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Winter 2019

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Poll: (Suggestions Open) PercentN Tileset Suggestion Thread: Swamp done, Sky next.


Posted by PercentN on

55 11,183
by Katerpie

Meir does an art


Posted by AuraDee on

43 9,225
by 7 up

SF's Pixel Art Request/Resource Release Thread (Requests are now Closed)

GraphicsResource ReleaseArtRequests

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

20 6,015
by Noivern

[ASM and New TOOL]Dyzen Sprite Maker and Sprite Request Thread (Requests Closed)

ToolSpriteSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by anonimzwx on

73 16,278
by anonimzwx

lil erik confirms mixtape [ASM requests] [Requests Closed]

PatchSpriteBlockSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by Erik on

120 23,472
by Maarfy

Ruberjig's Art Request thread (All Requests Finished!!!) [CLOSED]


Posted by Ruberjig on

61 10,564
by Blizzard Buffalo

The Ultimate Tool Request - What's left for SMW Hacking?! + Mode 7 Tilemap Editor

ToolResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

51 12,994
by zacmario

Major Flare's SMWC Duel Monster's Insanity: Deck in Progress!


Posted by Major Flare on

20 5,901
by Teyla

The Stereo Brr Request Thread >> Doing Wakana's job since 2018

SamplesResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

14 3,152
by zacmario

Taffy Vandalizes Photos


Posted by Taffy on

51 8,500
by Taffy

I want to do things on photoshop - Part 2 - Image Editing Tendency


Posted by DarkFeposo on

10 3,045
by Young Boi

Reverse Art Request Thread


Posted by Noivern on

62 14,269
by Klug

(mostly) unsampled music requests i guess [REQUESTS CLOSED]

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by MercuryPenny on

31 7,460
by ShootingStarr

102's Art Demand Thread! (and graphic reqeusts)

GraphicsResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by MM102 on

7 2,487
by Golden Yoshi

[CLOSED] Decoy's port request thread (3 Requests Complete)

MusicResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by Samantha on

34 5,433
by Daizo Dee Von



Posted by Minuy600 on

18 2,811
by Sariel

I played FIVE of your guys' Rom Hacks >> Sicari 2, Super Mario Bros R, + more [also request thread]


Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

6 1,470
by Flippn'Fences

I just finished nightshift so help me stay awake by giving me things to draw [requests closed zzzz]


Posted by 1UPdudes on

23 3,209
by Sariel

E-man draws you a character for free (Open for Business!)


Posted by E-man38 on

38 8,722
by Tob

SkywinDragoon's Ecofriendly Organic MS Paint Art Request ? (Strings attached)


Posted by SkywinDragoon on

47 8,257
by Tob

Sprite Ideas


Posted by Darolac on

21 5,254
by CalHal

what was originally an innocent request thing has now given me anxiety and stress (requests closed)


Posted by SubconsciousEye on

19 3,360
by Noivern

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