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Winter 2017

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Announcement: Cheers, dear members of SMW Central!

Posted by Pennington on

73 16,821
by Klug

Sticky: C3 Discussion Thread

Posted by Koopster on

62 11,964
by Aeon

Sticky: Ropebox Nominations

Posted by Lumy on

44 11,196
by Veck

The Lunar Magic Screen Chain (Concept Test)

Posted by Ckristina on

264 66,792
by Ckristina

6646's C3 stuff is nothing...

Posted by 6646 on

6 4,490
by Samantha

The All-Inclusive Mario Physics Modifier Patch

Posted by Thomas on

16 7,750
by Thomas

Pizza Stream: Code Of The Dragon - By SNN, Medic and Lui37 (feat. Magi, idol, Sincx, ergazoobi)

Posted by Lui on

31 9,299
by Klug

Three Word Title Screen Generator

Posted by SilverSwallow on

91 23,127
by leod

The Sequel to Super Mario Logic

Posted by Final Theory on

17 6,252
by ft029

Super Mario World but time is stopped

Posted by Wavee on

25 10,459
by Klug

can i make a last minute thread too

Posted by Alcaro on

46 10,250
by Klug

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: The Prequel

Posted by yoshifanatic on

19 10,200
by Hobz

lda and erik make layouts except this time it's noivern and lda too apparently

Posted by Erik on

28 8,818
by Hobz

P.A.U.L.-A tale of Squids, Soda, and Cigarettes.

Posted by danwaleby on

7 4,027
by danwaleby

C3 Resource Level Design Contest >> A contest where you make a level with others' C3 resources! (DEADLINE: 15th)

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

29 7,657
by RussianMan

#collab presents COLLAB: A General Lack of Effort by LHB and also Other People

Posted by Noivern on

12 5,236
by Impetus

An 8-bit CPU implemented in Verilog: Chipmunk

Posted by NovaSquirrel on

11 5,718
by NovaSquirrel

lx5 thread - may contain asm

Posted by lx5 on

14 6,213
by Ringo

Wakana's C3 ports

Posted by Wakana on

30 9,096
by Samantha

mr. 557 dropbox does asm (gee what did i say about not taking asm requests) empire

Posted by Erik on

71 16,489
by leod

Mario's Final World

Posted by Telinc1 on

12 5,866
by Telinc1

Theultimate12`s Music Shack: Now 100% Less Shitty!

Posted by Ultima on

9 3,863
by Ultima

Sprite Tool Super Delux [Beta] (aka when Jack is bored)

Posted by JackTheSpades on

16 8,046
by cheeyev

Mario and the Seagull 7 (Collab Mario Hacks Blog)

Posted by Lester_Vine on

5 5,762
by Dark Mario Bros

[102] MM102's Custom Graphics

Posted by MM102 on

16 18,627
by Ruberjig

What-a-Blast Playable Beta Update!

Posted by Ruberjig on

20 7,953
by Ruberjig

DouBOL Dash & Yoshi Omelette -- The MK:DD And Yoshi's Island Editor Bundle

Posted by shibboleet on

23 36,024
by shibboleet

My beta hack with screenies

Posted by Anas on

15 4,361
by MarkVD100

GD's 2017 Winter C3 Music Release Thread(Over 60 songs)

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

14 5,665
by Klug

Mathos's Mega Multi-Purpose Thread... lives on !

Posted by mathie on

57 12,535
by mathie

My songs that no one will probably look at and or critique with feedback and or comments

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

8 2,989
by Maxodex

imamelia's Futility Center (2 work-in-progress hacks)

Posted by imamelia on

5 4,324
by imamelia

A Plumber For All Seasons - World 1 Gameplay Footage

Posted by wye on

18 6,576
by Tob

My Graphics!

Posted by Green Jerry on

13 6,406
by Hobz

[Trailer] JUMP ½ Almost Release Thread

Posted by aterraformer on

40 19,071
by GbreezeSunset

MaxodeX's tiny pack of music ports + a few other stuff

Posted by Maxodex on

15 6,625
by Samantha

Sonic Legacy - A Choconilla Sonic 2 hack

Posted by Gamma V on

10 8,726
by Gamma V

Giga made something interactive and actually slightly fun? What? (RPG Maker MV)

Posted by Giga on

8 3,138
by Giga


Posted by Klug on

1 2,589
by leod

.pal Generator (a tool release!)

Posted by wye on

11 5,043
by leod

Layout Maker XP

Posted by RanAS on

24 11,562
by Klug

Gamma V's SMPS Showcase - Cave Story - Wind Fortress

Posted by Gamma V on

12 5,102
by Gamma V

Zekrom draws for you!

Posted by Zekrom PKstarship on

40 10,233
by Hat Kid


Posted by Disk Poppy on

2 3,627
by 1UPdudes

Mario's Egg Hunt Peril - C3 Demo Available!

Posted by TytusArcanine on

8 6,278
by Lumy

Luigi's Epic Adventure (C3 2-levels demo)

Posted by DarkFeposo on

3 2,990
by Lumy

You got SMB3 enemies in my SMW!

Posted by Gregor on

9 10,127
by Gregor

The worlds worst drawing request thread

Posted by yoshiatom on

18 4,999
by benjausen

dakras' totally original c3 art-requests thread

Posted by Dakras Hayashi on

12 3,279
by benjausen

Simple Enemy Replacement

Posted by IronFoxGaming on

1 3,028
by Ruberjig

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