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Summer 2016

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New Super Ropebox Bros. - Your Ads Here!

Posted by Noivern on

43 9,755
by nathanx365

Banzai Mario World 2 Trailer

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

17 7,980
by GbreezeSunset

Mario's Final Quest - C3 Demo

Posted by Kyanite on

3 3,090
by Kyanite

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for snes

Posted by zacmario on

7 4,996
by Construct101

Phrixus & Helle - sneak peek (indepedent game)

Posted by Supertails on

16 7,607
by Maxodex

Progress report of Mockup - An open source SMW editor

Posted by Horrowind on

7 4,492
by Horrowind

Sicari Remastered Trailer (trailer song added)

Posted by Eevee on

27 11,982
by K3fka

Mario Catalysm with New Screenshots! (SMW Hack Showoff)

Posted by Darius on

13 13,030
by MaiK


Posted by Nanako on

10 6,006
by wye

[Tool, Beta] Generate palette files from Lunar Magic screenshots!

Posted by wye on

10 5,829
by wye

erik557 and lda are back in THE LAYOUT THREAD

Posted by Erik on

65 14,952
by Falconpunch

Super Mario World 3 - The Koopas Strike Back - New C3 Edition Demo

Posted by RZ1 on

7 5,586
by RZ1

Ganymede - the Thoughtful Mario World project

Posted by Ondore's Lies on

4 3,445
by Ondore's Lies

RednGreen's Bandcamp announcement - 3 new albums!

Posted by RednGreen on

5 6,669
by RednGreen

Super Mario Logic Grand Release

Posted by Final Theory on

24 11,020
by Kaisaan

2 IN 1 - NSMB and SMW Hack Reveal

Posted by Tob on

7 3,816
by Luks

The First Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - Release Thread

Posted by Ckristina on

18 10,455
by WeegeeBen

[Trailer]Super Mario World: Random Revolution [BeeBlader Preview & Download your Megaman X HP Bar]

Posted by anonimzwx on

32 19,763
by anonimzwx

RussianMan's C3 hack.

Posted by RussianMan on

2 3,043
by RussianMan

Mushroom Kingdom - Under GLITCHED Skies [RELEASE]

Posted by Blind Devil on

10 7,865
by Blind Devil

LX5's ASM Thread - Now with You & Multiple midway points

Posted by lx5 on

11 8,989
by lx5

Jesus christ, it sure has been a while.

Posted by NoelYoshi on

13 6,015
by NoelYoshi

Super Mario World: Peach Edition

Posted by TheSuperRotom on

2 7,157
by Katerpie

Daizo Dee Von's Custom Music Releases [New Theme to Listen to!]

Posted by EvilGuy0613 on

8 3,466
by Koopster

DEMO: Super Mario World Realms C3 demo

Posted by Mario1989 on

6 2,804
by Katerpie

AwesomeZack's YI Styled Mario

Posted by Mogu94 on

6 8,781
by Face


Posted by Gamma V on

8 4,327
by Gamma V

Anikiti's ASPE Mario SPC soundtrack!

Posted by Anikiti on

14 7,850
by lion

Userbar Corner [OPEN]

Posted by underway on

29 8,779
by Face

Allycia Legends- The Evil Darmillete

Posted by Guilherme F Santos on

3 3,535
by levelengine

Tcdw's Abandoned / Unfinished / Problematic SPCs

Posted by Nanako on

3 2,402
by levelengine

Cynook's Art Thread: One Last Time

Posted by Aram on

27 8,308
by Lightvayne

Masterlink's Music Release

Posted by Masterlink on

24 10,396
by a hick

AwesomeZack Sprite GFX

Posted by Yoshin on

2 11,515
by Klug

Quest on Terranova: Super Mario Bros. Down Under (12 level demo)

Posted by Cascade on

2 2,678
by J1mbo1qaz

Sednaiur's SMW expanded GFX-pack for SMW

Posted by cheeyev on

7 11,382
by Klug

I've just created a new SMWC logo! Whaddya guys think?

Posted by Klug on

7 3,085
by Maxodex

Super Mario World: Another Pointless Adventure [C3 Trailer]

Posted by Pseudogon on

8 3,394
by Pseudogon

[3D Stuff] Apartment and 3D Archer

Posted by Ludus on

7 2,705
by Ludus

Rykon-V73's sprite GFX thread-#3-last update

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

4 4,420
by Rykon-V73

Vilela's Random Work - Your Primary Tool Resource

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

23 12,726
by lx5

Underworld - Mini hack

Posted by cyphermur9t on

3 2,683
by lion

*skids in from the left, out of breath* I HAVE SOMETHING DON'T END YET

Posted by allowiscous on

5 2,728
by allowiscous

Mario is Missing! - Special C3 Demo

Posted by Gamma V on

8 11,916
by scooter102089

Alex No's Thread: Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X Trailer

Posted by Alex No on

5 4,190
by scooter102089

Kaisaan & Co.'s (Shit) Hack (And Ports) Shack!

Posted by Kaisaan on

6 3,532
by Kaisaan

Pandora's Box: The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Kaizo Hack Ever, JRPG Graphics Rips, and More!

Posted by Samantha on

18 10,184
by Samantha

MY LITTLE PUZZLES 2 - Demo Release Thread

Posted by Sariel on

3 3,548
by Sariel

There's no fate. Take control. Brain power, let the bass kick,

Posted by Pulsar on

6 5,625
by JP32

I have something for you guys interested with SMW...

Posted by Klug on

2 1,784
by Klug

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