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Fall 2009

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Sticky: Welcome yet again!

Posted by Smallhacker on

78 30,112
by Hadron

Bowser's Valley (Release)

Posted by reghrhre on

13 22,508
by reghrhre


Posted by zhulov3rz on

3 6,027
by Kristian

Mario Frenzy Demo Release!!

Posted by RedToonLink on

16 8,324
by Kristian

Golden Rex (AKA Noobish Noobsicle's big secret)

Posted by Noobish Noobsicle on

22 26,435
by Hadron

~A Piece of SFoG Lives On~

Posted by Devazure on

11 7,552
by Aqualakitu

And now .. it's time to reveal ...

Posted by S.N.N. on

71 26,789
by Hadron

[Updates] The Big Boo's Legion 2 (Trailer + Screenshots)

Posted by Hadron on

19 11,696
by Hadron

The Complete Yoshi's Island Soundtrack

Posted by Jimmy on

28 17,600
by Hadron

SB77's RPG FG's and...

Posted by SafeDesire on

16 10,865
by Taven

TSRP3 [infos,screens]

Posted by FPI on

43 33,935
by Mister Karma

Azure Chaotic's big secret

Posted by Azure on

91 30,967
by Rainbowslime

pikaguy900's Unnamed 1-Level hack (Screenshots)

Posted by Nimono on

9 6,849
by Iceguy


Posted by dahnamics on

5 4,820
by tatanga

A Super Mario Thing (now with videos!)

Posted by yoshicookiezeus on

27 18,270
by Chdata

Super Status Bar + Ceiling Generator

Posted by Kaijyuu on

31 18,123
by Chdata

Message Box Hack

Posted by 0x400 on

12 7,663
by cyphermur9t

My Hack (Progress) and Released Tilesets

Posted by PercentN on

5 4,848
by cyphermur9t

xkas with GUI and other stuff

Posted by spel werdz rite on

8 5,780
by spel werdz rite

Super Mario Bros. 3X 2nd Demo

Posted by Koyuki on

17 19,433
by Koyuki

MitYH thread

Posted by Hach on

5 4,552
by Impetus

Super Mario XP demo release!

Posted by Minitendo on

7 6,219
by Mister Karma

Metaknight 3's Graphical warehouse

Posted by Galactaknight on

10 8,288
by Galactaknight

Mario's Archipelago Adventure [demo]

Posted by Hach on

7 5,543
by Kristian

Jeuda and Princess Kira's Big...Thing (Not Co-op, Sorry guys)

Posted by Mister Karma on

3 4,119
by Kristian

Some of my ASM stuff

Posted by Iceguy on

34 14,966
by imamelia

My C3 file pack releases to

Posted by Minitendo on

5 5,594
by Minitendo

Greetings, you puny depolorable assmasters.

Posted by asdf on

24 12,415
by asdf

imamelia's ASM stuffses (1 patch & 1 sprite)

Posted by imamelia on

14 8,630
by imamelia

(Beta/Demo, 50 Screens) MatSoA!

Posted by MrDeePay on

9 8,317
by MrDeePay

Cave Story Player graphics

Posted by RedToonLink on

1 13,100
by zkip

Chaos Chronicles Demo (C3 Edition) [screenshots added]

Posted by PhoenixTN on

0 2,895
by PhoenixTN

My Mario and Luigi GFX

Posted by SubconsciousEye on

14 20,063
by ChaoticFox

Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown 2

Posted by cyphermur9t on

17 10,050
by Internoob

The Cloud Palace (Screens + Trailer)

Posted by Kristian on

8 5,356
by Kristian

TLMB's and Sonikku's Big Secret

Posted by TLMB on

11 6,602

What is This I Don't Even (the hack)

Posted by Zildjian on

13 9,105
by Zildjian

The Vanilla Booth

Posted by SyStemkraSh on

21 11,822
by SyStemkraSh

My lame backup C3 project

Posted by Electrofire on

0 2,661
by Electrofire

Wild A-l-e-x-99 Appeared!

Posted by A-l-e-x-99 on

9 7,559
by metaking

OS' Late as crap stuff

Posted by Obsidian Serpent on

2 3,466
by Vector

SMW Beta [Release]

Posted by Yoshi Master on

32 18,601
by Yoshi Master

The Broozer Cave (nothingness, as well as GFX included!)

Posted by Broozer on

29 13,010
by Marisa

Mario Explores the Sewers (release)

Posted by Snifit on

1 3,048
by Ultimaximus

Marisa's Sprite Pack is Released

Posted by Marisa on

9 12,854
by Marisa

Red's Ports

Posted by RedToonLink on

5 4,710
by RedToonLink

Sonikku's C3 Sprite Pack - 2009

Posted by Sonikku on

15 12,307
by Ultimaximus

3D Mario Demo

Posted by Mecha_shadow on

10 7,519
by Ultimaximus

SMB1 Redrawn (C3 Re-Release)

Posted by wye on

23 15,587
by Ultimaximus

C3 Experience

Posted by G2P on

31 13,628
by K3fka

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