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Old Tutorials

Archived tutorials.

NOTE: The tutorials here are likely outdated, and not aligned with modern hacking standards. They are kept here for archival purposes only.

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187 4,952
by Joosh

New Tutorials

Where revamped tutorials are worked on.

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Sticky: ExGFX: a comprehensive guide

FundamentalExGFXLunar MagicTool-Specific

Posted by wye on

14 39,353
by MegaSonic1999

Lunar Magic Shortcuts

Lunar Magic

Posted by Thomas on

9 5,784
by Thomas

Ripping Graphics with Lunar Magic (Bitmap pasting)

ExGFXRipping/DrawingLunar Magic

Posted by wye on

42 40,666
by Zute

Lunar Magic's Palette Editor

Lunar Magic

Posted by Veck on

8 22,710
by Thomas

An In-Depth Guide to ExAnimation

Lunar Magic

Posted by MolSno on

50 78,655
by Mapsking

Changing the Title Screen Demo Movement

Lunar Magic

Posted by leod on

18 20,899
by IcAnTkAiZo

32x32 Player Tilemap Patch Tutorial

ASM PatchesLunar MagicTool-Specific

Posted by Heitor Porfirio on

0 663
by Heitor Porfirio

Setting Up RetroArch as your Emulator in Lunar Magic

Lunar MagicEmulatorsOther

Posted by AmperSam on

0 1,171
by AmperSam

You might be optimizing your levels wrong? - Level Object Optimization Tips!

Lunar MagicLevel Design (Standard)Level Design (Kaizo)

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

4 4,172
by 7 up

Running Lunar Magic on Linux

Lunar Magic

Posted by TheKodeToad on

0 3,723
by TheKodeToad

Game Design for Kaizo Creators

Lunar MagicLevel Design (Kaizo)

Posted by NewPointless on

3 6,177
by NewPointless

Vanilla Level Design Contest Tips and Tricks (the "chocolate sprinkles" for your vanilla level)

Lunar MagicLevel Design (Standard)

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

11 28,284
by Fruitloops

APPALLED: AxemJinx's Profoundly Pragmatic Advice for Lovely LEvel Design [32 Tips]

Lunar MagicLevel Design (Standard)

Posted by AxemJinx on

33 68,850
by Turbo86

How to use LM's Layer 3 Bypass

ExGFXLunar Magic

Posted by Skewer on

7 16,398
by JackTheSpades

Kaizo Hacking 101 (tips on how to make a good kaizo hack)

Lunar MagicLevel Design (Kaizo)

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

12 23,153
by MercuryPenny

Map16 Remapping Tutorial

Lunar Magic

Posted by underway on

1 8,477
by imamelia

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