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HDMA Break Fix

SMW Tweaks → HDMA Break Fix

Tweak Details

Summary: HDMA Break Fix
Description: Fixes HDMA breaking in a few spots:
- When opening a message
- During the goal march
- On the title screen
- During the credits
- When transitioning between submaps
- When opening the save/exchange lives prompts on the Overworld
- When Mario is in the frozen animation ($71 == #$0B)
- When the Dark Room Spotlight sprite is used
Tags: bugfix hdma
org $05B129
    nop #3

org $05B296
    db $0C

org $00CB0C
    db $0C

org $009CAD
    nop #3

org $0092EA
    db $0C

org $0CAB98
    db $0C

org $04DB99
    db $0C

org $04F40D
    nop #3

org $00C5CE
    nop #3

org $03C511
    db $0C
Submitted: by  Kevin