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Sticky: Post Your Desktop / Homescreen / Battlestation / etc.

Posted by FPzero on

1,612 448,858
by Luxari0n

Sticky: In-Depth Layout Guide / HTML + CSS Help Thread

Posted by RanAS on

18 16,899
by Pokemon Hacker

Sticky: Layout Request/Help/Base Code thread [read the request rules @people]

Posted by Tahixham on

898 246,191
by Masked Man

Sticky: Layout Maker XP - A tool for generating layouts

Posted by RanAS on

11 9,902
by RanAS

What the—?! Is Windows 10 about to end for real this time?!

Posted by Klug on

6 1,551
by Klug

Is the classic snes controller a good option for playing rom hacks?

Posted by Kappi on

3 1,307
by 7 up

Camstudio lossless codec in Windows 11?

Posted by 7 up on

0 21
by 7 up

your favorite browsers to use on smw central

Posted by Mohamad20ZX on

23 3,435
by Mohamad20ZX

Windows 7 is going to end and I'm confused

Posted by Pain on

31 6,478
by erpster2

How old is your PC / Desktop / Laptop ?

Posted by Roberto zampari on

9 1,191
by MarioFan22

Smw hacks lag on 3DS?

Posted by Qwoll on

3 516
by PermaBan

Should I pay for a Twitter checkmark? (Speaking as a musician/artist)

Posted by Ultima on

2 199
by Ultima

I can no longer use Virtualdub2 (VirtualdubMod). Help?

Posted by G.G. on

0 238
by G.G.

How it works.

Posted by Penwize on

0 177
by Penwize

What kind of mobile devices do you use?

Posted by RedFoxGaming on

15 2,634
by alison9

I want to execute 64-bit (x64) programs in 32-bit (x86) computer

Posted by Roberto zampari on

7 1,396
by spooonsss

Samsung Issue (FIXED)

Posted by mario and luigi on

0 213
by mario and luigi


Posted by Klug on

1 607
by erpster2

how can i play super mario old on macbook?

Posted by electron619 on

1 646
by Tahixham

Button Layout referred to in-game by SMW

Posted by jeffythedragonslayer on

2 584
by jeffythedragonslayer

hacks on switch

Posted by VinylHeart on

3 590
by PermaBan

I Need Help.

Posted by Elliswallace on

1 376
by Elliswallace

How can I share pics to someone on Youtube's comment section without the comment being deleted instantly?

Posted by Ultima on

5 1,450
by Ultima

Scryboard - v0.1 -Site Software System - One of the most powerful boards on the internet!

Posted by Scrydan on

1 623
by Scrydan

SNES9x Occasional Freezing

Posted by Doopliss on

4 1,083
by erpster2

any linux users around?

Posted by foxsouns on

2 1,896
by foxsouns

It happened again....

Posted by The Yak Smoker on

0 410
by The Yak Smoker

What do you think about Windows 11 leaks? (Windows 11 was finally revealed)

Posted by King Mayro on

31 5,557
by theEeveeLovers

What are some good methods upscaling game footage?

Posted by G.G. on

0 330
by G.G.

Code::Blocks question

Posted by DPBOX on

1 601
by Shiva619

Two factor authentication is the worst thing ever...

Posted by Roberto zampari on

5 1,353
by Disk Poppy

Cant Find Settings in Win 10!

Posted by Russell18 on

3 847
by PermaBan

smw central compatible browsers

Posted by Mohamad20ZX on

8 1,230
by Mohamad20ZX

SNES9X: Framerate drops galore

Posted by RealMargaretThatcher on

1 767
by PalaceSwitcher

Watching animes and tokusatsus in your computer

Posted by Roberto zampari on

0 355
by Roberto zampari

Help with RetroSpy Arduino Programming

Posted by Macrophaje on

2 561
by Macrophaje

Scryforce Untitled Board Software - Looking for CSS/Site Designers

Posted by Scrydan on

1 1,442
by Scrydan

Hijacked Controls on OpenSUSE

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

0 596
by MarioFanGamer

Laptop heating too much When Microsoft Teams is Open

Posted by JosephTheCube on

2 1,060
by PermaBan

C++ Object Management Problem

Posted by DPBOX on

9 1,290
by RPG Hacker

Emergency Calls Only And No SD Card Bug

Posted by CD20Superness on

2 702
by Katerpie

Installing Linux on PC

Posted by admacXx2 on

7 1,028
by JosephTheCube

Removing SNES Emulation Lag - A Simple Guide

Posted by PastaNoSauce on

0 3,888
by PastaNoSauce

Happy Pi Day Project - Pi Hex Digit Color Finder

Posted by Scrydan on

3 717
by Klug

Burning PS1 Discs for PS3 Slim and Unmodded PS1s.

Posted by Koop the Koopa on

2 625
by Courtney

I can't figure out how to use this program.

Posted by DPBOX on

6 744

This just happened....

Posted by The Yak Smoker on

5 1,099
by The Yak Smoker

I'm thinking about buying a new laptop, but I have some questions about it.

Posted by DPBOX on

1 412
by PermaBan

Questions about importing a DVD from Amazon U.K. to my house in the United States.

Posted by DPBOX on

3 666
by RPG Hacker

C++ nested and derived classes question

Posted by DPBOX on

9 933
by RPG Hacker

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