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VLDC #11

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Announcement: VLDC11 - Results!

Posted by FPzero on

109 38,629
by ECS.98

Important: ***CLOSED*** VLDC11 - Rules and Submissions

Posted by FPzero on

124 62,733
by ASMagician Maks

Sticky: VLDC11 - Discussion and Questions

Posted by FPzero on

285 60,300
by 7 up

Sticky: VLDC11 Music Remixing Contest (Rules + Discussion) : SONGS NOW AVAILABLE FOR USE (see first post)

Posted by sincx on

9 7,978
by Lumy


Posted by Tweyxx on

5 2,241
by Wind Fish

Bouncy Ruins(V3)

Posted by wayht on

5 2,639
by Kusrry

[FAN JUDGE] ECS' Fan Judging Experience!

Posted by ECS.98 on

110 41,841
by Blind Devil

Blind Devil's Unofficial Judging!

Posted by Blind Devil on

18 5,650
by ECS.98

here's what i thought of the levels i played

Posted by Hobz on

32 8,968
by Samie Zuccati

quills makes weird faces at levels (DONE)

Posted by FrozenQuills on

51 13,901
by Hobz

paradise aiso

Posted by idol on

10 4,088
by idol

Any regrets?

Posted by VinylHeart on

14 3,890
by N450

[Non-Level] What are your plans for the VLDC next year (or maybe sooner)?

Posted by Klug on

32 6,498
by N450

[Non-level] Does anyone find themselves jumping into a pit or enemy to repleish more time in a lot of the VLDC levels this year?

Posted by Wind Fish on

9 2,539
by Wind Fish

Mountan Castle

Posted by anonymousbl00dlust on

14 3,758
by OEO6

don't climb mountains, especially if they're plant-infested (1.2)

Posted by BlueZy on

9 3,164
by BlueZy

Poll: im going sicko mode and making a level!

Posted by Hobz on

8 2,103
by Wind Fish

Hybrid Experimental (FINISHED)

Posted by Yosh1PrisMa on

5 2,376
by Yosh1PrisMa

chuck's norris level.

Posted by huebrbr on

7 2,395
by VinylHeart

Olivine Pass

Posted by Giftshaven on

4 1,661
by Klug

Bramble Climb (level now done!)

Posted by MarioFan22 on

9 2,651
by MarioFan22

space bubble

Posted by jona255 on

4 1,748
by GbreezeSunset

[112] Technical Loopholes

Posted by ASMagician Maks on

11 3,422
by ASMagician Maks

[214] kamekku14 - Cloudcracker Ruins (Submitted, yay!!!)

Posted by Klug on

10 3,741
by Klug

bridge i guess

Posted by Teyla on

2 1,319
by Teyla

Dimension Traveling V1.15 (download link/video, feedbacks welcome)

Posted by Kusrry on

12 4,002
by Kusrry

[UPDATE] Deadline Extension - March 20th @ 23:59:59 UTC

Posted by FPzero on

1 3,002
by FPzero

Sugarless Cave

Posted by Nanako on

0 1,071
by Nanako

Dark forest

Posted by Ralshi02 on

4 1,906
by Ralshi02

Moldy Attacks

Posted by OEO6 on

4 2,231
by ECS.98

Crystal Forest

Posted by Cryses96 on

5 2,368
by Cryses96


Posted by Mr. Pixelator on

6 2,235
by Mr. Pixelator

le Reservoir - doing marketing with a VLDC11 entry (Finale - BPS available!)

Posted by Blind Devil on

24 7,331
by Blind Devil

[Collab] Traumerei

Posted by Tob on

4 1,873
by SMWizard

Vanish Castle (Version 1.25 released!)

Posted by ECS.98 on

18 6,513
by ECS.98

Poll: [23507] Harmonious Heaven

Posted by 7 up on

8 2,949
by 7 up

Roaming Fiber

Posted by RudeGuy on

10 3,021
by RudeGuy

[FAN JUDGE] Mad Lad's mega lazy fan judging thread - REQUESTS WELCOME

Posted by Mad Lad on

57 17,624
by slakkmichael

Mint-Berry Crunch - CANCELLED: Not finished by deadline

Posted by Conal on

11 3,601
by Conal

The Frozen Way

Posted by slakkmichael on

18 4,473
by slakkmichael

Yes Autoscroll level

Posted by yogui on

6 2,115
by yogui

Crystarp Hollow (videos + BPS version 2 enclosed)

Posted by S.N.N. on

16 5,937
by SMWizard

Metallic Metropolis 1.4(Update) is done

Posted by PokerFace on

26 8,681
by SMWizard

[wowee] Caelum Coast (Test now or forever hold your P switch)

Posted by Ruberjig on

7 2,803
by Giftshaven

King Of The Mountain

Posted by MarkVD100 on

3 1,475
by MarkVD100

Tangle Race

Posted by KajurN on

3 1,648
by 7 up

Deep Deluge (revamped)

Posted by VinylHeart on

19 5,372
by ECS.98

Grand Koopalopolis (Finished, so feel free to try it out)

Posted by SMWizard on

0 1,241
by SMWizard

Sweet Dreams

Posted by TheMorganah on

7 2,871
by TheMorganah

Ambrose Asylum (Kill Me)

Posted by Blizzard Buffalo on

5 2,271
by Blizzard Buffalo