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Summer 2013

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Announcement: Greetings, Earthlings!

Posted by Ersanio on

61 22,034
by Noivern


Posted by Ultimaximus on

78 29,249
by Everest

Sticky: C3 Recap Interview Opportunities

Posted by DeppySlide on

41 14,590
by x-treme

Sicari - World 3 Approaches!

Posted by Eevee on

18 13,467
by Eevee

ZMZ: Snes9X and bsnes for ZSNES lovers

Posted by Alcaro on

45 54,284
by Alcaro

Mario Must Die 2 demo (Kaizo hack)

Posted by Sokobansolver on

12 13,248
by Katerpie

The Lost Chapters - Chapter 1 DEMO 3 (final demo before full release)

Posted by Lumy on

9 11,090
by Hadron

Rip-X's Custom C3 VWF Border Collection-new border now

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

6 5,731
by amhunter

[Tool] STEAR: Remap ALL the sprites!

Posted by Kipernal on

44 35,014
by Rykon-V73

Daizo Dee Von's Hallway of Treasure - P-switch, Other Hacks, and Lots of Graphics --> Next Graphics I'm Making

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

19 12,050
by S.R.H.

That Other Plumber

Posted by RainbowLuigi281 on

7 6,315
by Demodude123

RednGreen's ports and compositions

Posted by RednGreen on

22 19,588
by Katerpie

SMW Central Production 2 Trailers and Screenshots!

Posted by Frost on

14 14,079
by Lightvayne

SMB:TWSS [Screenshot Safari]

Posted by andy_k_250 on

41 27,927
by Lightvayne

A Severed Freedom - Level Packs (Pack 2 Available!)

Posted by Supertails on

16 10,133
by Lightvayne

Mega Man S: A 16-bit Remake of MM1 [Fan game]

Posted by Jimmy on

17 21,957
by Lightvayne

Torchkas' SPC Thread + Minecraft OST (0.8/32)

Posted by Torchkas on

4 5,587
by Pinci

Tool: Sprite GFX Routine Creator (with GUI)

Posted by JackTheSpades on

15 17,143
by Lightvayne

Choconilla Rise C3

Posted by underway on

28 21,817
by Lightvayne

Charge of Corruption (Hack & Music)

Posted by Mayonnai on

13 8,399
by Lightvayne

[Video] WYE's New Hack - Gameplay Footage

Posted by wye on

19 10,258
by Lightvayne

Project Pixlar: A game in the making!

Posted by S.N.N. on

30 13,149
by Lightvayne

The Devious Four Chronicles C3 Booth! - The Crater FULL HACK Download / HR2R Demo Download / Screen Shots of Every Hack in the C

Posted by Skewer on

15 16,395
by Lightvayne

Quickspell, a pony fangame

Posted by Sind on

1 3,740
by Lightvayne

Assorted ASM

Posted by MarioE on

20 13,605
by Nickelony

Post a screenshot and get graphics

Posted by Snifit on

83 38,432
by Daizo Dee Von

Rip-X's puny C3 hack-released-download

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

8 8,243
by Rykon-V73


Posted by Golden Yoshi on

36 20,779
by Koopster

Touhou Mario : Imperishable Night

Posted by Wakana on

51 33,223
by steeledminer

MaxodeX's C3 music release

Posted by Maxodex on

15 12,224
by Maxodex

Not so beta of Super Mario Bros Saga

Posted by xImseiken3 on

12 7,619
by xImseiken3

A bit of bad news. (MKM1R music release)

Posted by Moose on

17 9,640
by willian125677

Mario's Dream: The Fallen Star - C3 Very Short Release

Posted by Ringo on

18 12,499
by willian125677

Alex No C3 stuff!!!

Posted by Alex No on

35 21,480
by Alex No

[Hack] Puzzle Land

Posted by Everest on

6 6,013
by Everest

Powertool (now with tanuki and bee suits for everyone)

Posted by Bio on

31 19,006
by MrDeePay

Super Mario Cave World

Posted by OK Play on

4 7,927
by Koopster

The variety of chance [final demo]

Posted by superwiidude on

2 5,375
by MaiK

Sonikku's C3 Stuff : Summer 2013 Edition

Posted by Sonikku on

18 19,393
by Koopster

S.N.N. and Ersanio's Dwellers of Dischord Adventures

Posted by Ersanio on

11 7,381
by Ersanio

Dimension Board 2.0 - Alpha Announcement

Posted by Scrydan on

1 3,647
by Scrydan

Yoshi's Ice World - WIP Soundtrack

Posted by Jimmy on

6 5,433
by TomPhanto

Super Mario 64 - Year of the Plumber C3 Demo

Posted by DobieMeltfire on

6 9,253
by DobieMeltfire

What The Heck 2 [An Unfinished Project]

Posted by lolyoshi on

5 4,550
by Koopster

The Big Boo's Legion 2 - new video (and screenshots)!

Posted by Hadron on

10 6,421
by RednGreen

J.U.M.P. Collab Preview Booth

Posted by aterraformer on

15 13,914
by wye

ShadowFire's Mish-Mashes of Musical Notes! 100% free of antimatter!

Posted by Prizm on

3 4,097
by Prizm

Schieber1234's GFX thread - Tree and honey GFX

Posted by Schieber1234 on

9 5,730
by Koopster

K1ng's Release Thread: The Eight Map Pieces Demo 1 + Some Graphics, Music And Palettes

Posted by K1ngHacks on

5 5,526
by Koopster

Something else obligatory C3 post

Posted by yogui on

12 8,047
by Ckristina

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