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Winter 2019
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Two new ports + an updated port

Started by: bebn legg on
7 1031
by bebn legg »
This is the story of a plumber named Mario.

Started by: Mr. Pixelator on
16 1423
by Noivern »
The Ultimate Tool Request - What's left for SMW Hacking?! + Mode 7 Tilemap Editor

Started by: Vitor Vilela on
51 6783
by zacmario »
The Stereo Brr Request Thread >> Doing Wakana's job since 2018

Started by: Daizo Dee Von on
14 1491
by zacmario »
The Beckoning Depths of 2012

Started by: Telinc1 on
12 1437
by kamekku14 »
team frog warehouse presents: a sneak peek at the sneakest peekest (last update! new sprite!)

Started by: idol on
36 6435
by FPzero »
Stellar Sonata (WYE kinda makes music)

Started by: WhiteYoshiEgg on
9 1145
by Noivern »
So, since this is a SSBU themed C3, here's a few arrangements I've made for this event.

Started by: Ultima on
17 1441
by Eevee »
SMW2: Yoshi's Island Layer 3 Sunset Rip

Started by: MarioFanGamer on
26 4393
by Noivern »
SF's Pixel Art Request/Resource Release Thread (Requests are now Closed)

Started by: SF - The Dark Warrior on
20 2611
by Noivern »
Sariel started porting (come laugh at me)

Started by: Sariel on
20 2143
by Sariel »
Russ's ASM Releases Thread Returns

Started by: RussianMan on
26 3226
by Fullcannon »
Pinci's Music Showoff

Started by: Pinci on
15 1979
by 1UPdudes »
Modern Recover Lunar Magic, AddMusic Extract and some patches

Started by: Super Maks 64 on
24 4421
by Super Maks 64 »
Manofer's 2019 Special C3 Thread

Started by: Manofer on
12 1476
by Noivern »
lil erik confirms mixtape [ASM requests] [Requests Closed]

Started by: Erik on
120 12169
by Maarfy »
LadiesMan217 Presentsā„¢ The Sound of Pleasure (Updated)

Started by: LadiesMan217 on
36 4633
by Fullcannon »
I made 1 earport this C3

Started by: Wakana on
16 2351
by Fullcannon »
Gifty's Winter 2019 musics for you!

Started by: Giftshaven on
5 1186
by Giftshaven »
Gamma V's Last-Minute Graphics Gallary

Started by: Gamma V on
8 1084
by Sariel »
Fullcannon Musical Selection

Started by: Fullcannon on
7 1676
by kamekku14 »

Started by: Samantha on
17 1814
by Giftshaven »
Darolac's C3 Bazaar: ASM + GFX + level colection

Started by: Darolac on
23 4106
by Darolac »
A bunch of ripped graphics

Started by: Ayami on
21 2345
by Noivern »
2 spicy Tilesets and a tasty Layer 3 for the price of none

Started by: Tob on
30 3457
by Noivern »
102's Art Demand Thread! (and graphic reqeusts)

Started by: MM102 on
7 1278
by Golden Yoshi »
[CLOSED] Decoy's port request thread (3 Requests Complete)

Started by: Samantha on
34 2634
by Daizo Dee Von »
[ASM and New TOOL]Dyzen Sprite Maker and Sprite Request Thread (Requests Closed)

Started by: anonimzwx on
73 7794
by anonimzwx »
(mostly) unsampled music requests i guess [REQUESTS CLOSED]

Started by: MercuryPenny on
31 3765
by ShootingStarr »
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