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Event Path Fade Speed

Waiting SMW Tweaks → Event Path Fade Speed

Tweak Details

Summary: Event Path Fade Speed
Description: Changes the speed of the Overworld event path fade effect and the map in which it uses a different speed (set map to None to only use the normal speed for every one).
Tags: overworld
Normal speed. Byte (8 bits). Defaults to $08.
Special speed. Byte (8 bits). Defaults to $01.
Special speed submap. One of (defaults to Forest of Illusion):
  • Main map (= $00)
  • Yoshi's Island (= $01)
  • Vanilla Dome (= $02)
  • Forest of Illusion (= $03)
  • Valley of Bowser (= $04)
  • Special World (= $05)
  • Star World (= $06)
  • None (= $FF)
org $04EB39
    db <Speed1>

org $04EB45
    db <Speed2>

org $04EB41
    db <Submap>
Submitted: by  Kevin