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VLDC #11

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Announcement: VLDC11 - Results!

Posted by FPzero on

109 47,717
by ECS.98

Important: ***CLOSED*** VLDC11 - Rules and Submissions

Posted by FPzero on

124 73,820
by ASMagician Maks

Sticky: VLDC11 Music Remixing Contest (Rules + Discussion) : SONGS NOW AVAILABLE FOR USE (see first post)

Posted by sincx on

9 9,300
by Lumy

Sticky: VLDC11 - Discussion and Questions

Posted by FPzero on

285 76,465
by 7 up

Sky Castle

Posted by N450 on

9 2,385
by N450

Plumbing Job

Posted by MercuryPenny on

2 1,333
by MercuryPenny

Testing your levels - 3 per batch

Posted by Minuy600 on

6 2,509
by N450

[1FF] Muncher Mountain (UPDATE v5)

Posted by JP32 on

3 2,067
by Nao


Posted by Erik on

6 3,022
by Darolac

Backstage Pass

Posted by Paperdomo101 on

8 2,593
by Steven


Posted by MaiK on

1 1,274
by ItsaMe.64

Turrim Caelo

Posted by Stivi on

9 2,980
by Stivi

Koopa Kaboose

Posted by Mogu94 on

2 1,168
by Mogu94

Castle Of Spirals

Posted by JokingOnTheSidewalk on

4 1,417
by ItsaMe.64

Escape The Sewers!

Posted by Samantha on

8 3,047
by Samantha


Posted by PercentN on

4 2,664
by Mogu94

Temple of Fish Gods (Now with download link)

Posted by Valentine on

10 2,917
by Epoch

The Porth Nole

Posted by CosmicTiff on

6 2,143
by Katerpie

Athletic Synergy (v1.1) (aka. Vibrant Synergy v2.0.0)

Posted by crm0622 on

17 3,655
by ItsaMe.64

Frozen Grassland

Posted by yoshi9429 on

3 1,408
by Ezel

The Sol

Posted by Frost on

15 5,181
by ItsaMe.64

Recycling Castle (Abandoned)

Posted by Fullcannon on

5 1,554
by K.T.B.

Name Undecided [WIP]

Posted by ThePandaMan6767 on

6 1,867
by ThePandaMan6767

Timber Tower

Posted by Sokobansolver on

7 2,451
by 7 up

Magnetic Net

Posted by NextTactics on

1 1,171
by Conal

No Longer a Collab - Sorry People - Irreconcilable Differences

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

5 2,179
by N450

Sines Fortress wip

Posted by AbuseFreakHacker on

15 3,189
by 7 up

Nameless Vertical Water Level [cancelled]

Posted by WalkingPlaces on

5 2,125
by WalkingPlaces

Rocky Forest

Posted by Green Jerry on

4 2,259
by SlamJamMcCam

Sunny Shoreline

Posted by TheSpeedyJay on

9 2,346
by SlamJamMcCam

[yes] Linear Farms

Posted by Dakras Hayashi on

13 3,651
by Dakras Hayashi

Weird Blues

Posted by OEO6 on

4 1,984
by MarioFan22

Forest Blitz V1.0 *Cancelled for now*

Posted by wolfnasty on

13 2,714
by wolfnasty

Cloudy Lake [JUDGE]

Posted by 34088 on

3 1,704
by 34088

[FAN-JUDGE] Im playing through all levels again

Posted by JP32 on

39 10,091
by FPzero


Posted by Sugar on

12 4,341
by 1UPdudes

Overworld Map

Posted by El Cuh Fermin on

19 6,437
by FPzero

Rainy Mole Town

Posted by E-man38 on

3 1,917
by Giftshaven

[001] SUPER MARIO BROS? > Ready to Test

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

7 2,705
by Daizo Dee Von

Collapsed Keep (underground castle level)

Posted by Ezel on

6 2,753
by Ezel

Oh That's Hot - V1.0 released

Posted by Mad Lad on

2 2,110
by Mad Lad

Moon Temple - My VLDC11 entry [Video]

Posted by TheInsanity115 on

9 3,127
by TheInsanity115

Temple of O Fos (1.2)

Posted by Digital Entertainment on

2 1,179
by Digital Entertainment

Unsettling Bastion 2: Shrine of Souls

Posted by Lumy on

15 6,885
by GbreezeSunset

GUC Plains (Download Link)

Posted by TheOrangeToad on

18 5,165
by TheOrangeToad

____ Harbor/Dock

Posted by Trollope on

5 1,837
by Trollope

Petroleum Pipeland

Posted by KennyJ on

0 1,310
by KennyJ

[UPDATED] Industrial Desert - Finally, a submission of mine that isn't entirely broken!

Posted by IronFoxGaming on

0 856
by IronFoxGaming

The Leaving Skies - VLDC 11 (Fixed 3/17)

Posted by Fullcannon on

0 3,188
by Fullcannon

Otherworldly Monument (or something)

Posted by eltiolavara9 on

9 3,762
by eltiolavara9