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Summer 2016

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Announcement: C3 Summer 2016 - Voting Results

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

47 20,547
by Lakitwo

Announcement: Welcome to the 2016 Summer C3 Event

Posted by Lightvayne on

0 3,679
by Lightvayne

Sticky: Ended

Posted by MoonlightCapital on

2 3,322
by Hinalyte

Sticky: Ropebox Nominations

Posted by Hinalyte on

38 14,662
by Koopster

Sticky: The 2016 Summer C3 Discussion Thread

Posted by Lightvayne on

95 23,890
by GbreezeSunset

A wild Hollow Thread appears!

Posted by Ludus on

7 4,814
by Ludus

*skids in from the left, out of breath* I HAVE SOMETHING DON'T END YET

Posted by allowiscous on

5 2,724
by allowiscous

I've just created a new SMWC logo! Whaddya guys think?

Posted by Klug on

7 3,083
by Maxodex

Daizo's Journey: The Three Way War >> C3 Teaser Trailer!

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

6 5,492
by Daizo Dee Von

Super Mario Logic Grand Release

Posted by Final Theory on

24 11,001
by Kaisaan

RednGreen's Bandcamp announcement - 3 new albums!

Posted by RednGreen on

5 6,657
by RednGreen

Obligatory C3 Post Of Some Hidden Relevance

Posted by 1UPdudes on

1 1,293
by nathanx365

Extra Mario World - New Graphics, Enemies, Videos, and 5bpp Portraits! (yes, five)

Posted by Eminus on

5 5,776
by Von Fahrenheit

Last minute - ult ra mairo 64

Posted by MrGreenThunder on

3 2,499
by MrGreenThunder

Jesus christ, it sure has been a while.

Posted by NoelYoshi on

13 5,993
by NoelYoshi

Last minute half-assed update on The Challenge

Posted by Ckristina on

1 2,105
by Aram

actually just a level

Posted by Noivern on

12 6,786
by Erik

Underworld - Mini hack

Posted by cyphermur9t on

3 2,680
by lion

[DEMO] Proyecto Latino - El despertar de los espiritus

Posted by lx5 on

10 9,864
by anonimzwx

Tcdw's Abandoned / Unfinished / Problematic SPCs

Posted by Nanako on

3 2,402
by levelengine

Ganymede - the Thoughtful Mario World project

Posted by Ondore's Lies on

4 3,444
by Ondore's Lies

Sayuri's Pretty Lame C3 Back to the Basics Thread

Posted by Sayuri on

4 2,535
by K.T.B.

Hunter and Scorpion's Bet: Scorpion's Search C3 Demo

Posted by Skewer on

3 6,063
by slakkmichael

Super Mario World 3 - The Koopas Strike Back - New C3 Edition Demo

Posted by RZ1 on

7 5,586
by RZ1

Super Mario World: A Random Adventure (C3 Demo Release!)

Posted by Yahochi-1359 on

1 1,893
by nyanpasu64

nobody1089's Redrawn Graphics Collection

Posted by nyanpasu64 on

0 3,180
by nyanpasu64

Ruby Winds - I N S P I R E D by the GB Zeldas

Posted by S.N.N. on

35 15,650
by Losoall

Phrixus & Helle - sneak peek (indepedent game)

Posted by Supertails on

16 7,588
by Maxodex

Super Mario's Vanilla Stroll: C3 *!DEMO!*

Posted by lolyoshi on

6 3,419
by GST_Bass

RISE Again

Posted by Heraga on

1 2,259
by chineesmw

Electra - C3 2016 Demo Release!

Posted by WeegeeBen on

8 8,831
by Blind Devil

Pokemon ObsidianBlack and PewterWhite

Posted by Telinc1 on

0 1,358
by Telinc1

Summer Drawing Thread (I can draw too!)

Posted by levelengine on

0 1,540
by levelengine

Kaisaan & Co.'s (Shit) Hack (And Ports) Shack!

Posted by Kaisaan on

6 3,530
by Kaisaan

Facepalm - The worst kaizo hack ever (not really)

Posted by gibbl on

1 1,461
by Katerpie

WYE's Miscellaneous Art Stuff

Posted by wye on

5 4,497
by Hinalyte

SMB1 Complete MIDI Rip!

Posted by Yoshimaster96 on

0 1,150
by Yoshimaster96

RussianMan's C3 hack.

Posted by RussianMan on

2 3,042
by RussianMan

Super Mario World: Over the Mountain - Demo #2

Posted by Lakitwo on

19 9,527
by Blind Devil

Progress report of Mockup - An open source SMW editor

Posted by Horrowind on

7 4,491
by Horrowind

Quest on Terranova: Super Mario Bros. Down Under (12 level demo)

Posted by Cascade on

2 2,676
by J1mbo1qaz

Ruberjig's decent C3 thread

Posted by Ruberjig on

9 6,637
by Ruberjig

Super Mario World: Another Pointless Adventure [C3 Trailer]

Posted by Pseudogon on

8 3,390
by Pseudogon

Carld923's Graphic Adventure 2: The Release

Posted by Carld923 on

4 2,809
by StanTheMackiar

MrRean's Interesting Stuff (hopefully) (there's a lot in here, are you sure??)

Posted by shibboleet on

6 8,512
by shibboleet

JUMP1/2 C3 Booth

Posted by aterraformer on

11 11,059
by Andyana Jonseph

Donkey Kong 35th Anniversary Pack

Posted by KingKoopshi64 on

2 8,370
by KingKoopshi64

Your Username as a Blackmetal Band-Logo [CLOSED UNTIL I CATCH UP A BIT]

Posted by Face on

41 13,678
by Zekrom PKstarship

The SMW Randomizer v2.0

Posted by Thomas on

26 50,437
by IronFoxGaming

Super Mario World: Peach Edition

Posted by TheSuperRotom on

2 7,156
by Katerpie

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