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Summer 2013

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Devann's Super Surprise Pavillion

Posted by Devann on

0 1,277
by Devann

New Super Mario World

Posted by TheSuperRotom on

12 7,789
by TheSuperRotom

AnybodyAgrees's booth: A custom OW, featuring hardcoded paths! Hardcoded paths added to YOUR overworlds on request!

Posted by AnybodyAgrees on

5 2,896
by Noivern

The Senate ~ 3 Level Demo Released!

Posted by Fornaxus on

8 4,577
by AxemJinx

TRS's graphic emporium (rips for SMW and NSMB)

Posted by Noivern on

6 4,739
by Thehoundsquad

Lemmy's Revenge - A new Hack (Demo)

Posted by Blue Leaf on

2 2,133
by AxemJinx

COOKIES! - Umm... I mean Hack Demo :3 - New Screeneys

Posted by Schieber1234 on

10 4,118
by Reggiamoto

Vanilla Twist!

Posted by Koopster on

14 6,237
by Koopster

Mario's Vacation DEMO

Posted by natnew on

3 2,488
by Koopster

BTB's Original Music

Posted by BloodyToothBrush on

0 1,211
by BloodyToothBrush

2013 Music releases Part 2 of 2 (.brr Sample Collection!)

Posted by Masterlink on

12 7,111
by Nox

Jack Kitetsu C3 stuff - Custom Graphic and Rips!

Posted by Jack Kitetsu on

11 6,825
by Orphen Nightford

impossible mario world

Posted by natnew on

0 1,079
by natnew

SubconYoshi's Adventure Booth (With Trailer)

Posted by SubconYoshi on

3 2,054
by SubconYoshi

Mirrordrill's Xargon music ports

Posted by Mirrordrill on

0 1,660
by Mirrordrill

A collection of songs AND A NEW ONE from PLOK

Posted by sincx on

4 2,190
by Hadron

Silver Scarlet's ports 2013 - A SAMPLE MUSIC ADDED + Userbar

Posted by Wakana on

14 8,096
by Hadron

King Dedede's "poor excuse for a C3 thread" thread

Posted by aCrowned on

1 1,437
by Tahixham

The Durgal Chest - [Hidden Port is Still... well ....Hidden]

Posted by TheOtherGuy25 on

3 4,908
by TheOtherGuy25

[Hack and more] Pokey's Adventure - Unfinished Demo & Bonus Content

Posted by wye on

0 3,023
by wye

Infinity Edge - C3 Version (also known as the IEC3)

Posted by levelengine on

6 2,860
by levelengine

SMW Player Grapich for HP Patchs

Posted by Dark Mario Bros on

2 1,982
by adakkusu-san

[FULL RELEASE] Castle of WTF 2 - Kaizo Hack

Posted by MarioFan22 on

3 2,247
by K1ngHacks

Mario's Trials (six level demo)

Posted by Katerpie on

4 2,342
by natnew

It's been a while, but I'm back, baby! (3-long coin block and a new pony platformer)

Posted by TheGag96 on

1 1,677
by K1ngHacks

5SUPER5 - an athletic kaizo hack

Posted by Pixels on

6 3,767
by Ultimaximus

HyperMario's Stuff: A Hack? An Unreleased Hand-made GFX?

Posted by Hinalyte on

16 14,022
by Wakana

Gamma V's C3 LPs

Posted by Gamma V on

0 1,660
by Gamma V

Rockythetigre's first time

Posted by RedAstaire on

6 2,650
by RedAstaire

My SMW2 game

Posted by Lespna1 on

2 2,077
by Lespna1

~My secret C3 project revealed~

Posted by Magi on

5 2,942

SMW Hack: Ice World - Released!

Posted by Jimmy on

6 3,985

Lord Porkeyticuspalooza's palace of stuff and whatever

Posted by Gary on

10 5,702
by Gary

Adam's C3 Music Booth (Yes it's Pokemon Shit)

Posted by Adam on

1 1,394
by Masterlink

LunchBreak - A Short Demo

Posted by ToxicRave on

4 2,261
by AxemJinx

Super Mario Car Accident (Got interviewed!)

Posted by Pixels on

8 6,543
by Moose

Double Action Blaster Guys (NES homebrew)

Posted by NovaSquirrel on

4 2,863
by rextep

ZED - First Semester Project

Posted by RPG Hacker on

8 3,306
by RPG Hacker

Super Luigi's World - A Master piece in the making.

Posted by Wavee on

0 1,234
by Wavee

[Wip Hack!] Vanilluze! (Working Title)

Posted by Volke on

3 2,228
by 1UPdudes

[GM8 creation: A Fangame] Mysterious Islandz

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

0 3,767
by SF - The Dark Warrior

Gamingawesome's CRAAAAAAZZZYY Custom music

Posted by gamingawesome on

2 1,684
by gamingawesome

Facedesk (a kaizo hack)

Posted by Katerpie on

1 2,001
by Pixels

Showing off my graphics for my hack and more info about it

Posted by Falconpunch on

4 2,299
by andy_k_250


Posted by MolSno on

11 6,747
by andy_k_250

SMW: Replica (Demo 1 Fixed)

Posted by Trollope on

2 2,429
by Trollope

New blocks and music

Posted by Poloros on

8 3,672
by MarioFanGamer

Picture I made a long time ago in Lunar Magic

Posted by Lespna1 on

4 2,361
by leod

C3 interview with 2dareDuck

Posted by 2dareduck on

0 1,062
by 2dareduck

Medic and GvS present: something not SMW

Posted by GvS on

13 4,998

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