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Summer 2016

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Announcement: C3 Summer 2016 - Voting Results

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

47 17,466
by Lakitwo

Announcement: Welcome to the 2016 Summer C3 Event

Posted by Lightvayne on

0 3,313
by Lightvayne

Sticky: Ropebox Nominations

Posted by Hinalyte on

38 12,497
by Koopster

Sticky: The 2016 Summer C3 Discussion Thread

Posted by Lightvayne on

95 19,940
by GbreezeSunset

Sticky: Ended

Posted by MoonlightCapital on

2 2,883
by Hinalyte

Daizo's Journey: The Three Way War >> C3 Teaser Trailer!

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

6 4,678
by Daizo Dee Von

[Summer C3 2016] Super Mario 64: Partners in Time DEMO - Yoob's Belly

Posted by PablosCorner on

15 10,153
by PablosCorner

Ruby Winds - I N S P I R E D by the GB Zeldas

Posted by S.N.N. on

35 13,687
by Losoall

Three word overworld generator

Posted by Aquamentus on

108 37,218
by Y.Y.

6646's C3 Ports in 2016 Summer

Posted by 6646 on

13 7,672
by Katerpie

Soko unreleased/scrapped/cancelled levels

Posted by Sokobansolver on

10 7,240
by Sokobansolver

Morton's Empire [SUPER EXCLUSIVE BOSS RELEASE] [update 7/13]

Posted by Erik on

27 13,482
by Erik

I am not the Predictor Anymore But I Have A Lottery Going On

Posted by Frost on

162 34,249
by Lui Collab 1/2 (Screenshots)

Posted by wye on

7 6,382
by RedAstaire

SMBCNV, a Super Monkey Ball level converter

Posted by Yoshimaster96 on

12 7,348
by Yoshimaster96

New Super Mario World 1:The 12 Magic Orbs(Updated download link again)

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

36 43,694
by GbreezeSunset

[nambona890] Super Nambona World (1-level demo)

Posted by Sayuri on

16 8,779
by nambona890

SMW Piranha Island 2 Piranha's ReBirth Trailer

Posted by PokerFace on

10 12,747
by worldpeace

WC [Owner:33953YoShI]

Posted by Akaginite on

14 9,692
by Samantha

(Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse romhack) - Castlevania 3 Gold Edition

Posted by levelengine on

5 9,887
by Von Fahrenheit

Super Mario Dream World C3 Demo

Posted by Andyana Jonseph on

4 6,767
by Andyana Jonseph

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: The Sequel

Posted by yoshifanatic on

24 16,832
by Ruberjig

Super Mario World: Over the Mountain - Demo #2

Posted by Lakitwo on

19 7,621
by Blind Devil

Eevee's Silly Drawing Thread

Posted by Eevee on

206 45,940
by Klug

The SMW Randomizer v2.0

Posted by Thomas on

26 42,078
by IronFoxGaming


Posted by Ersanio on

47 40,652
by Ersanio

A wild Hollow Thread appears!

Posted by Ludus on

7 4,240
by Ludus

Ruberjig's decent C3 thread

Posted by Ruberjig on

9 5,971
by Ruberjig


Posted by Luks on

23 12,898
by anonymousbl00dlust

Gamma V's Graphics Gallery - Summer 2016 Edition

Posted by Gamma V on

27 15,576
by K.T.B.

Darius' Music Ports (33 Tracks!)

Posted by Darius on

21 15,247
by SlickNicky10

Eh, My Stupid Music Covers

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

7 3,573
by LadiesMan217

[Not Taking Requests At The Time] BMML3: Request Layer 3 GFX Here

Posted by S.R.H. on

13 12,295
by S.R.H.

Po's Adventure Neko burst C3 Demo + Enemy graphic thing

Posted by Miku on

25 13,267
by Miku

[DEMO] Proyecto Latino - El despertar de los espiritus

Posted by lx5 on

10 8,518
by anonimzwx

JUMP1/2 C3 Booth

Posted by aterraformer on

11 9,372
by Andyana Jonseph

Hunter and Scorpion's Bet: Scorpion's Search C3 Demo

Posted by Skewer on

3 5,404
by slakkmichael

Extra Mario World - New Graphics, Enemies, Videos, and 5bpp Portraits! (yes, five)

Posted by Eminus on

5 5,079
by Von Fahrenheit

The Legend Of Spooky Nini ( .IPS Demo Release!)

Posted by TheMorganah on

4 4,893
by TheMorganah

Wakana's C3 ports

Posted by Wakana on

27 13,409
by Nameless

The Satoru Level Editor for New Super Mario Bros. U

Posted by RoadrunnerWMC on

4 25,224
by Pilzinsel64

actually just a level

Posted by Noivern on

12 5,594
by Erik

Kixune's Graphics Release - 4 Graphics done! New Background added!

Posted by Kixune on

19 11,096
by Hinalyte

WYE's Miscellaneous Art Stuff

Posted by wye on

5 3,725
by Hinalyte

Skewer's Graphics Release Thread

Posted by Skewer on

11 7,517
by Hinalyte

Evil Conquest 2 !!DEMO!!

Posted by Luks on

14 9,176
by GbreezeSunset

MrRean's Interesting Stuff (hopefully) (there's a lot in here, are you sure??)

Posted by shibboleet on

6 7,527
by shibboleet

Electra - C3 2016 Demo Release!

Posted by WeegeeBen on

8 7,613
by Blind Devil

Your Username as a Blackmetal Band-Logo [CLOSED UNTIL I CATCH UP A BIT]

Posted by Face on

41 11,659
by Zekrom PKstarship

Newer Super Mario Bros. U

Posted by RoadrunnerWMC on

17 51,844
by ft029

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