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Misc. ROM Hacking

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Announcement: Misc. ROM Hacking Forum Rules

Posted by DeppySlide on

0 1,039
by DeppySlide

Important: Screenshots and Video Thread

Posted by Xgor on

473 210,294
by Googie

Important: ROM/RAM map thread (all ROMs but SMW)

Posted by Roy on

46 35,372
by PalaceSwitcher

Important: ROM Hacking Utilities

Posted by xfix on

58 92,287
by Flippn'Fences

Has anyone ever tried to hack F-Zero (SNES) with ASM or similar?

Posted by CatadorDeLatas on

95 65,834
by Tomdominer

Sim City NES Map Editor - WIP

ToolWork in Progress

Posted by realityhacker on

2 583
by Googie

Pokemon blue.

Posted by zacmario on

14 3,765
by erpster2

Mario 64 Tempo/BPM reset bug when importing music.

Posted by XKoop7321 on

0 163
by XKoop7321

Jeopardy! SNES hacking

Posted by Moline on

0 228
by Moline

why is my wad manager not working


Posted by EpicBrave_YT on

0 587
by EpicBrave_YT

Mario Sunshine - Just the FLUD-less levels?

Posted by Coco on

2 394
by Hiccup

Super Mario RPG Zero (EarthBound Beginnings Hack ROM) Beta 1.10 07/01/2023

HackWork in Progress

Posted by Albert1234 on

11 3,601
by Albert1234

Where is Wigglers sound in sm64 soundtool?

Posted by XKoop7321 on

1 364
by LuigiXHero

Romhacking SM64 on Steam Deck?

Posted by Ondrashek06 on

1 404
by XKoop7321

What tool does Motos Factory and Dudaws beta revival builds use?

Posted by XKoop7321 on

1 342
by XKoop7321

Mario Kart DS N64 Circuit

Posted by Arctus 64 on

1 7,254
by LandonAndEmma

How do I get a 2D animated star in Super Mario 64?


Posted by XKoop7321 on

4 760
by XKoop7321

How can I get permission to post music for SM64?


Posted by XKoop7321 on

2 360
by XKoop7321

Fix certain SM64 romhacks blackscreening on Steam Deck

Posted by Ondrashek06 on

0 276
by Ondrashek06

[N64] Donald Duck: Goin Quackers/Quack Attack - Music Fix Project

HackWork in Progress

Posted by Louiskovskie1999 on

0 490
by Louiskovskie1999

[Solved] New Super Mario Bros. U Level Name

Posted by TheLegendaryOrb on

2 2,200
by Sleighton352535

Loop points in MIDI


Posted by person311 on

1 373
by XKoop7321

The Pokemon Preservation Project


Posted by jo19sh92 on

0 357
by jo19sh92

super mario 64 model offsets in hxd

HelpHackWork in Progress

Posted by jhon r. on

10 1,007
by XKoop7321

SNES GFX Editing Program?


Posted by Doopliss on

2 417
by Doopliss

request for CH-enabled sm64 patch

Posted by nyankek on

2 417
by nyankek

Ripping music and sounds from sm64 decomp hacks

Posted by XKoop7321 on

0 357
by XKoop7321

SM64 hacking: .m64 file conversion


Posted by person311 on

2 699
by XKoop7321

.sfc to smc converter (and vice-versa)

Posted by Shog on

4 17,150
by XKoop7321

Super Mario 64 Hack Glitches


Posted by FractiousLemon on

1 450
by XKoop7321

Super Luigi RPG Star Powered comes to SMWCentral!

HackFull Release

Posted by Will331999 on

1 1,046
by darkreader2636

conic drift (super mario kart hack)

HackFull Release

Posted by conicthecat on

1 623
by conicthecat

how can i clean a mario 64 rom?


Posted by pixelfan8 on

4 1,325
by pixelfan8

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hacking (Full tutorial)

Posted by shibboleet on

11 57,775
by TCCreator

Question about SMB1


Posted by LiamTheNarcowYT on

4 31,714
by XKoop7321

Strange Sprite Chrash on Emulator


Posted by lordkronos100 on

0 451
by lordkronos100

Super Mario RPG Wrath of The Artifact Beasts Version 2


Posted by RedCrescent96 on

0 658
by RedCrescent96

Solstice - Return to the Kastlerock. First public demo is out!!1

HackWork in Progress

Posted by JP32 on

1 848
by JP32

Star Fox 1 No Music Game Genie Code


Posted by Aquarious on

1 591
by Aquarious

DKC Editor V 0.37 Music Editor Added Among other things

HackToolWork in Progress

Posted by CycloneS on

0 802
by CycloneS

Some story to create a Super Mario RPG rom hack.

HackWork in Progress

Posted by Sebasuchan on

1 866
by Sebasuchan

Super Mario Land Timelines

HackFull Release

Posted by RyanD on

0 1,023
by RyanD

Please help someone: can help me get a luigi sprite in SMRPG style


Posted by Sebasuchan on

0 717
by Sebasuchan

Level Design Contest for "Hummer Super Mario World"?

Posted by AmperSam on

4 1,609
by AmperSam

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Help


Posted by Ray on

0 791
by Ray

Super Mario Gravity (SMG2 Mod)

HackWork in Progress

Posted by Louiskovskie1999 on

0 2,371
by Louiskovskie1999

Top Gear 1 - How to start editing


Posted by LeomarxGames on

0 725
by LeomarxGames

(SMAS+SMW help) Luigi sprites


Posted by Sthian Felipe on

2 2,322
by Sthian Felipe

Hacking VGA DOS games.


Posted by The Yak Smoker on

0 1,030
by The Yak Smoker

Donkey Kong Country Text Editor Update 0.28 June 4th


Posted by CycloneS on

0 826
by CycloneS

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