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Sticky: Music Insertion with AddmusicK

FundamentalCustom MusicTool-Specific

Posted by Erik on

21 28,343
by Hectorpn13

Sticky: Sprite Insertion with PIXI

FundamentalCustom SpritesTool-Specific

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

78 48,160
by MarioFanGamer

Sticky: Block Insertion with GPS

FundamentalCustom BlocksTool-Specific

Posted by Telinc1 on

22 17,847
by devastatorx

Sticky: Patching, Playing and Creating .bps Patches

FundamentalBPS PatchesEmulatorsTool-Specific

Posted by Ultrabi on

28 145,015
by Derpkid

Sticky: Inserting .asm Patches with Asar

FundamentalASM PatchesTool-Specific

Posted by leod on

29 28,236
by MarioFanGamer

Sticky: ExGFX: a comprehensive guide

FundamentalExGFXLunar MagicTool-Specific

Posted by wye on

14 28,046
by MegaSonic1999

Sprite Creation Workshops using Dyzen with anonimzwx

AdvancedASM CodingCustom SpritesTool-Specific

Posted by anonimzwx on

31 13,205

Using loveemu's SPC to MIDI Converters

Custom MusicPortingTool-Specific

Posted by Darius on

19 45,041
by Kevin

How to properly configure Higan


Posted by Bernardo on

2 2,617
by Virusnest

ObjecTool 0.4 (making custom objects)

AdvancedASM CodingTool-Specific

Posted by imamelia on

16 14,732
by MarioFanGamer

Removing Asar patches manually

ASM PatchesTool-Specific

Posted by Medic on

4 8,239
by El Cuh Fermin

How to make a hex edit using asar

ASM CodingTool-Specific

Posted by MercuryPenny on

14 18,710
by PermaBan

Addmusic 4.05/M to AddmusicK conversion!

Custom MusicTool-Specific

Posted by Samantha on

5 6,347
by El Cuh Fermin

Ripping Graphics with Graphic Editor


Posted by Dan on

5 13,187
by El Cuh Fermin

How to use the online BG ripper


Posted by Sayuri on

1 6,816
by K3fka

Poll: FIR Filters for use in AMK

AdvancedCustom MusicTool-Specific

Posted by Brozilla on

0 4,797
by Brozilla

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