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Summer 2020

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last night i got inspired and ported sum shit


Posted by Samantha on

20 3,144
by brickblock369


PatchMusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by Medic on

20 8,202
by Brutapode89

SMWCP2 - Sorry, but something smaller this time [Updates posted!]

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by Falconpunch on

50 9,065
by Falconpunch

Daizo's C3 Port Releases (2 Songs)

MusicResource Release

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

7 2,434
by Daizo Dee Von

P-switch: The Rise of Mortis Ghost >> What is Happening?

MusicSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

18 3,887
by Daizo Dee Von

maxo's unfinished bundle of (almost) unsampled ports

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Maxodex on

39 6,524
by Magmatic

WIP Lagrange Point Soundtrack


Posted by Milon Luxy on

23 3,779
by Milon Luxy

Music requests from the Gameboy console


Posted by Zavok on

37 6,251
by FPzero

SMAS OST v2 (Now with Doki Doki Panic, SMA2, SMM2, and More!)

MusicSamplesSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseVideo/Trailer

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

48 14,046
by MarkVD100

Mario & Bass: Complete Soundtrack

MusicSoundtrackSuper Mario World

Posted by Ultima on

35 6,628
by Ultima

[7+7+7+7 (+2)] sbebn's super sonic song storage space (sadly sans starlight), salongside several supplementary stuffs (such as s

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by bebn legg on

43 8,198
by bebn legg


MusicResource Release

Posted by sincx on

25 6,971
by Maxodex

A couple of weird ports

MusicResource Release

Posted by Lazy on

14 3,267
by Killer_Tofu_

Codfish's Hot Summer C3 thread with various resources and 3 hacks that he released

GraphicsSpriteMusicSuper Mario WorldDemoScreenshotsRequests

Posted by codfish1002 on

21 7,276
by codfish1002

Major Flare's Newest Shenanigans - some OW design, announcements, bosses and... MUSIC!

SpriteMusicSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by Major Flare on

36 6,886
by Major Flare

Vaporwave/Plunderphonics Remix Request Thread - REQUESTS CLOSED


Posted by Stivi on

22 7,583
by E-man38

qantuum's Sacred Music ports


Posted by qantuum on

8 2,651
by qantuum

Super Enan World, SMW No Music Edition & Music Ports (Demo 3.1 Update Released)

MusicSuper Mario WorldDemo

Posted by Green Jerry on

11 3,808
by Klug

New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs REMASTERED Demo + one port

MusicSuper Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

37 16,762
by segredo

What-a-Blast (Cancelled/Unfinished) announcement + current SPC showing

MusicSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by Ruberjig on

26 5,801
by Mariotag1

Shady Cicada Music Ports

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by SweatyNoodle on

5 1,185
by SweatyNoodle

fever dream (a soundtrack)

MusicSamplesSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by Kevin on

28 5,172
by Kevin

Tamaki's Music Box

MusicResource Release

Posted by Tamaki on

41 7,999
by LOLRyan2006 the Goombud

Teows' marvelous & astoundin multiplatform ports thread™ - a bit of everything

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by Teows on

25 4,563
by Teows

Just one port, done with as much precision as I can


Posted by brickblock369 on

20 2,535
by brickblock369

Super Kekcroc World 3 I guess, it's C3 so why not here's some screenshots and some other stuff

MusicSuper Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Knucklesfan on

20 3,425
by Knucklesfan

BS SUPER MARIO WORLD - Single Level / Music Showcase

MusicSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by Heraga on

30 6,497
by LOLRyan2006 the Goombud

DMB wants your feedback!


Posted by Dark Mario Bros on

9 1,899
by Dark Mario Bros

72hoSPC #18 ~ Beach Episode (girl) ; [cool pogging thumbnail]

MusicResource Release

Posted by Hazel on

39 6,292
by Daizo Dee Von

Poll: System64's projects (Hack, PC Game and Pixel Arts)

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldNon-Hack GameDemoVideo/TrailerScreenshotsArt

Posted by System64 on

14 2,403
by System64

Mario - The Mysterious Gem, 3 GFXs and 1 port

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldDemoResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Mr. MS on

24 14,300
by Klug

3 ports

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by Wakana on

31 7,084
by Dominicentek

[UPDATE: Psycho Soldier] Hooded Edge Returns Again - A Thread of Not-So-Bad Music and an upcoming project.

MusicSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by Hooded Edge on

18 5,991
by System64

Dippy is here to grace you all with one (technically two) ports


Posted by Dippy on

16 3,600
by Koop the Koopa

Yet another possible ambitious Mega Man porting project!


Posted by Slash Man on

12 2,546
by 7 up

Pinci's C3 Compositions

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Pinci on

28 4,531
by Wakana

Tob's Tubular Tableau | Episode #3: Mario-free Music Mini-Madness


Posted by Tob on

13 1,331
by Wakana



Posted by Valentine on

27 27,527
by Valentine

Didn't know what to do for C3 so you guys are gonna tell me what to do! [1/8 done]


Posted by Samantha on

20 2,747
by 1UPdudes

tahixham releases one pokemon song which won't stand a chance against other music threads but who cares about trophies anyway

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by Tahixham on

23 2,486
by PermaBan

*I moved away from smwc to make a single port*

MusicResource Release

Posted by Sariel on

21 2,727
by Anorakun

2 ports


Posted by Zavok on

13 2,053
by Hazel

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