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Summer 2020

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Poll: C3 Recap: 30th Anniversary of SMW Edition


Posted by unipat on

22 3,194
by unipat

Mad with Kaizo Power: Precision Kaizo Hack

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by NewPointless on

18 3,158
by MassPunishment

A lookback at my worst works (Top 10 Worst SMW "Daizo" Levels)


Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

10 1,739
by Daizo Dee Von

Taijna and the Mana Seeds - Update!

Super Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Tob on

42 5,479
by Tob

Misty Out There Trailer but it's in the 80s


Posted by Nint on

11 1,627
by Nint

Russ' Misc. Hacking Thread but it's only about SMB3

Misc. HackingVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by RussianMan on

41 5,995
by RussianMan

Sicari 2 - The Brink of Time TRAILER + New level video

Super Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by Eevee on

43 5,768
by Counterfeit

U N O R I G I N A L - Welcome to the world of mediocre!

Super Mario WorldDemoVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Lotica on

32 4,973
by Lotica

SMAS OST v2 (Now with Doki Doki Panic, SMA2, SMM2, and More!)

MusicSamplesSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseVideo/Trailer

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

48 10,513
by MarkVD100

progress of ordeal 2020, no longer taking tileset requests anymore

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshotsRequests

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

30 4,248
by SF - The Dark Warrior

PunishmenTEAM presents: Welcome to...PUNISHMENT ZONE

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by Vivian Darkbloom on

51 6,766
by Katerpie

2 more Super Mario Kart hacks! (1 Announcement + 1 Release)

Misc. HackingFull Hack ReleaseVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by gridatttack on

7 1,961
by RPG Hacker

Super Mario Kart Remix

Misc. HackingVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by gridatttack on

37 6,137
by gridatttack

[SMBX2] Super Mario Zeal C3 Thread (Thank you for such a wonderful C3!)

Non-Hack GameDemoVideo/TrailerOther

Posted by FireSeraphim on

26 5,343
by Zavok

Some SMW hack I'm working on (Glow)

Super Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Idunno on

33 3,973
by Idunno

Ninja Boy Presents a remake of a game in the guise of a rom hack!

Super Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by PermaBan on

13 2,595
by Aja

Battlefrog's "Couldn't Finish in Time for C3" Ultraviolet teaser!


Posted by MDBattleFrog on

19 2,454
by MDBattleFrog

lm_bridge: Quickly Move your LunarMagic'd Rom to your SNES over USB

ToolSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by patcdr on

3 1,615
by lordkronos100

Super Kekcroc World 3 I guess, it's C3 so why not here's some screenshots and some other stuff

MusicSuper Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Knucklesfan on

20 2,342
by Knucklesfan

A Plumber For All Seasons - World 4 Gameplay Footage

Super Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by WhiteYoshiEgg on

41 5,769
by Hayashi Neru

BS SUPER MARIO WORLD - Single Level / Music Showcase

MusicSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

Posted by Heraga on

30 4,977
by LOLRyan2006 the Goombud

Poll: System64's projects (Hack, PC Game and Pixel Arts)

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldNon-Hack GameDemoVideo/TrailerScreenshotsArt

Posted by System64 on

14 1,521
by System64

[SMBX 2.0 - Mini-Episode] Super Mario Signal Interference

Non-Hack GameVideo/TrailerOther

Posted by shinbison on

0 1,302
by shinbison

New SMB Styled SMW Hack Project (WIP)

Super Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by MORC on

15 2,235

Super Cool World 2: A super cool (hopefully) vanilla kaizo

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by FerpyMcFrosting on

17 1,630
by 1UPdudes

Super Mario Universe

Super Mario WorldMisc. HackingVideo/Trailer

Posted by hendog30_ on

18 1,611
by Scrydan

Super Help World Trilogy | Release Thread

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Valentine on

16 1,870
by lordkronos100

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