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Remove Fishbone Spawn Randomness

SMW Tweaks → Remove Fishbone Spawn Randomness

Tweak Details

Summary: Remove Fishbone Spawn Randomness
Description: Sets the duration of the initial movement phase (before they start slowing down again) of fishbones to a specific value, rather than a random value from 0-31 frames.
Tags: fishbone movement rng
Delay. Byte (8 bits). Defaults to 15.
; delay is the number of frames fishbone spends in its initial acceleration phase before beginning to decelerate
; SMW normally uses a random value from 0 to 31
; subsequent phases are 48

org $01858E
  LDA.b #<delay>
  BRA $02

; original bytes: $22,$F9,$AC,$01  (JSL $01ACF9)

Submitted: by  Fernap