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Winter 2020
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2020
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Announcement: Winter C3 2020 - Voting (now over!)
Started by: FPzero on
1 1776
by idol »
Announcement: Colour Crisis at the Creativity Convention!
Started by: Toadette on
51 3372
by I don't know a good name. »
Important: Let's create a new Banner, together!

Started by: Toadette on
36 3394
by FPzero »
Sticky: A Colorful Apology
Started by: Slurp Bandit on
10 938
by FPzero »
Sticky: End of C3 + Info (Time is Up!)
Started by: FPzero on
5 939
by I don't know a good name. »
Sticky: Spotlight Nominations - Winter 2020
Started by: FPzero on
15 2686
by TickTockClock »
Sticky: Event: C3 Livestream! (Next stream is: Sunday, Jan 5 @ 4PM EST/9PM UTC)

Started by: FPzero on
5 906
by FPzero »
Super Mario World Central Creativity Convention Exo Expo Extravaganza

Started by: Exodustx0 on
9 779
by Exodustx0 »
Luigi Physics

Started by: Lui on
3 1021
by KingKoopshi64 »
kamekku14 and friends presents: “The Hacking of Puyo Puyo” (not really)

Started by: kamekku14 on
3 708
by kamekku14 »
Super Mario World - Super Mario Bros. 4 - A Trip Full Of Fun - Full Hack Release

Started by: Dark Prince on
1 699
by Gamma V »
ALPHA SPHERE: Director's Cut Release

Started by: Daizo Dee Von on
5 583
by Daizo Dee Von »
Super Mario World but all the tempos are wrong and Yoshi is nowhere to be found

Started by: Samantha on
3 332
by I don't know a good name. »
TEAM NIGHTMARE MINI DIRECT 01.07.2020 - Watch the latest news of ALPHA SPHERE + More!

Started by: Daizo Dee Von on
2 557
by Daizo Dee Von »
Poll: derpy and i are making a mario smw romhack thats in too early a beta to properly show off outside of a basic design doc and very

Started by: Hobz on
0 240
by Hobz »
[Remastered Soundtrack] Touhou 7 "Perfect Cherry Blossom"

Started by: Orphen Nightford on
2 473
by Sariel »
Technicolor Mario World - Demo 2

Started by: Green Jerry on
4 1073
by Sariel »
Meat's Quest: Super Mario World and the Bois!

Started by: SubconYoshi on
3 954
by kamekku14 »
Buy my Mixtapes

Started by: Ruberjig on
4 565
by Sariel »
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart: Custom Maps and

Started by: Ruberjig on
4 419
by Ruberjig »
Toad64 Mini Direct Winter 2020

Started by: toad64 on
1 404
by AnasMario130 »
some of my bad weird old unfinished/abandoned hacks from the last decade

Started by: Teows on
0 264
by Teows »
so 2 mice walk into a bar - by S.N.N. and idol

Started by: S.N.N. on
19 4397
by idol »
SMW The Crown Tale - Full game Release

Started by: bandicoot on
3 750
by kamekku14 »
Awful Emblem - A Romhack of "Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones" - Act 1 Demo

Started by: FPzero on
2 669
by Maarfy »
Managing Multiple Midway Points never has been easier.

Started by: MarioFanGamer on
19 2188
by kamekku14 »
This is "Not" Super "Mario" World!

Started by: Ninja Boy on
2 710
by RPG Hacker »
Super Mario World

Started by: Tahixham on
52 4586
by Zandro »
CodFish1002's C3 Ports + SMW Rom Hack Demo!

Started by: codfish1002 on
4 719
by codfish1002 »
A secret message from a special being

Started by: Rykon-V73 on
5 592
by 1UPdudes »
Xanthyo's ExGraphics Request Thread

Started by: xyz600sp on
1 330
by Rykon-V73 »
Mushroom Kingdom Adventures 1: Peach Kidnapping - BETA DEMO RELEASED!!! [Updated v0.3]

Started by: Dispace on
3 749
by Dispace »
Just one more C3 port pack

Started by: Teows on
4 396
by Sariel »
Celeste.smc - An attempt to blend Celeste and SMW into a single hack

Started by: MiniMawile303 on
11 3295
by HammerBrother »
You can disasssemble AddmusicK 1.0.X SPCs yourself with this!

Started by: tcdw on
10 991
by tcdw »
Dispace's SMW Music Thread on C3 Winter 2020 - SOUNDTRACK AVAILABLE!!!

Started by: Dispace on
3 761
by kamekku14 »
Level I had on my computer unfinished for like a year but only finished it now because I wanted something to submit this C3

Started by: Poppy on
2 345
by Poppy »
a disappointing Super Mario: Other World thread

Started by: Epic_Manky on
4 510
by 1UPdudes »
[WIP] Memory-based conditional map16 blocks

Started by: HammerBrother on
2 368
by HammerBrother »
the port snn never did

Started by: Blind Devil on
15 1025
by ECS.98 »

Started by: BabaYegha on
1 394
by Sokobansolver »
A Things.smc Thing & Things.smc 2: Booni's Island

Started by: Sweetdude on
3 629
by Katerpie »
102's Dragon Reqeusts

Started by: MM102 on
28 1207
by lion »
Weird Un/Finished Hack Extravaganza

Started by: Sancles on
1 471
by Sancles »
What do you mean HDMA doesn't scroll?

Started by: MarioFanGamer on
14 1301
by MarioFanGamer »
New ASMWRH screenshots, and more...

Started by: Ralshi02 on
2 831
by ECS.98 »
The Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - More Progress!

Started by: Falconpunch on
7 1266
by RPG Hacker »
ASM Request Thread

Started by: Tattletale on
29 2378
by Final Theory »
Hack and documentation of game nobody here cares about because its not SMW (Solstice, NES)

Started by: JP32 on
6 626
by JP32 »
A Plumber For All Seasons - World 3 Gameplay Footage

Started by: WhiteYoshiEgg on
15 2016
by WhiteYoshiEgg »
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