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Boo Ceiling Sprite Warp Fix
This fixes the glitch where if there's a Boo Ceiling in the level, any sprite in slot 0 will be warped around the screen as if it were one of the ghosts.
boo ceiling bugfix
Mega Mole Clip Fix
This tweak removes any chance of clipping through Mega Moles when they have an upwards speed. As a side effect, it will also make the Mega Mole hitbox a bit more forgiving.
bugfix mega mole
Fix Jank with Highest Sprite Slots
This tweak fixes some issues that happen with sprites occupying slots 10 and 11 (20 and 21 on SA-1), which originally are only used by reserve items and berries but are more commonly used with custom codes that spawn sprites. The issues fixed are:
bugfix sprite
Disable Flopping Fish
Causes the horizontal and vertical swimming fish (sprites 15 and 16) to swim through the air as though they were in water.
fish sprite
Change "Nintendo Presents" Sound
This tweak will change a sound when "Nintendo Presents" appears. Supported values are $00 - $34. See full value list here.
change logo nintendo-presents sfx sound
Line-Guided Sprites Spawn Fix
This tweak fixes vanilla line-guided Chainsaws, Grinders and Fuzzies spawning 20 tiles to the left of where they're placed in the level when set to go right/down (i.e. when placed on an odd X tile position).
Course Clear Coins
This hex edit replaces bonus stars with coins in the goal march. This allows you to use bonus stars for other purposes or give the goal tape a purpose if the bonus stars are disabled.
coin goal
Players Share Bonus Stars
Both players share bonus stars, and $0F49 remains unused.
bonus stars
Change Level Name Palette
Changes the Layer 3 palette number used for level names.
layer 3 overworld palette
Change Overworld Arrow Palette
Changes the Layer 3 palette used for the scroll arrows on the overworld after pressing Start on the main map.
layer 3 overworld palette
Change Overworld Life Counter Palette
Changes the Layer 3 palette of the life counter on the overworld.
layer 3 overworld palette
Change Life Exchange Palettes
Changes the Layer 3 palettes for various parts of the two-player life exchange window.
layer 3 overworld palette
Coin Score Sprite Fix
Fixes a vanilla bug where the unused coin score sprites (5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, and 25-coin scores) add a grossly excessive amount of points to the score counter.
Remap First Left Tile for All Coin Score Sprites
Description: Allows you to remap the first tile to the left used by all five unused coin score sprites, as STEAR only allows you to remap the last two tiles to the right. You may need to use this patch in order for all the three remapped tiles for each coin sprite to appear correctly:
Change Mario's Powerup During Credits
Lets you change which powerup Mario has during the credits staff roll and Yoshi's House cutscene.
Don't Override "No Yoshi Intro" for Levels 10D, 10E, 110, 111, 11C
Disables vanilla behavior where levels 10D, 10E, 110, 111, 11C will always use the "Black sky castle intro" even if they use the Ghost House or Rope tilesets.
no yoshi intro
Remove Lava in Iggy's Boss Arena
This series of hex edits removes the lava in Iggy's boss arena.
Goomba To Spiny
This Sprite Physics Changed Goomba To Spiny.
Stomped Goomba
This Sprite Physics Goomba Stomped From SMB1 & SMB3.
goomba smb1 smb3
Remove Score Sprite Delay
For some reason, there is a small delay between a score sprite appearing and the score actually registering. For example, if you have a goal tape in a vertical level and you get the 3-up prize from getting 50 bonus stars, the 3-up won't actually register. Same thing if you die while collecting a 1-up shroom or 3-up moon at the same time. This hex edit should remove that delay, thus fixing this bizarre issue. However, if you collect a fishin' Lakitu's 1-up in the death animation, the 1-up still won't register.
Exchanging 5 To 1 Lives
This Hack From Luigi's Adventure OSE - The Lost Levels By Anikiti.
Change "Nintendo Presents" Timer
Changes how long the Nintendo Presents screen will remain active.
change nintendo-presents timer