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Creation Corner

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Important: Creation Corner Forum Rules

Posted by Kieran Menor on

0 8,510
by Kieran Menor

Sticky: Show off your musical creations here

Posted by S.N.N. on

461 152,883
by Silver Wind

Sticky: General Art Showoff Place! - GASP!

Posted by Tatrion on

741 279,246
by Rouge

Sticky: Software and Other Resources for Artistic Development

Posted by Broozer on

21 17,835
by Exodust

Sticky: Indie Game Screenshot/Video Thread

Posted by pieguy1372 on

210 75,019
by vysethelegend47

Playing Kaizo hacks on mobile

Posted by zLukaasPvPz on

64 12,836
by zLukaasPvPz

DdogPlaysGames (Mostly Hacks Tho)

Posted by Ddog282 on

14 2,565
by Ddog282

Mario's Mystery Meat Tilesets For SMBX

Posted by SuperBlockBros on

2 221
by NinCollin

Hello Mario Framework - Create Your Own 3D Mario Game!

Posted by Hello Fangaming on

0 28
by Hello Fangaming

New SMW Content Creator: Equilake

Posted by Equilake on

0 127
by Equilake

Apple Boy 8: The Bad Foods

Posted by Apple Boy on

0 59
by Apple Boy

Isekai Mario - The Ultimate Anime Crossover!

Posted by Hello Fangaming on

8 2,844
by Hello Fangaming

Breakwater Release the Beast Lead Synth Recreation Attempt

Posted by XKoop7321 on

0 71
by XKoop7321

KTB's Domain - Dramatic readings / narrations / voice acting / ASMR / songs / gaming

Posted by K.T.B. on

7 1,819
by K.T.B.


Posted by Torchkas on

9 3,708
by Torchkas

Super Mario Bros. Friends

Posted by WinMithul on

0 168
by WinMithul

SMW Central API Python Wrapper - you're easier way to interact with the new SMWC API!

Posted by R3tr0BoiDX on

0 195
by R3tr0BoiDX

Gatete Mario Engine 9

Posted by Gate on

0 261
by Gate

pls gibe me touhous to pixel art.

Posted by SweatyNoodle on

1 281
by monkey03297

(Cancelled post)

Posted by Mario55555555 on

0 316
by Mario55555555


Posted by Miguel Lutero on

0 241
by Miguel Lutero

Synodic Link, Runecrossed, and Other Art - Playable Test Build!

Posted by Zerio on

1 1,399
by Zerio


Posted by KeeMoo on

0 236
by KeeMoo

Solaire's Adventures

Posted by zuccha on

0 202
by zuccha

Daily Arle: What would Arle do?! (Actually non-C3 edition)

Posted by Klug on

0 226
by Klug

Inpulse, a kaizo inpired indie game now on steam

Posted by anonymousbl00dlust on

0 391
by anonymousbl00dlust

Space Mutants - NES Homebrew I made.

Posted by timbone on

0 331
by timbone

Apple Boy 7: Psycho-Cola

Posted by Apple Boy on

0 352
by Apple Boy

Apple Boy 6: The Stringozzi Syndicate

Posted by Apple Boy on

0 301
by Apple Boy

My interview with Neidoodle, creator of Linnaea and Tilia

Posted by brianplaysgamesbad on

0 312
by brianplaysgamesbad

Apple Boy 5: An Unexpected Alliance

Posted by Apple Boy on

0 340
by Apple Boy

Super Mario Nation - Video Demo

Posted by GeneSu730 on

15 3,303
by GeneSu730

Custom SNES graphics

Posted by Brutapode89 on

0 531
by Brutapode89

DT's Soundtrack Collection 2023 (New Year Special!!!)

Posted by Dispace on

0 426
by Dispace

Apple Boy 4: Construction Sightings

Posted by Apple Boy on

0 541
by Apple Boy

[Meta] - Wikipedia Article about Kaizo

Posted by synthie_cat on

2 1,116
by synthie_cat

DT's Music Survey

Posted by Dispace on

0 725
by Dispace

Do you know musique concrète ?

Posted by qantuum on

0 4,324
by qantuum

Super Mario World Iceberg

Posted by ShadowNX on

1 746
by ShadowNX

kyasarintsu's art (again)

Posted by kyasarintsu on

8 1,963
by kyasarintsu

Peach Character Creator Kit

Posted by Fernand1527 on

1 903
by kuroki

Apple Boy 3: The Emergence of the Omni-Metals

Posted by Apple Boy on

0 757
by Apple Boy

Apple Boy 2: The Submarine Man

Posted by Apple Boy on

0 821
by Apple Boy

I have reviewed a Pokémon fangame for youtube

Posted by qantuum on

0 1,322
by qantuum

Pokémon Emerald - Unlocking All of the Event Islands WITHOUT CHEATS

Posted by Ultima on

1 1,183
by Ultima

Qwoll's Youtube content!

Posted by Qwoll on

0 734
by Qwoll

Super Mario All-Stars Deluxe

Posted by DreamyMystX64 on

0 1,093
by DreamyMystX64

Apple Boy: A Hero's Beginning

Posted by Apple Boy on

2 1,856
by Apple Boy

SMWCSearch - Twitch Bot

Posted by druu on

0 1,944
by druu

Poll: SMB1 Hack: Mario and the Quest for Ramen

Posted by Flamer_Z on

0 1,249
by Flamer_Z

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