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VLDC #13

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Important: VLDC13 - RESULTS

Posted by NopeContest on

26 7,694
by JP32

Sticky: VLDC13 Compiled Entries

Posted by NopeContest on

1 1,503
by NopeContest

Sticky: VLDC13 - Discussion and Questions

Posted by NopeContest on

49 7,972
by huebrbr

Sticky: VLDC13 - Rules and Submissions (Rules Clarifications)

Posted by NopeContest on

89 29,305
by ModBot

[FAN JUDGE] i decide to judge all your levels for fun (Finished!)

Posted by AnEvilGhost on

29 6,796
by Fruitloops

vldc like thee printemps erable (with Squirrelyman157)

Posted by idol on

6 1,735
by Samie Zuccati

gbreeze's Fan Judging Thread

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

7 1,874
by Hobz

[FAN JUDGE] y'all levels any good? [39/86]

Posted by Mad Lad on

37 8,342
by Mad Lad

Purple Valley Trail

Posted by IronFoxGaming on

6 1,418
by SMWizard

i want to join vldc13

Posted by BearAndBoarFan on

1 1,321
by Anas

Anyone doing Playthrough Videos???

Posted by wolfnasty on

9 1,902
by wolfnasty

[Non-Level] What are your plans for the VLDC next year (or maybe sooner)?

Posted by Klug on

17 2,878
by Koopster

Dolphin Coast

Posted by codfish1002 on

1 575
by Klug

Magmatic Morgue

Posted by MegaMarioMan9 on

2 851
by MegaMarioMan9

Lunar Mineshaft Project - Levels 0522-0613 (Submitted! [v2])

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

2 1,300
by Daizo Dee Von

Custom Block Party

Posted by MM102 on

0 536
by MM102

Chainsaw Mountain

Posted by YoungsVideos44 on

2 490
by YoungsVideos44

Thiana's Golden Trail (Just your usual One Day Build!)

Posted by Klug on

0 373
by Klug

Clair de Lune(v1.21)

Posted by Kusrry on

5 1,592
by Kusrry

The Search for the Golden Switch Palace

Posted by solgaleo35 on

0 735
by solgaleo35

Twilight Lunar 1.01 (minor fix)

Posted by PokerFace on

1 893
by PokerFace

Consumer Construct v1.1

Posted by Ruberjig on

1 831
by Ruberjig

Opassa Beach

Posted by GabrielJohn on

0 517
by GabrielJohn

Aurum Fever [COMPLETED]

Posted by Blizzard Buffalo on

12 1,770
by Blizzard Buffalo

The last Yoshi (FIXED)

Posted by Fruitloops on

0 627
by Fruitloops


Posted by SMWizard on

0 530
by SMWizard

Mixed Grassland

Posted by yoshi9429 on

0 334
by yoshi9429

Note Block Surfing

Posted by Anas on

0 471
by Anas

Dungeon of Switches

Posted by MrMartley64 on

3 692
by MoxieCat

Pastel Peak

Posted by Idunno on

1 905
by Idunno

Deforested Factory (Level Fully Finished)

Posted by TheOrangeToad on

3 895
by TheOrangeToad

Garden of Eden (v1.2)

Posted by AnEvilGhost on

3 1,095
by AnEvilGhost


Posted by FrozenQuills on

2 953
by FrozenQuills

Windy Overpass (v4.0)

Posted by PiyoPiyori on

2 862
by PiyoPiyori

donut river romp (feedback requested)

Posted by arghhh5 on

6 826
by arghhh5

Untitled Abstract Level

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

0 372
by MarioFanGamer

Veggie Valley 🥕 (v1.1)

Posted by MoxieCat on

4 1,288
by MoxieCat

Sapphire Shores

Posted by Donut on

1 723
by Samie Zuccati

Thistlehorn Gorge (WIP)

Posted by HaruMKT on

0 731
by HaruMKT

Steel Shores

Posted by rosysunrise_ on

1 1,432
by E-man38

sacred forest

Posted by DetectiveZvarri on

3 1,012
by qantuum

Super Bonus World

Posted by qantuum on

0 437
by qantuum


Posted by Samie Zuccati on

3 1,181
by N450

Mirage Breeze

Posted by Dispace on

3 926
by Dispace