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Patchs SMW

Important note: Since October 7th, 2018 the patches section has been ongoing a full fledged remoderation to convert patches to Asar and SA-1, as well as to do UberASM conversions of certain patches and some other quality control - further details here. If a patch you were searching for was removed, please check this thread to get a(n unconverted) backup.

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Nom - Date Esp. Lib.Corr.En vedetteDescription Auteurs Taille Télécharger ↑
Remove Status Bar
NonNonNonCompletely removes the status bar, along with the item box and the timer. There's an option to […] Lui 0,98 Kio Télécharger
3 106 téléchargements
Sprite Status Bar v1.1.1
OuiNonOuiNEW in v1.1.1 - Split up 3-byte table into three different tables, because this makes the data […] edit1754 11,40 Kio Télécharger
1 542 téléchargements
Extended Overworld Level Names v1.1
OuiNonOuiThis patch allows you to have level names of 38 characters long, distrubuted into 2 rows of 19 […] Smallhacker 5,11 Kio Télécharger
1 100 téléchargements
Minimalist Course Clear
NonNonNonThis patch lets you remove the COURSE CLEAR scorecard and/or the zooming circle effect at the end […] Lui, wiiqwertyuiop 1,61 Kio Télécharger
998 téléchargements
Move Layer 3 to Subscreen Fix
OuiOuiNonThis lets you move layer 3 to subscreen via Lunar Magic without actually affecting the layer 3 […] Lui 684 octets Télécharger
853 téléchargements
DKCR Styled Sprite Status Bar
OuiNonNonThis patch replaces SMW's original status bar with a system similar to that of the Donkey Kong […] Ladida, WhiteYoshiEgg, lx5 40,84 Kio Télécharger
817 téléchargements
Extended "Extended OW Level Names"
OuiNonNonA modified version of Smallhacker's "Extended OW Level Names" patch that allows for even longer […] Alcaro, Smallhacker 3,53 Kio Télécharger
678 téléchargements
Sprite Message Box v1.1
OuiNonNonAllows enabling the use of Sprites instead of Layer 3 to render Message Box Text, on a per level […] edit1754, lx5 10,44 Kio Télécharger
652 téléchargements
MessageBox in Minimalist Status Bar + Goal Customizer
OuiNonNonCombine the message box with the Minimalist Status Bar to allow Layer 3 effects and messages to […] Isikoro, Ladida 1,67 Mio Télécharger
392 téléchargements
Layer 3 Position Fix
OuiOuiNonThis patch fixes the bug that often happens when you have an interactive Layer 3 image, where the […] imamelia 882 octets Télécharger
327 téléchargements
LevelNames v2.1
OuiNonNonSlightly updated version of RAM addresses and added a readme. Displays the level name in layer 3 at […] Ice Man 3,62 Kio Télécharger
311 téléchargements
Status Bar Scanline Hack
OuiNonOuiChanges the IRQ trigger scanline number depending on which level you are, to allow you to change […] Ersanio 2,11 Kio Télécharger
304 téléchargements
Separate Status Bar Palettes v1.1
OuiNonNonEver wanted to use more palettes in your Layer 3 backgrounds, or change certain colors without […] Lui 2,26 Kio Télécharger
297 téléchargements
Per-Level Layer 3 Tides Act-like Settings
OuiNonNonThis patch will allow you to configure custom acts like settings for the layer 3 tides, on a […] Erik 718 octets Télécharger
230 téléchargements
Layer 3 Time Up/Game Over patch
OuiNonNonThis patch replaces and hijacks where the GFX0F Sprite GFX is uploaded and makes a jump to a new […] Hamtaro126 838 octets Télécharger
205 téléchargements
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15 soumissions trouvées. 115 affichées.