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Spring 2011

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Posted by Smallhacker on

284 58,401
by YouAreSuperMario


Posted by Ersanio on

341 65,684
by Incognito


Posted by Karisa on

50 16,580
by Karisa

Sticky: Goomba powers, away!

Posted by Chester on

213 45,932
by Vinnyboiler

Saph and the Great Rebellion - Demo Release!

Posted by Raibys on

16 15,239
by Raibys

Zeldara's Glitch City demo 147

Posted by Karisa on

33 19,060
by Karisa

CutePop - a PHP GIF manipulation library

Posted by Kieran Menor on

2 4,359
by Kieran Menor

Mode 7 Tool - Version 1.0

Posted by RPG Hacker on

23 12,264
by RPG Hacker

[Non SMW] RedTL's Mario impersonation

Posted by RedToonLink on

25 11,614
by RedToonLink

Shadow Sprite v0.70 by Alexander

Posted by Lexie on

14 7,805
by Luca

Obligatory C3 Thread

Posted by Chdata on

4 3,911
by Buu

Hack: Yume Nikki - Reflection

Posted by Lester_Vine on

3 12,594
by wye

I'm Back - Monochrome Mario 64 hack release! (Plus competition)

Posted by Vinnyboiler on

22 16,675
by YouAreSuperMario

My one port to show off: Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon

Posted by Kipernal on

10 5,829
by Karisa

BeniBoD Presents: Bowser's Hideout 2!

Posted by Core on

16 11,043
by Marx

Gamma V's ExGFX

Posted by Gamma V on

3 3,913
by Gamma V

Advertising my Mother Brain port

Posted by Moose on

0 2,276
by Moose

Yoshi's Adventure Shadows from Subterrenea: Updates and Graphical Releases!

Posted by Karatekid5 on

18 12,829
by Raibys

Something for C3

Posted by Lunar Wurmple on

0 2,926
by Lunar Wurmple

[Title], the musical

Posted by Noivern on

1 2,723
by Raibys

Chomp Demo C3 Spring 2011

Posted by 1UPdudes on

48 20,555
by 1UPdudes

Deploying Surprise in 3...2....1...

Posted by Scrydan on

0 2,844
by Scrydan

Content! v2.0

Posted by S.N.N. on

24 12,722
by Raibys

Donkey Kong Country soundtrack project. (New ports + old revisions)

Posted by Slash Man on

17 11,127
by Slash Man

A Maxi Mini Hack

Posted by Zildjian on

1 3,797
by Raibys

Rising Darkness (unofficial demo included)

Posted by shdwdrgnix on

1 3,206
by Raibys

Mario's Target Smash-a-thon

Posted by TLMB on

6 5,354

My gift to you all

Posted by Jimmy on

4 4,586
by S.N.N.

My C3 project: Crimefighter5000

Posted by HuFlungDu on

16 8,103
by Moose

[TOOL] SMW Customizer

Posted by uyuyuy99 on

61 24,647
by uyuyuy99

Taomb - some ExGFX release

Posted by exit1337 on

4 6,646
by Raibys

Teh Hack 2 - the not so ultimate joke hack

Posted by xfix on

27 12,505
by Karisa


Posted by Sonikku on

24 15,135
by Chdata

Three compositions

Posted by RednGreen on

1 3,489
by Storm Kyleis

Super Mario Adventure update-demo-thing!

Posted by JVyrn on

2 3,624
by JVyrn


Posted by Tahixham on

19 10,979
by Raibys

Sprite E6 is still useless.

Posted by Ckristina on

5 5,484
by Teff007

My C3 Pack - 2 Custom Sprites

Posted by Mao on

3 6,803
by Mao

Koyuki's Hack Thread

Posted by Koyuki on

22 20,515
by Majorasmaskkingdom

Snifit's Graphics

Posted by Snifit on

7 5,311
by Majorasmaskkingdom

Super Dry Desert BG Graphics

Posted by cyphermur9t on

8 6,017
by Gamma V

A Link to the Shadows 2 - Brief Demo

Posted by Bloodstar on

4 5,122
by Feenicks

Henix's Insane C3 Booth - Now with actual content!

Posted by Hexagonaldonut on

4 4,629
by EvilGuy0613

65c816 ASM Tutorial V2.2

Posted by Ersanio on

9 9,141
by Zephyr

Favourite submission?

Posted by JDC on

10 5,206
by Kipernal

MUZAK AHOY! (Castlevania III soundtrack)

Posted by Atma on

5 4,699
by Bad luck man

My hack

Posted by AnybodyAgrees on

3 3,119
by Feenicks

Articulate SMAS - A real joke hack

Posted by Airbourne Bubblun on

5 5,063
by Airbourne Bubblun

Y.I.P.E.S. (Yoshi's Island Text Editor) and a YI Sprite Set Editor

Posted by Kipernal on

31 21,527
by Karisa

Quest on Full Moon Island

Posted by Storm Kyleis on

3 4,382
by andy_k_250

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