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SMW Hacking

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SMW Hacking Help

Ran into trouble? This is the right place to ask for help! Please give the F.A.Q. and the Tutorials subforum a try before asking.

Moderated by: Staff, MarioFanGamer, Thomas

Subforums: ASM & Related Topics | Graphics & Related Topics | Custom Music | SMW Data Repository | Tutorials

38,491 251,375
by exit1337

SMW Hacking Discussion

Discuss the various aspects of SMW hacking here, from level design to your favorite hacks!

NOTE: To show off your projects, use the Works in Progress forum instead.

Moderated by: Staff, K.T.B., NinCollin, Sayuri

3,197 46,521
by pinguwahoo

Works in Progress

Come show off your hacks in progress and get some feedback! Please read the enclosed rules before starting a thread, however.

Moderated by: Staff, K.T.B., NinCollin, Segment1Zone2

Subforums: Hack Testing

4,599 145,797
by lo fang 123

Full Hack Releases

Is your hack complete and you would like people to discuss it? Make a thread here!

Moderated by: Staff, Tahixham

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by Jukeboxi_

Resource & Tool Releases

Release any hacking-related resource in this forum - blocks, sprites, patches, tools and what have you!

Moderated by: Staff, Telinc1

198 12,782
by Shoujo


If you're in need of a specific resource, or you're looking for ideas on what to create next: come on in to our Requests forum. Make sure you read the rules threads before making a request, and tag your threads appropriately! Click on the thread tags to filter by what kind of requests you're looking for.

Moderated by: Staff, Anorakun, Segment1Zone2

Subforums: Archived Requests

2,541 7,849
by Zavok

International SMW Hacking

For SMW hacking and general discussion in languages other than English.

Moderated by: Staff

Subforums: Deutsch | Português | Español

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by MSX78

Non-SMW Hacking

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Yoshi's Island Hacking

Hacking discussion of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Moderated by: Staff, Yoshi's Island Team, BTD6_maker

527 9,284
by erpster2

Classic Mario Hacking

Hacking discussion of the "Classic" era of Super Mario Bros! From the original, Super Mario Bros., up to Super Mario Bros. 3, both the NES and SMAS/SNES versions!

Moderated by: Staff, DeppySlide

21 69
by pinguwahoo

Misc. ROM Hacking

For hacking discussion of any game that does not fit into the forums listed above.

Moderated by: Staff, NopeContest

1,350 8,946
by ThatguywhocamefromMM2

Donut Plains

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General Discussion

Feel free to talk about anything not related to hacking here.

NOTE: For extremely serious questions regarding life in general, check out the Reality Corner subforum.

Moderated by: Staff, K.T.B., NopeContest, Tahixham

Subforums: Forum Games

5,946 248,724
by Shroomz

Computers & Technology

Hardware, software, networking, gadgets and gizmos - it's all happening here!

Moderated by: Staff, Sayuri

2,428 20,001
by MarioFanGamer


For discussion of any type of gaming: modern, retro and emulation of all kinds.

Moderated by: Staff, NopeContest

Subforums: Super Mario Maker 2

4,129 70,817
by Klug

Creation Corner

The best place to showcase your drawings, stories, music, game development, YouTube content and so on!

Moderated by: Staff, K.T.B.

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by ZogBuster2010

Valley of Bowser

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Site Questions & Feedback

Post here if you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding the site, events or moderation.

Moderated by: Staff, Tahixham

Subforums: Issue Tracker

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by Telinc1

Moderation Questions

If you have submitted a block, sprite, piece of music, graphics, etc., please check the appropriate subforum here to see the reason it was removed. You may also post questions to any of the moderators in this forum.

Moderated by: Staff

Subforums: Hacks | Graphics | Music | Blocks | Sprites | Tweaks | Patches | UberASM | ROM Map | RAM Map | Hijack Map | Documents | Tools

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by Ayami

Sunken Ghost Ship

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Display Case

Here we keep the threads that shine a little more than the rest. It would be a shame if they were buried with the junk. Please note that older threads may be dated content-wise, and no longer represent the current values held by SMW Central.

Moderated by: Staff

Subforums: Interview Archive

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by neidoodle

C3 Museum

A gallery of past SMW Central Creativity Conventions!

Forums: Fall 2008 | Spring 2009 | Fall 2009 | Spring 2010 | Fall 2010 | Spring 2011 | Spring 2012 | Summer 2013 | Summer 2014 | Winter 2014 | Summer 2015 | Winter 2016 | Summer 2016 | Winter 2017 | Summer 2017 | Winter 2018 | Summer 2018 | Winter 2019 | Summer 2019 | Winter 2020 | Summer 2020 | Winter 2021 | Summer 2021 | Winter 2022 | Summer 2022 | Winter 2023 | Summer 2023 | Winter 2024

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Forum Graveyard

Where old forums go to mingle.

Forums: The Old World of Insanity | The New World of Insanity | Hot off the Press | Super Mario Maker | Public Relations | Super Mario RPG | General Wii U Hacking | Featured Hacks | Super Mario All-Stars | Anime & Manga | Amalgamation Rebooted | Media | Français | Super Mario 64 Hacking | The Ruins of Valley Fortress | Mondo Ghost Dome | The Ruins of Fortress of Solitude | The Ruins of Fortress of Seclusion | SH&AL LAIR | Justice Geeks HQ | Darkvayne's Blatantly Evil Organization HQ | Army Camp | the awesome Army Camp | 20000

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