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Old Tutorials

Archived tutorials.

NOTE: The tutorials here are likely outdated, and not aligned with modern hacking standards. They are kept here for archival purposes only.

Moderated by: Staff

187 4,952
by Joosh

New Tutorials

Where revamped tutorials are worked on.

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Sticky: Music Insertion with AddmusicK

FundamentalCustom MusicTool-Specific

Posted by Erik on

25 39,525
by BetaCovers

How to use GAIN & GAIN diagram.

Custom Music

Posted by ggamer77 on

6 9,421
by MarioFanGamer

Wakana's Music Porting Tutorial - From the Basics to the Advanced

Custom MusicPortingSamples

Posted by Wakana on

87 115,012
by PermaBan

Kellogg's® Presents: The Official SFX Creation Tutorial

Custom Music

Posted by Pinci on

4 3,741
by KungFuFurby

Fundamentals of Aesthetics and Perception

ExGFXCustom Music

Posted by NewPointless on

0 2,480
by NewPointless

Kellogg's® Presents: The Official BRR Sample Creation Tutorial

AdvancedCustom MusicSamples

Posted by Pinci on

1 5,576
by Xboy1282

Using loveemu's SPC to MIDI Converters

Custom MusicPortingTool-Specific

Posted by Darius on

19 52,276
by Kevin

MSU-1 Music for SMW Tutorial

AdvancedCustom Music

Posted by Medic on

37 36,502
by Josuke Yoshikage

How to use custom .brr in sfx

Custom MusicSamples

Posted by Wakana on

4 9,906
by Anas

Addmusic 4.05/M to AddmusicK conversion!

Custom MusicTool-Specific

Posted by Samantha on

5 8,100
by El Cuh Fermin

An In-depth Look of Vanilla Percussion (@21 - @29) on Addmusic

AdvancedCustom Music

Posted by Nanako on

1 3,689
by Giftshaven

How to rip .brr samples - in-depth tutorial by Wakana

Custom MusicSamples

Posted by Wakana on

4 12,541
by Maxodex

Porting music from ModArchive with It2AMK

Custom MusicPorting

Posted by Knucklesfan on

0 3,373
by Knucklesfan

Poll: FIR Filters for use in AMK

AdvancedCustom MusicTool-Specific

Posted by Brozilla on

0 5,700
by Brozilla

How to rip Sega Genesis samples and optimize them for the SNES SPC700

Custom MusicSamples

Posted by Ultima on

0 5,281
by Ultima

How to Insert Looped .WAV Samples

Custom MusicSamples

Posted by Kipernal on

31 23,132
by Nox

SPC hacking guide

Custom Music

Posted by Kil on

17 25,559
by Kil

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