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Summer 2013

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Yoshi strikes back [C3 Demo]

Posted by Luks on

14 9,343
by Koopster

A Hack So Awesome It Doesn't Even Have A Name (Trailer)

Posted by Sockbat Replica on

4 2,479
by Koopster

Untitled Pure Vanilla Hack (4-level demo)

Posted by MarioFan22 on

3 2,294
by Egadd

First C3 Releases - A Hack, Custom Music and HDMA Codes!

Posted by neidoodle on

8 12,652
by xImseiken3

Æther: The Infinite Library - A thread of custom graphics and level design prattling.

Posted by Deeke on

9 6,709
by Deeke

MM7 sample pack + SoundFont + 2 ports

Posted by HaruMKT on

6 14,040
by HaruMKT

Kamek's Island - 5-World Demo available now!

Posted by Gamma V on

11 4,034
by xImseiken3

Modern Spiny Pack (Also Buzzy Beetles+Spinys together)

Posted by NamelessProtagonist on

3 6,682
by Gary

Eyeless: Director's Cut

Posted by lolyoshi on

5 3,960
by AxemJinx

[title] level sampler

Posted by Noivern on

1 1,266
by Noivern

The Vanilla Tree - Vanilla Hack (Screenshots, Video and Demo)

Posted by Reggiamoto on

7 4,454
by Koopster

Some Kind of Yoshi's Island Hack (demo)

Posted by Isocitration on

6 9,945
by Karisa

Cosbyquest! - Update that doubles the size of the game

Posted by Egadd on

8 4,765
by Egadd

Dark Side of the Kingdom Booth - 40 Level Sampler

Posted by Egadd on

9 4,959
by Egadd

GORGEOUS (Single Level Sampler)

Posted by Zildjian on

5 3,533
by AxemJinx

Obligatory Themed Hodgepodge 2013 Edition

Posted by MrDeePay on

4 2,710
by AxemJinx

Blue Flamingo Booth

Posted by Truxton on

9 5,009
by levelengine

SuperSkye: The Legacy

Posted by WeegeeBen on

6 3,531
by AxemJinx

Anikiti's Music Collection vol.2

Posted by Anikiti on

5 3,360
by aterraformer

Xinn's C3 Musical Music Booth

Posted by Wavee on

2 1,674
by Wavee

The Challenge.

Posted by Ckristina on

11 5,877
by AxemJinx

MARIO and SA-1

Posted by TheVividYoshi on

1 1,897
by TheVividYoshi

[Patch] Message Box Expansion

Posted by wye on

32 14,511
by wye

Lui's last minute thread of ROM hacking etc

Posted by Lui on

2 1,788
by RednGreen

A Simple Story

Posted by Thehoundsquad on

3 1,804
by Thehoundsquad

RttC Rearranged Soundtrack - Bandcamp Release!

Posted by AxemJinx on

13 5,333
by FPI

Super Puzzle Land 2

Posted by natnew on

8 3,623
by natnew

A Grand Day Out - AxemJinx's Ill-Advised Foray into a Second Project

Posted by AxemJinx on

6 2,619
by MrDeePay

Hacker's dreams trailer

Posted by anonymousbl00dlust on

5 2,282
by anonymousbl00dlust

Super Mario 64: Volcano Island

Posted by Vinnyboiler on

0 1,544
by Vinnyboiler

Super Fucknigga World

Posted by FUGGNUTZ on

21 20,180
by Wavee

Carld's C3 Stuff : Custom Graphics everywhere, also, a hack demo

Posted by Carld923 on

13 8,149
by Carld923

Latino Project: The Awakening of the Spirits (trailer inside)

Posted by Ckristina on

11 6,391
by AxemJinx


Posted by Ladida on

6 3,145
by Ladida

My Summer 2013 C3--Update and News

Posted by dahnamics on

11 5,127
by dahnamics

Rip-X's custom C3 Rips(last update-check my latest post)

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

9 7,620
by EvilGuy0613

Purple - Have a ridiculous demo in all its unpolished glory

Posted by Lemonade on

4 3,086
by AxemJinx

So I made a palette editor

Posted by spel werdz rite on

21 10,428
by spel werdz rite

Unicode Art

Posted by adakkusu-san on

2 1,907
by Sokobansolver

Lunar Legends - Demo 2/C3 Demo

Posted by Aeon on

18 9,040
by levelengine

My first kaizo Hack, BAM!

Posted by Qwoll on

13 6,075
by Qwoll

Something related to Combo Breaker

Posted by Sokobansolver on

8 3,661
by Sokobansolver

Archie's Pack of Hacks

Posted by Katerpie on

1 1,484
by Sokobansolver

Anon's C3 Stuff.

Posted by anonimato on

8 5,032
by anonimato

[Hack] My First Failure

Posted by Ludus on

0 1,335
by Ludus

Collection - FULL RELEASE

Posted by ZMann on

10 4,390
by ZMann

Site Defenders - A RPG & Mafia Site Game (Announcement)

Posted by Scrydan on

1 1,730
by Ringo

Super Mario Legacy

Posted by Ragey on

2 3,088
by ZMann

EvilGuy0613's Tileset Rips + Yoshi's Rescue Mission - Showcase Video

Posted by EvilGuy0613 on

7 6,128
by EvilGuy0613

Wut (A kaizo hack!)

Posted by Botcrazy on

12 4,976
by Botcrazy

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