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VLDC #11

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Announcement: VLDC11 - Results!

Posted by FPzero on

109 47,716
by ECS.98

Important: ***CLOSED*** VLDC11 - Rules and Submissions

Posted by FPzero on

124 73,820
by ASMagician Maks

Sticky: VLDC11 Music Remixing Contest (Rules + Discussion) : SONGS NOW AVAILABLE FOR USE (see first post)

Posted by sincx on

9 9,300
by Lumy

Sticky: VLDC11 - Discussion and Questions

Posted by FPzero on

285 76,463
by 7 up

here's what i thought of the levels i played

Posted by Hobz on

32 11,575
by Olga Zuccati

Any regrets?

Posted by ItsaMe.64 on

14 4,804
by N450

[Non-level] Does anyone find themselves jumping into a pit or enemy to repleish more time in a lot of the VLDC levels this year?

Posted by Wind Fish on

9 3,986
by Wind Fish

quills makes weird faces at levels (DONE)

Posted by FrozenQuills on

51 17,757
by Hobz

space bubble

Posted by jona255 on

4 2,315
by GbreezeSunset

Mountan Castle

Posted by anonymousbl00dlust on

14 5,462
by OEO6

Poll: im going sicko mode and making a level!

Posted by Hobz on

8 2,862
by Wind Fish

Sugarless Cave

Posted by Nanako on

0 1,635
by Nanako

bridge i guess

Posted by Teyla on

2 1,960
by Teyla

paradise aiso

Posted by idol on

10 5,788
by idol

Dark forest

Posted by Ralshi02 on

4 2,541
by Ralshi02

[Non-Level] What are your plans for the VLDC next year (or maybe sooner)?

Posted by Klug on

32 8,472
by N450

[Collab] Traumerei

Posted by Tob on

4 2,517
by SMWizard

[UPDATE] Deadline Extension - March 20th @ 23:59:59 UTC

Posted by FPzero on

1 3,690
by FPzero

Bouncy Ruins(V3)

Posted by wayht on

5 3,453
by Kusrry

Grand Koopalopolis (Finished, so feel free to try it out)

Posted by SMWizard on

0 1,802
by SMWizard

Tangle Race

Posted by KajurN on

3 2,296
by 7 up

King Of The Mountain

Posted by MarkVD100 on

3 2,120
by MarkVD100

Yes Autoscroll level

Posted by yogui on

6 2,955
by yogui

[wowee] Caelum Coast (Test now or forever hold your P switch)

Posted by Ruberjig on

7 3,824
by Giftshaven

Primary Pipes

Posted by Shog on

4 3,084
by Shog

The Leaving Skies - VLDC 11 (Fixed 3/17)

Posted by Fullcannon on

0 3,188
by Fullcannon

[UPDATED] Industrial Desert - Finally, a submission of mine that isn't entirely broken!

Posted by IronFoxGaming on

0 856
by IronFoxGaming

[VLDC11] Darkmoon Riverside - Feedbacks Please

Posted by ThumbLie on

6 2,368
by ThumbLie

Petroleum Pipeland

Posted by KennyJ on

0 1,310
by KennyJ

Temple of O Fos (1.2)

Posted by Digital Entertainment on

2 1,179
by Digital Entertainment

Blind Devil's Unofficial Judging!

Posted by Blind Devil on

18 7,051
by ECS.98

Hybrid Experimental (FINISHED)

Posted by Yosh1PrisMa on

5 2,979
by Yosh1PrisMa

Olivine Pass

Posted by Giftshaven on

4 2,375
by Klug

Stalwart Ramparts

Posted by Quantix on

4 1,776
by Quantix

Ambrose Asylum (Kill Me)

Posted by Blizzard Buffalo on

5 3,369
by Blizzard Buffalo

[FAN JUDGE] ECS' Fan Judging Experience!

Posted by ECS.98 on

110 52,281
by Blind Devil

Good Night, Beach

Posted by MaiK on

5 1,852
by MaiK

____ Harbor/Dock

Posted by Trollope on

5 1,837
by Trollope

Crystal Forest

Posted by Cryses96 on

5 3,193
by Cryses96

Rainy Mole Town

Posted by E-man38 on

3 1,917
by Giftshaven

chuck's norris level.

Posted by huebrbr on

7 3,003
by ItsaMe.64

Moldy Attacks

Posted by OEO6 on

4 3,214
by ECS.98

Cloudy Lake [JUDGE]

Posted by 34088 on

3 1,704
by 34088

le Reservoir - doing marketing with a VLDC11 entry (Finale - BPS available!)

Posted by Blind Devil on

24 10,562
by Blind Devil


Posted by Tweyxx on

5 3,364
by Wind Fish

Oh That's Hot - V1.0 released

Posted by Mad Lad on

2 2,110
by Mad Lad

Weird Blues

Posted by OEO6 on

4 1,984
by MarioFan22

Reach for the Summit [v1.3, PLEASE TEST]

Posted by WalkingPlaces on

14 4,936
by WalkingPlaces

Roaming Fiber

Posted by RudeGuy on

10 3,937
by RudeGuy

Forest Blitz V1.0 *Cancelled for now*

Posted by wolfnasty on

13 2,714
by wolfnasty