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Winter 2020

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Announcement: Winter C3 2020 - Voting (now over!)

Posted by FPzero on

1 3,419
by idol

Announcement: Colour Crisis at the Creativity Convention!

Posted by Toadette on

51 10,087
by I don't know a good name.

Important: Let's create a new Banner, together!


Posted by Toadette on

36 10,908
by FPzero

Sticky: A Colorful Apology

Posted by Slurp Bandit on

10 3,212
by FPzero

Sticky: Event: C3 Livestream! (Next stream is: Sunday, Jan 5 @ 4PM EST/9PM UTC)


Posted by FPzero on

5 2,618
by FPzero

Sticky: End of C3 + Info (Time is Up!)

Posted by FPzero on

5 2,157
by I don't know a good name.

Sticky: Spotlight Nominations - Winter 2020

Posted by FPzero on

15 6,576
by TickTockClock

Poll: The C3 Video Being Broadcast To Your Screen


Posted by unipat on

5 2,674
by Klug

Managing Multiple Midway Points never has been easier.

ToolSuper Mario World

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

19 6,434
by Klug

kamekku14 and friends presents: “The Hacking of Puyo Puyo” (not really)

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldMisc. HackingScreenshotsOther

Posted by Klug on

3 3,008
by Klug

Tob's Tubular Tableau | Episode #2: Luigi Linguini

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by Tob on

17 4,548
by Tob

What do you mean HDMA doesn't scroll?

Super Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

14 4,089
by MarioFanGamer

Awful Emblem - A Romhack of "Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones" - Act 1 Demo

Misc. HackingDemoScreenshots

Posted by FPzero on

2 2,496
by Maarfy

Oh god I'm doing another port request thread [READ THE RULES OR BABY KITTENS WILL CRY]


Posted by Samantha on

48 11,248
by Samantha

so 2 mice walk into a bar - by S.N.N. and idol

Super Mario WorldFull Hack Release

Posted by S.N.N. on

19 9,017
by idol

Real Pog Gaming presents: The Hertrone Chronicles (NEW Music Snippets Preview)

MusicNon-Hack GameArt

Posted by Tob on

6 3,031
by RPG Hacker

The Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - More Progress!

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Posted by Falconpunch on

7 3,474
by RPG Hacker

Prototyping your silly game ideas!

Non-Hack GameRequests

Posted by Ludus on

19 4,270
by RPG Hacker

A Plumber For All Seasons - World 3 Gameplay Footage

Super Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by wye on

15 10,111
by wye

dak's amazing thread ft. art

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldNon-Hack GameArtOther

Posted by Dakras Hayashi on

8 3,208
by Maarfy

Æther: The Animation Showcase

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldArt

Posted by Deeke on

16 5,068
by RPG Hacker

Super Mario World Beta - Hack Overhaul Preview

Super Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by Yoshi Master on

15 24,863
by RPG Hacker

This is "Not" Super "Mario" World!

Super Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by PermaBan on

2 2,006
by RPG Hacker

CATACLYSM - An extremely difficult pit hack

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseVideo/Trailer

Posted by xHF01x on

14 6,914
by ECS.98

slurdgery (release)

Super Mario WorldFull Hack Release

Posted by Sixcorby on

13 4,210
by ECS.98

New ASMWRH screenshots, and more...

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by Ralshi02 on

2 3,178
by ECS.98

the port snn never did

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Blind Devil on

15 4,066
by ECS.98

A whole bunch of SMW styled graphics

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by Gregor on

13 9,730
by ECS.98

Dippy's Singular Port Thread (Now with more than one port!)

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Dippy on

10 4,235
by Dippy

Celeste.smc - An attempt to blend Celeste and SMW into a single hack

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldDemo

Posted by MarkAlarm on

11 12,135
by HammerBrother

Super Mario World

Super Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshotsOther

Posted by Tahixham on

52 17,133
by Zandro

Paperball - original Monkey Ball clone donut steel

Non-Hack GameVideo/Trailer

Posted by Gregor on

11 3,411
by Gregor

TEAM NIGHTMARE MINI DIRECT 01.07.2020 - Watch the latest news of ALPHA SPHERE + More!

Full Hack ReleaseVideo/Trailer

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

2 1,575
by Daizo Dee Von

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 9

ToolPatchSuper Mario WorldMisc. HackingResource Release

Posted by yoshifanatic on

17 5,872
by yoshifanatic

[Beta 1] Windows Me: Mario Edition

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Posted by TickTockClock on

10 4,553
by HammerBrother

Poll: Mr Scotsman's Funni Art Request Thread Again (Closed for requests)


Posted by Mr Scotsman on

57 10,114
by Mr Scotsman

Roberto Zampari's C3 Winter Thread for Chunged Users

GraphicsSpriteSuper Mario WorldFull Hack Release

Posted by Roberto zampari on

18 5,926
by Roberto zampari

A Return to SMW hacking

Full Hack Release

Posted by levelengine on

9 3,408
by MarkVD100

Luigi Physics

PatchSuper Mario World

Posted by Lui on

3 4,214
by KingKoopshi64

bebn's mad multilingual multi-musical motivation-inconsistent mthread

MusicResource Release

Posted by bebn legg on

13 4,193
by brickblock369

Super Mario World Central Creativity Convention Exo Expo Extravaganza


Posted by Exodust on

9 2,786
by Exodust

CodFish1002's C3 Ports + SMW Rom Hack Demo!

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by codfish1002 on

4 3,395
by codfish1002

Dispace's SMW Music Thread on C3 Winter 2020 - SOUNDTRACK AVAILABLE!!!

MusicSoundtrackSuper Mario World

Posted by Dispace on

3 2,409
by Klug

⚔️ Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold ⚔️


Posted by Wakana on

47 9,926
by 7 up

2 unsampled Ports

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Sariel on

7 2,535
by Sariel

[Remastered Soundtrack] Touhou 7 "Perfect Cherry Blossom"


Posted by Orphen Nightford on

2 2,780
by Sariel

Technicolor Mario World - Demo 2

Super Mario WorldDemo

Posted by Green Jerry on

4 3,131
by Sariel

Buy my Mixtapes

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Ruberjig on

4 2,061
by Sariel

My first attempt of generic arrange :P


Posted by crm0622 on

6 11,391
by crm0622

C3 Ports Stuff

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Zavok on

5 2,068
by Zavok

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