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SMW Patches

Important note: Since October 7th, 2018 the patches section has been ongoing a full fledged remoderation to convert patches to Asar and SA-1, as well as to do UberASM conversions of certain patches and some other quality control - further details here. If a patch you were searching for was removed, please check this thread to get a(n unconverted) backup.

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Name - Date ↑ FSFixFeaturedDescription Authors Size Download
Lava Sinking Sound
YesNoNoMakes it so sprites that die in lava make sound effect, like in Super Mario Maker 2. Requested […] RussianMan 508 bytes Download
Lava Fix v. 1.0
YesYesEssentialPrevents most sprites from walking onto sloped lava tiles, and not getting killed. Sprites that are […] Roy 1.12 KiB Download
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2 submissions found. Showing 12.