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Announcement: The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - Results

Posted by Noivern on

126 53,707
by MarioFan22

Announcement: The Compiled VLDCX Entries

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

49 29,181
by Lumy

Important: VLDCX - New Leaders, the Overworld, & World X.

Posted by idol on

363 92,528
by Wind Fish

Important: Discussion and Questions

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

972 193,203
by idol

Sticky: Rules and Submissions

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

185 93,890
by Noivern

[Letters] Anomalous Apparatus - sigh

Posted by Ruberjig on

30 11,813
by zRoch

Ask the Judges!

Posted by Frost on

99 21,103
by Wise Person

Noivern's Unedited Uncommentated Level Playthrough Videos

Posted by Noivern on

120 37,079
by Noivern

[Non-Level] What are your plans for the VLDC next year?

Posted by Klug on

99 22,797
by werd

Why I won't be playing VLDCX

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

21 11,325
by Noivern

Is it too late to send my level?

Posted by Manofer on

4 2,387
by Lumy

VLDC Tips and Tricks Tutorial

Posted by Noivern on

45 17,276
by Katerpie

Music (SMW Remixes) Thread

Posted by S.N.N. on

84 26,901
by Ultima

[FANJUDGE] Judging levels

Posted by SaturatedMuk on

7 3,426
by Koopster

VLDCX Judging - The New Judges and the Future

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

56 13,419
by werd

[non-level] What inspired your vldcx level?

Posted by Konata Izumi on

26 7,176
by Mogu94


Posted by SMW Physicist on

5 3,161
by JP32

I'm sorry

Posted by Torchkas on

12 4,314
by Anas

[FAN JUDGE] what's up it's CeramicMike1995 and im gonna review levels sometimes

Posted by idol on

26 10,372
by leod


Posted by Frost on

93 24,077
by Wind Fish

Frost's Fully Anonymous Emoji Judging

Posted by Frost on

28 12,527
by leod

Fan judging reviews table

Posted by xfix on

24 10,224
by leod

[Fan Judge] Not GlitchMr's (Non)-Anonymous Level Judging

Posted by xfix on

81 28,569
by leod

[Non-level] World X Suggestions

Posted by Wind Fish on

23 6,226
by Ruberjig

[Fan Judge] pyros bad review thread of badness (closed, gl everyone!!)

Posted by snoruntpyro on

91 24,971
by werd

[FAN JUDGE] quills says things about levels (requests done post-deadline at this point)

Posted by FrozenQuills on

100 26,466
by IronFoxGaming


Posted by palerider on

18 5,592
by werd

[2022] Ethereal Sanctuary (100% finished ty all)

Posted by Maxodex on

11 3,959
by GbreezeSunset

[69] The Death Star

Posted by Eevee on

31 12,039
by werd

DeputyBS Judging Resignation

Posted by DeppySlide on

52 13,621
by S.N.N.

[Fan Judge] Aeon takes an Eternity to review levels

Posted by Aeon on

12 6,557
by werd

[Fan Judge] S.N.N. wants your levels to Not Suck (tm)

Posted by S.N.N. on

145 42,118
by werd

Roy's Airship (Totally complete release)

Posted by Anas on

18 6,553
by Anas

OW Ideas

Posted by Wind Fish on

126 29,824
by YoungsVideos44

[105] The Frigid Fort

Posted by Celestial Seraph on

2 2,703
by Celestial Seraph

[SMH] Shroom Starship

Posted by Eminus on

10 5,492
by KennyJ

[me] Crystal Chamber (patch is out now!)

Posted by Hinalyte on

25 9,076
by wye

[1492] Swissotel

Posted by ft029 on

16 6,019
by white_moth

[Non-Level] What made you want to make your VLDCX level like it is?

Posted by unipat on

30 7,243
by Daizo Dee Von

['88] Swiss Nazca

Posted by Lazy on

31 10,356
by Lazy

[105] [if that matters] TOGETHER WE RIDE

Posted by Divemissile on

7 3,623
by Galaer

[20XX] Currently Unnamed Cave

Posted by Mogu94 on

4 2,934
by werd

[Non-level] Would you work on your level one day after the deadline?

Posted by Anas on

13 4,147
by Sariel

[80085] It's a bit too late to make a thread but heh,,,,,,

Posted by yogui on

1 2,267
by Klug

VLDCX News [LATEST: bug fixes and compiled entries]

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

14 10,770
by Vitor Vilela

[23] La Mulana + walkthrough

Posted by Lester_Vine on

0 2,308
by Lester_Vine

Glittering Grotto (final version in the OP if you want to play it early for whatever reason)

Posted by Magi on

5 3,886
by Ivy

[29A] Lava Floaters (submitted)

Posted by KennyJ on

1 2,101
by KennyJ

[102] Down Monty Mountain [submitted v1.3]

Posted by MM102 on

25 8,211
by MM102


Posted by Lumy on

24 8,242
by Lumy