davros, imamelia 16,07 Kio Télécharger
439 téléchargements
OW Inventory
OuiNonNonThese two patches add either an NSMBWii or SMB3 styled overworld inventory. A near-replica of the […] MarioE 17,55 Kio Télécharger
1 142 téléchargements
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8 soumissions trouvées. 18 affichées.