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RPG Overworld
Good ol' RPG overworld patch that allows free-roam walking, no beep sound when on a new tile and Mario staying on the direction he walks. Note that you must set every 16x16 level tile you want Mario to walk on have enabled to go to every direction, "Level has been passed" and "No enter if level passed".
Time Up! Safety
When the time reaches 0, Mario will simply exit the level, not die. May cause issues with music speed if you are using AddmusicK. Look here for a fix.
Move Mario's head
Moves Mario's head a bit. Do not use without ExGFX. Note that the cape is not moved, and the duck pose and growing pose is unchanged
Boo Ceiling Sprite Warp Fix
This fixes the glitch where if there's a Boo Ceiling in the level, any sprite in slot 0 will be warped around the screen as if it were one of the ghosts.
boo ceiling bugfix
Mega Mole Clip Fix
This tweak removes any chance of clipping through Mega Moles when they have an upwards speed. As a side effect, it will also make the Mega Mole hitbox a bit more forgiving.
bugfix mega mole
HDMA Break Fix
This tweak fixes HDMA breaking in a few spots:
- When opening a message
- During the goal march
- On the title screen
- During the credits
- When transitioning between submaps
- When opening the save/exchange lives prompts on the Overworld
- When Mario is in the frozen animation ($71 == #$0B)
- When the Dark Room Spotlight sprite is used
bugfix hdma
Message Box Erasing Tiles Fix
This tweak fixes the bug where some sprite tiles get erased when closing a message.
Disable Score Sprites
This tweak will remove all score sprites from the game.
Silent Overworld After Boss Fix
This tweak fixes the "bug" (intended in the original game, but usually unwanted in hacks) where the OW music stops after beating certain bosses.
Disable exchanging Lives with 2nd Player
Removes the prompt on the overworld when pressing R to exchange lives with the 2nd player.
Swooper death bat ceiling Fix
This tweak makes the Swooper death bat ceiling (Sprite E4) use the correct tiles.
bugfix tile
Course Clear Coins
This hex edit replaces bonus stars with coins in the goal march. This allows you to bonus stars for other purposes or give the goal tape still a purpose if the bonus stars are disabled.
coin goal
Bounce Sprite Coin Collection Fix
This small hex edit fixes a bug in the original game where collecting coins with bounce blocks will leave an invisible solid block instead of an air tile as expected.

Custom Bounce Blocks as well as Turn Blocks Collect Coins come with this bug fix on their own.
Change Dark Room Colors
This allows you to change the back area colors used in the dark rooms with the Spotlight sprite. These can be used to make the level more/less dark.
Make Munchers and Spikes Hurt Mario on Yoshi
This tweak, when applied, makes all the vanilla hurt blocks (such as munchers or the castle spikes) hurt Mario even if he is on a Yoshi.
hurt muncher yoshi
Overworld Mario Background with 16x16 Tiles
This tweak makes the sprite background used in the Overworld border use 4 16x16 tiles instead of 16 8x8 tiles, saving some OAM slots (slots $10-$3C in $0200) at the cost of using a bit more sprite GFX space for it.
oam overworld
No more Bowser Statue Manipulation
This fixes the problem that the player can manipulate the timer of Bowser Statues for shooting fire by pausing the game.
Disable Overworld Lives
This tweak removes the lives counter from the overworld border.
Fix Jank with Highest Sprite Slots
This tweak fixes some issues that happen with sprites occupying slots 10 and 11 (20 and 21 on SA-1), which originally are only used by reserve items and berries but are more commonly used with custom codes that spawn sprites. The issues fixed are:
bugfix sprite
High Bounce when spinning on sprites
When spinjumping on most sprites, you don't get a high bounce. This changes all bounces on sprites while spinjumping to a high bounce.
bounce spinjump
Don't give extra Mushroom when collecting Flower or Cape
Makes it so if the player collects a Flower or a Cape when they have a Mushroom, the Mushroom isn't added to their item box. Ideal for if you have the Better Powerdown patch, or want to make the game more like SMB1 or the JP version of SMB3.
item box power-up reserve
Allow spinjump with item
Allows the player to spinjump while carrying an item by just pressing A, rather than having to throw the item and regrab it.