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Summer 2018

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Announcement: A slight scheduling mishap

Posted by Santa on

19 7,675
by Eminus

Important: Your regularly scheduled semi-end of C3 is here.

Posted by Impetus on

0 2,007
by Impetus

Sticky: Spotlight Nominations - Summer 2018

Posted by FPzero on

24 11,775
by Falconpunch

Sticky: (Ended) SITE EVENT: SMWCentral Podcasts #10 & 11 - Summer C3 Edition

Posted by FPzero on

5 3,018
by FPzero

Nine Years

Posted by Maarfy on

35 19,325
by Lotica

Super Mario Bros. 1X release

Posted by Koyuki on

26 21,277
by Koyuki

Move over, LC_LZ3! DEFLATE for the SNES (WIP, ASM help is very welcome!)

Posted by Ersanio on

17 15,730
by anonimzwx

Progress report on Mockup - A SMW level editor

Posted by Horrowind on

6 4,218
by RPG Hacker

Meir's Lackluster Art Request Thread (ft. this is so sad mario play despacito)

Posted by AuraDee on

31 11,670
by 7 up

Miku - Draw thread

Posted by nathanx365 on

91 27,129
by nathanx365

Ladida's All-Female Waifu Art Request Thread

Posted by Ladida on

52 17,395
by Ladida

New Super Mario World 2 C3 Demo and Trailer

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

8 117,932
by Pink Gold Peach


Posted by trillian on

42 18,490
by Tulip Time Scholarship Games

Bandicoot C3 - The Princess Rescue 2 Demo/ Some songs I ported

Posted by bandicoot on

2 4,004
by bandicoot

Ruberjig's C3 Draw Request Thread (CLOSED)

Posted by Ruberjig on

39 11,827
by Ruberjig

[DEMO RELEASE] An 8-bit like hack & [ASM] Item Memory Plus 2.0

Posted by LMPuny on

14 14,987
by SuperColom64

LadiesMan217 Presents™ Compose Me Like One of Your French Girls

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

15 7,635
by LadiesMan217

Super Butt World 2 - A kaizo hack by me and my butt

Posted by yogui on

6 4,939
by yogui


Posted by Poppy on

5 6,441
by RussianMan

Russ 'n Rips Rescue Rangers 2 (SMW Custom GFX)

Posted by RussianMan on

2 2,680
by RussianMan

Super Mario World: Again in Dinosaur Land (world 1 demo approaching!)

Posted by 7 up on

5 4,410
by 7 up

Zek's All-Male Husbando Art Request Thread (REQUESTS CLOSED)

Posted by Zekrom PKstarship on

56 24,023
by Koopster

Character Art Request Thread - Final Theory

Posted by Final Theory on

31 10,674
by Final Theory

Minor Sprite Releases

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

8 5,440
by DesRie

IT2AMK (Alpha 1.0) Release -- Port Music Using a Tracker!

Posted by Jimmy on

15 13,583
by Yuzu

Awful Emblem - A Romhack of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones + Demo!

Posted by FPzero on

7 11,836
by nathanx365

Russ's Random Sprites Releases (SMW Custom Sprites)

Posted by RussianMan on

15 7,823
by zacmario

I want to do things on the photoshop

Posted by DarkFeposo on

17 8,492
by zacmario

Erik's ASM Booth ft. lx5: Christmas is just okay edition [Requests closed]

Posted by Erik on

67 23,291
by zacmario

I'M GOING TO RIP THE LIVING SAMPLES OUT OF YOU! >> sample brr request thread (ps. went bankrupt, requests now closed)

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

27 12,400
by zacmario

Do The Mario - ReImagined

Posted by Tob on

10 6,582
by Gamma V

Zek's art request thread: Take 4 (REQUESTS CLOSED)

Posted by Zekrom PKstarship on

64 20,615
by Zekrom PKstarship

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: The Sequel to the Prequel's Prequel

Posted by yoshifanatic on

20 12,219
by SubconsciousEye

Project Rabbit

Posted by AuraDee on

13 9,006
by AuraDee

AESTHETIC? (ft. Fortaleza Reznor friends!)

Posted by Ayami on

7 4,716
by Ayami

Aether the Infinite Library: Random Graphics Showoff

Posted by Deeke on

12 8,380
by Deeke

TheMorganah C3 Art Request!

Posted by TheMorganah on

56 18,198
by TheMorganah

Super Mario Strugglez [Will this be the year of the puzzle?]

Posted by JustinTAS on

6 4,785
by TheBiob

Extra Mario World - FEATURE TRAILER

Posted by Von Fahrenheit on

15 6,983
by Von Fahrenheit

Linkdead's Speedrun My Level Request Thread.

Posted by Linkdeadx2 on

25 10,379
by ft029

Super Mario Bros. V: The Gamma Project - My first SMB3 hack

Posted by Gamma V on

21 15,757
by Gamma V

SF C3 Thread Summer 2018

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

7 5,488
by SF - The Dark Warrior

Blind Devil has some ASM releases

Posted by Blind Devil on

26 17,765
by Blind Devil

drawing _hings very slowly, don'_ even bo_her wi_h reques_ing _bh (_he cursed le__er is no_ allowed)

Posted by underway on

35 10,163
by 7 up

Gamma V's (8-bit) Graphics Gallery

Posted by Gamma V on

11 7,444
by Gamma V

TotMK Graphics Showoff 2: Electric Boogaloo

Posted by Falconpunch on

15 6,373
by Deeke

The Ganymede Summer C3 Sampler

Posted by Ondore's Lies on

7 4,313
by Ondore's Lies

Super Luigi Land - Special C3 5-World Demo

Posted by Gamma V on

6 9,173
by Gamma V

Alex No's C3 Stuff and Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X is released

Posted by Alex No on

6 5,586
by Alex No

MiracleWater and gbreeze present: Nachos and Fried Oreos (a hard smw hack)

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

10 5,572
by GbreezeSunset

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