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VLDC #11

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Flames of Muspell (Level complete)

Posted by Falconpunch on

14 4,374
by Falconpunch

Stalwart Ramparts

Posted by Quantix on

4 1,778
by Quantix

Primary Pipes

Posted by Shog on

4 3,091
by Shog

Sunset Sky (ish) Base (probably cancelled)

Posted by ZMann on

3 1,564
by King Boo


Posted by Galaer on

4 1,970
by Galaer

Reach for the Summit [v1.3, PLEASE TEST]

Posted by WalkingPlaces on

14 4,960
by WalkingPlaces

Good Night, Beach

Posted by MaiK on

5 1,861
by MaiK

[VLDC11] Darkmoon Riverside - Feedbacks Please

Posted by ThumbLie on

6 2,374
by ThumbLie

Otherworldly Monument (or something)

Posted by eltiolavara9 on

9 3,771
by eltiolavara9

The Leaving Skies - VLDC 11 (Fixed 3/17)

Posted by Fullcannon on

0 3,191
by Fullcannon

[UPDATED] Industrial Desert - Finally, a submission of mine that isn't entirely broken!

Posted by IronFoxGaming on

0 859
by IronFoxGaming

Petroleum Pipeland

Posted by KennyJ on

0 1,316
by KennyJ

____ Harbor/Dock

Posted by Trollope on

5 1,844
by Trollope

GUC Plains (Download Link)

Posted by TheOrangeToad on

18 5,204
by TheOrangeToad

Unsettling Bastion 2: Shrine of Souls

Posted by Lumy on

15 6,920
by GbreezeSunset

Temple of O Fos (1.2)

Posted by Digital Entertainment on

2 1,180
by Digital Entertainment

Moon Temple - My VLDC11 entry [Video]

Posted by TheInsanity115 on

9 3,136
by TheInsanity115

Oh That's Hot - V1.0 released

Posted by Mad Lad on

2 2,118
by Mad Lad

Collapsed Keep (underground castle level)

Posted by Ezel on

6 2,756
by Ezel

[001] SUPER MARIO BROS? > Ready to Test

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

7 2,715
by Daizo Dee Von

Rainy Mole Town

Posted by E-man38 on

3 1,920
by Giftshaven

Overworld Map

Posted by El Cuh Fermin on

19 6,461
by FPzero


Posted by Sugar on

12 4,356
by 1UPdudes

[FAN-JUDGE] Im playing through all levels again

Posted by JP32 on

39 10,165
by FPzero

Cloudy Lake [JUDGE]

Posted by 34088 on

3 1,711
by 34088

Forest Blitz V1.0 *Cancelled for now*

Posted by wolfnasty on

13 2,741
by wolfnasty

Weird Blues

Posted by OEO6 on

4 1,995
by MarioFan22

[yes] Linear Farms

Posted by Dakras Hayashi on

13 3,674
by Dakras Hayashi

Sunny Shoreline

Posted by TheSpeedyJay on

9 2,352
by SlamJamMcCam

Rocky Forest

Posted by Green Jerry on

4 2,261
by SlamJamMcCam

Nameless Vertical Water Level [cancelled]

Posted by WalkingPlaces on

5 2,138
by WalkingPlaces

Sines Fortress wip

Posted by AbuseFreakHacker on

15 3,215
by 7 up

No Longer a Collab - Sorry People - Irreconcilable Differences

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

5 2,181
by N450

Magnetic Net

Posted by NextTactics on

1 1,174
by Conal

Timber Tower

Posted by Sokobansolver on

7 2,459
by 7 up

Name Undecided [WIP]

Posted by ThePandaMan6767 on

6 1,874
by ThePandaMan6767

Recycling Castle (Abandoned)

Posted by Fullcannon on

5 1,569
by K.T.B.

The Sol

Posted by Frost on

15 5,194
by ItsaMe.64

Frozen Grassland

Posted by yoshi9429 on

3 1,410
by Ezel

Athletic Synergy (v1.1) (aka. Vibrant Synergy v2.0.0)

Posted by crm0622 on

17 3,673
by ItsaMe.64

The Porth Nole

Posted by CosmicTiff on

6 2,146
by Katerpie

Temple of Fish Gods (Now with download link)

Posted by Valentine on

10 2,924
by Epoch


Posted by PercentN on

4 2,665
by Mogu94

Escape The Sewers!

Posted by Samantha on

8 3,065
by Samantha

Castle Of Spirals

Posted by JokingOnTheSidewalk on

4 1,425
by ItsaMe.64

Koopa Kaboose

Posted by Mogu94 on

2 1,168
by Mogu94

Turrim Caelo

Posted by Stivi on

9 3,001
by Stivi


Posted by MaiK on

1 1,277
by ItsaMe.64

Backstage Pass

Posted by Paperdomo101 on

8 2,597
by Steven


Posted by Erik on

6 3,030
by Darolac