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Change Level Name Palette
Changes the Layer 3 palette number used for level names.
layer 3 overworld palette
Change Overworld Life Counter Palette
Changes the Layer 3 palette of the life counter on the overworld.
layer 3 overworld palette
Change Life Exchange Palettes
Changes the Layer 3 palettes for various parts of the two-player life exchange window.
layer 3 overworld palette
Remove Lava in Iggy's Boss Arena
This series of hex edits removes the lava in Iggy's boss arena.
Event Path Fade Speed
Changes the speed of the Overworld event path fade effect and the map in which it uses a different speed (set map to None to only use the normal speed for every one).
Disable Circle Fade
Disables the circle that fades in when the title screen is about to appear.
title screen
Allow Change Title Screen Music via Lunar Magic
This will allow you to change the music from title screen level (level C5) via Lunar Magic. This means that you no longer need to replace the original title screen song.
title screen
Change Circle Fade Speed
Changes the speed of the circle fade when the title screen is about to appear. $00 is slower, and $19 is faster.
Don't go beyond the value $19!
title screen
Change Star Flashing Palettes
This allows you to modify which palettes are used when the Star power-up is flashing.
palette power-up sprite
Change number of Reznors killed before bridge breaking
This tweak changes the number of Reznors killed before the bridge starts breaking.
No Spawn Items from Green and Yellow Exclamation Blocks
Don't allow items to be spawned from green and yellow exclamation blocks, making them completely solid.
Disable Title Screen Colors
Even if you're using a custom palette in level C7, the game will always overwrite colors 8-F and 18-1F on the title screen with special colors. To edit these colors, normally you'd have to edit the global palette, but I always found it to be tedius. This tweak disables the color upload, so you can just set the colors using a custom level palette.
layer 3 title screen
Bounce Sprite Despawn Timer Fix
Fixes a bug where bounce sprites despawn 2 frames earlier than they should, causing a visual oddity where the bounce sprite and the block tile spawned under it are visible for one frame of the bounce animation.
Remove Clouds on Main Map
Removes clouds that move diagonally on the Main Map. Even if you use sprite slots for clouds, it will not appear.
Coin Sparkles to Invincible Mario
Changes the sparkles that are used while Mario is invincible. Instead of having your own sparkles, it will use those from the coins when are collected.
Cape Stomp Fix
Removes the ability to smush enemies (Koopas, Goombas, Beetles, Bob-Ombs) with the cape which is an intentional feature (see sprite sheets from the leaked prototype) but leaves glitched graphics in the final game, implying it to be removed in the final game.
Yellow and Green Switch Block Bounce Sprite to Question Mark Bounce Sprite
Changes the yellow and green switch palace blocks' bounce sprites to look like regular question mark blocks'.
gfx tile
Wings beta cage sprite tiles fix
Makes the beta cage wings (Sprite 88) use the correct tiles.
beta cage winged cage
Menu navigation sound changer
This tweak will let you change which sound effect will play when you navigate ($1DFC)
Reset Frame Counter at Level Load
Resets the frame counter, $14, at level load. This ensures that base game animations always start on the same frame when a level starts, which is already how ex animations behave. This makes it possible to keep the two synchronized.
animation frame counter
Fix Bowser Lightning
Due to a mistake in indexing, the lightning colours in Bowser's battle are off by one colour which causes the lightning to read part of the layer 3 colours on the overworld (which is stored right after the lightning's colours in the ROM).

As a bonus, one can also change from where the lightning loads the colours.
bowser bugfix lightning
Change Yoshi Egg Colours
This small tweak allows you to change the colours of Yoshi Eggs when placed into the level depending on their initial horizontal position.
It also allows you to set the GFX page for all eggs which is tied to the this table.

Note that this doesn't (and can't) change the text in the Add Sprites window and the SSC for the appearance and hovertext within Lunar Magic also has to be created manually.
Change Climbing Net Door Tile Palette
When the climbing net door sprite is activated, it manually overwrites the tiles underneath it, which if you've tried to change the palette of will cause them to get reverted back to palette 7. This tweak will allow you to change it there as well.
net palette
Make Some Killable Sprites Die in a Puff of Smoke
This tweak makes the following killable sprites die in a puff of smoke instead of showing garbled tiles:

- Bowser's bowling ball
- blargg
- falling spike
- Bowser statue's fireball
- grinder (non-line-guided)
- fire that falls down in Bowser battle
- reflecting podoboo
- Bowser statue

fix sprite
Disable Screen Scrolling on Death
Disables the screen scrolling when the player loses a life.
Remove Blinking Koopa Eyes
Removes Koopa's blinking eyes in its shell when it's hit by feather cape or blocks.
koopa sprite
Change Speed of the Fade-Ins and Fade-Outs
Changes fade-in and fade-out speeds when transitioning between sublevels.
Change Menu Selection Sound Effect
Changes the sound effect played when you change options in the title screen and Overworld menus.
See here for more info.
sfx title screen
Disable Pause
This simple tweak will remove, nuke or disable totally the pause in general
disable pause
Free Vertical Scroll
This tweak will enable the camera to follow the player freely vertically every frame, instead of waiting that the player lands on something to set the camera scroll flag.
Non-Solid Key
Makes the key non-solid.
key sprite
Don't Give Coins when Swallowing Sprites
Does not allow the player to earn coins when Yoshi swallows some enemies or berries.
coin yoshi
Partial Overworld Red Yoshi Fix
Fixes a glitch where Yoshi could sometimes stay partially red on overworld, regardless of the corresponding color.
bugfix overworld yoshi
Change Submap To Delay the Monty Mole's Jumping Out
Changes which submap takes longer for Monty Mole to jump out.
Make the Mega Mole Friendly
Makes Mega Mole not do damage to the player.
mega mole physics sprite
Remove Podoboo Randomness
Sets the Podoboos to use a fixed waiting time rather than a random one. The delay is given in frames (max 255), which normally ranges between 96 and 159, inclusive.
fireball podoboo rng sprite
Remove Keyhole Effect
Removes the keyhole growing/shrinking effect when activating a keyhole exit, and will simply fade out instead.
Free $1E01
Makes one byte of free RAM at $1E01 available to use. Normally, the value at this address is cycled when you hold A and press L, but this is only used if the debug here is enabled. Note that this address is still cleared at reset and title screen load.
Rip van Fish stays awake
Causes the Rip van FIshes to not fall back asleep once they wake up.
rip van fish sprite