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Summer 2019

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Announcement: Summer C3 2019 - Voting

Posted by FPzero on

0 2,365
by FPzero

Announcement: SMW Central is looking for talented Mario Makers!

Posted by Banzai Bill-der on

13 4,653
by SweatyNoodle

Important: [Contest Over!] Lunar Magic Creativity Contest Rules and Discussion!

Posted by Banzai Bill-der on

10 5,737
by Klug

Sticky: Ask me anythin'!

Posted by Banzai Bill-der on

35 7,963
by Banzai Bill-der

Sticky: End of C3 + Info [Time is Up!]

Posted by FPzero on

2 2,358
by Klug

Sticky: Spotlight Nominations - Summer 2019

Posted by FPzero on

34 13,248
by Maxodex

Sticky: [Ended!] Event: C3 Livestream! (Sunday, July 7, @ 2PM EST/6PM UTC)


Posted by FPzero on

8 3,891
by FPzero

kamekku14’s Obvious Layout Requests Thread + Random Art Showoff (Requests still ongoing, might as well check it out.)


Posted by Klug on

3 3,351
by Klug

I ported something cool


Posted by Giftshaven on

19 8,759
by Giftshaven

Dippy (Yung Gotenks)'s New Port(s?) for C3!


Posted by Dippy on

17 8,713
by Mr Scotsman

Kyle's Bad Art Request Thread


Posted by Mr Scotsman on

45 11,176
by Mr Scotsman

TheMorganah C3 Art Request - The Third Act!


Posted by TheMorganah on

59 13,811
by 7 up

Æther: The Infinite Library - Playable Demo

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Posted by Deeke on

17 10,662
by Maarfy

of a lesbian 'gainst thee rocks

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by idol on

14 7,675
by Maarfy

Poll: SMWC Maker & Minecraft Randomizer

Super Mario WorldSuper Mario Maker 2DemoScreenshotsOther

Posted by Scrydan on

15 13,613
by Scrydan

My improved level from YILDC

Yoshi's Island

Posted by Lespna1 on

3 2,258
by BTD6_maker

Bored With the Same Mario Graphics? Here's is Your Solution

GraphicsResource Release

Posted by Bonobi on

6 4,187
by Zavok

Super Mario World Central Production 2 - Reloaded, Revamped, Reinserted! (Demo available!)

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Posted by Falconpunch on

24 15,794
by Falconpunch

Single Screen + LMSW Update

ToolResource Release

Posted by TheBiob on

32 16,397
by Diegpe

LadiesMan217 Present™ Yoshette Island OST+SFX and Other Stuff +More?


Posted by LadiesMan217 on

20 10,759
by LadiesMan217

Teyla's Splendiforous Sketch Requests Thread


Posted by Teyla on

24 6,767
by AntiDuck

New Super Mario World 2: Around The World Full Hack Release

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

41 54,399
by Pink Gold Peach

Miku art request thread


Posted by nathanx365 on

57 13,478
by kyasarintsu

Port Request Thread! [REQUESTS CLOSED]


Posted by Samantha on

51 15,447
by Samantha

Erik's ASM Releases: i ran out of references [Day 4 - I made conveyor slopes today]

PatchSpriteBlockSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by Erik on

54 17,781
by Klug

TRENO: A small Team Hack from Fortaleza Reznor (Demo!)

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Posted by Ayami on

13 8,485
by Klug

just another smw hack Demo

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Posted by Classfan on

3 3,399
by Classfan

lx5 shares some asm stuff | UPDATE: lx5 now shares some interesting tech!

PatchSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by lx5 on

18 11,831
by lx5

Sonikku's C3 sprite stuff (recycled ideas edition)

SpriteResource Release

Posted by Sonikku on

12 8,490
by Maarfy

Poll: PercentN's Limited Tileset Request Thread

GraphicsResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by PercentN on

15 5,287
by PercentN

A Plumber For All Seasons - World 2 Gameplay Footage

Super Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by wye on

20 10,685
by Maarfy

A Global+ Graphics Release Goober

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by PercentN on

16 7,195
by Maarfy

Sprites - Requests Closed

SpriteResource ReleaseScreenshotsRequests

Posted by Darolac on

80 24,569
by Darolac

Final Theory's Art Request Thread


Posted by Final Theory on

9 2,902
by Final Theory

musicalman's samples of insanity


Posted by musicalman on

27 10,642
by Maarfy

Super Kekcroc World 2

Super Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by Knucklesfan on

4 3,525
by Knucklesfan

4 in 1: 3 SMW Hacks and an overworld rip

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldDemoFull Hack Release

Posted by Green Jerry on

5 5,388
by Ayami

Music orders


Posted by Zavok on

32 9,524
by buggy789

Doodle Thread


Posted by Taffy on

50 13,603
by 7 up

Mute's Christmas Quest - The Semi-sequel to SMW: The After Years by EvilGuy0613!

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

2 2,984
by Daizo Dee Von

The C3 Video With Pat Making Horrible Jokes


Posted by unipat on

5 2,512
by Falconpunch

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 8

PatchSuper Mario WorldMisc. HackingSuper Mario Maker 2Resource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by yoshifanatic on

30 14,302
by Klug

2000th Post: A recipe for a success is EXTRA THICC

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldDemo

Posted by Roberto zampari on

10 5,539
by Roberto zampari

Justice for Mario - Full Hack Release

Super Mario WorldFull Hack Release

Posted by Centipede on

3 4,790
by Mush the Push

TEAM NIGHTMARE DIRECT - Watch the latest news of 100 Rooms of Enemies + More!

Super Mario WorldNon-Hack GameVideo/TrailerScreenshotsOther

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

5 4,907
by Daizo Dee Von

Stereo BRR Request Thread + Last C3's Undone Requests Released [Hey Hooded Edge, did yours]


Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

19 8,591
by Daizo Dee Von

Awesomeness Chiptune Cover Requests! Coming Soon On YouTube


Posted by Yuzu on

5 2,742
by Dispace

HACK NAME - Literally just 2 screenshots preview

Super Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by yoshiatom on

2 2,557
by yoshiatom

SF's C3 Thread: October Ordeal Content and Personal Art

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshotsArt

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

8 5,165
by SF - The Dark Warrior

SimFan96's small Animal Crossing related C3 thread

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by SimFan96 on

7 4,889
by SimFan96

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